www.ILLSHAREIT.com is the fast and easy way to tell your patrons how to get to your library specific OPAC page. 

If your patron goes to the link above, they will be presented with a box to type in their local zip code.  When then see the results, your library will appear in the list and they'll be given the opportunity to bookmark your library link for future use.

You can also direct your patrons straight to your library OPAC site by using your 4-letter delivery code in front of ILLSHAREIT.COM. 

For example: 
salp.illshareit.com will take you directly to Sallie Logan Public Library's OPAC portal.
argp.illshareit.com will take you directly to Argenta Public Library's OPAC portal.
chle.illshareit.com will take you directly to Charleston High School's OPAC portal.

These values will always work for your library, however if you wish to create a custom URL Shortcut using your library domain name, we can do that too!  Simply follow this link to get information on how to make that work for your domain.