Aspen Discovery Implementation Begins

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Are you ready to get the Aspen Discovery implementation process rolling?

SHARE staff and ByWater Solutions have worked together to create a plan of action, outlined below.


Cohort Model

Due to the large number of libraries that have chosen to add Aspen Discovery, we’ll use a ‘cohort model’ for the implementation. Each cohort will consist of 20 – 30 libraries. Our first cohort will begin training in November 2023 with a tentative ‘Go Live’ date of December 18. This cohort will be involved in product testing and reporting issues. We anticipate that every library will be through the implementation process by late Spring 2024. Wondering which cohort your library is in? You can view the list here: Aspen Cohort List

If your library is listed as a first cohort member, you should have already received a welcome email from Lesley Zavediuk.



With a project as big as this, we know that dates may change, and parts of the process will take longer than expected. Our tentative overall timeline is provided below.

  • November 2023 – First Cohort begins Aspen Discovery User Experience Training
  • Early December 2023 – First Cohort testing, issue resolution, and continued learning
  • December 18, 2023 – First Cohort ‘Go Live’ date
  • January 2024 – Second Cohort begins Aspen Discovery User Experience Training
  • February 2024 – Second Cohort ‘Go Live’ date TBD
  • March 2024 – Third Cohort begins Aspen Discovery User Experience Training
  • April 2024 – Third Cohort ‘Go Live’ date TBD


Sign-Up Information

It’s not too late! If you are interested in participating in the FY2024 SHARE Aspen Discovery Group Purchase, please fill out the Aspen Reservation Form, and someone will contact you shortly.


Questions & Comments

Lesley Zavediuk, a former SHARE staff member and current library consultant, will guide you through it all! If you have questions during the Aspen Implementation, please contact Lesley via email (