COVID-19 Member Library Status

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Member libraries have requested an easy way to determine the status of other members, if they are loaning or if they are closed, as they are reported to SHARE. You can find this information for SHARE members on the new COVID-19 Member Library Status page.

Please note that information on reported closures is fluid and this information may not capture the nuances of such closures, such as the inside of some libraries remaining closed while they continue to offer local holds through a curbside delivery. Still, we hope this information will be of use to our libraries as the statewide and national situation evolves.


Please also notify SHARE by completing the Closing Dates Form to update your settings in Polaris. If you would like to check your closing dates, in Polaris you can go to Utilities > Reports and Notices > Tools > Dates Closed.

Please complete the No Delivery Request Form (regardless of the current status of available IHLS Delivery services).