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You may have heard that that there has been a concern from state representatives regarding library confidentiality. If you would like to follow the IHLS recommendation to change your hold pickup method, please follow the following instructions:

Hold pickup slips are formatted for libraries that allow patrons to pick up their own held items. These slips require a line mode receipt printer.

If the control is set to print only 1 character of the last name, only the first character of the last name is printed, not the first or middle initial.

If the control is set to print 2 characters of the last name, it will print first character of first name and first character of middle name if provided.  (Not able to remove the middle initial.) Example below:

If you chose to include the patron’s name or limited characters, it is printed in bold, large characters at the top of the slip. Printer limitations restrict the name to approximately 38 characters, depending on the width of the characters and the printer model. Very long names may be cut off even if you specified the full patron name.

Other Settings:

  • To include a patron barcode on the slip, select (check) Print x digits of the patron barcode, and specify the number of digits to print, counting to the left from the last digit of the barcode.
  • To print the barcode in large print, select (check) Large print.
  • Horizontal (default) - The hold pickup slip is inserted in the material, exposing the patron name and pickup date. The material is shelved so that the slip extends horizontally from the material.
  • Vertical - The hold pickup slip is a wrapper that is typically taped to the spine of the material. The pickup date is printed horizontally at the top and the patron’s name is printed vertically down the slip. Any additional content is printed in small type under the pickup date.
  • Tag - The hold pickup slip is inserted into the material. When the slip is inserted, the patron name and pickup date are exposed at the top of the slip, printed horizontally, and the “tail” of the slip is inside the material. The material is shelved so that the slip extends above the material. Any additional content is printed in small type under the item barcode.

Contents Selection (Other alternative options):

To print alternative fields on the hold pickup slip, click the Contents Selection tab. The Contents Selection tab displays the available options in the left column of the dialog box, and the selected options in the right column.

  • Pickup branch abbreviation: Libraries that process items for holds centrally, sorting held items by pickup branch, may want to select the pickup branch abbreviation option to print at the top of the holds pickup slip for ease in sorting.
  • Unclaimed date: The Unclaimed date is the date to pull the item from the shelf if it has not been picked up. The date is based on a time period defined by the pickup branch. If your library is using a combined in-transit/hold pickup slip, this date is not available because the slip is printed when the item goes in-transit.

At each staff client workstation, you must enable the slip from each staff person that generates the slip. See Checkin - Tools - Options.

(Note: When slip is printed, it is roughly 1 ½ inches when cut, but may also cut off an additional ½ inch slip.  We are working on this issue.)

Once you have determined your settings and would like further assistance with this set up, please contact Joan Bauer or Kim Sparks.