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SHARE has a new group purchase opportunity for collectionHQ’s DEI Analysis Tool for public libraries! This product helps you evaluate your collection against industry standard accepted equity, diversity, and inclusion topics and they can help you evaluate representation in your collection in comparison to your community. You will see how these tools can help you immediately take action:

  • Gap Analysis: At-a-glance see where you may need additional materials to serve the community.
  • Suggested New Title Lists: After identifying the gaps, receive new title suggested lists, de-duplicated against holdings.
  • Shelf Audit: Easily walk the shelves with the lists. Are the materials in good condition? Are there newer editions?
  • Programming, Merchandising/Marketing. and Promotions: Storytime titles, shelf-display lists, recommended reading lists at your fingertips.
  • Stake-holder Presentations: Share DEI information with the community, boards, city councils, etc.

The price is based per location and is dependent on the total number of libraries that participate, starting at $4200 for up to 4 libraries. This would include a one-time analysis of your collection, with three months of collectionHQ’s unlimited online access and downloads.