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Have you ever been amazed at the amount of materials that come back after a long weekend? Imagine that long weekend lasted three months!
There are over 50,000 items that are trying to make their way home. SHARE made the decision to disable non-local holds back in March, knowing that when libraries began to reopen, it would take time to get items back to their owning libraries. Unfortunately, that also meant that patrons lost the ability to “get in line” for holds, because if the item was available, it was being sent to request managers to be routed for delivery. 
As of right now, there are only 57 of our 210 public libraries ready to send and receive interlibrary loans when delivery resumes, and we anticipate them receiving larger than normal hold requests. To reduce the initial wave of materials for both our colleagues and IHLS delivery, we are asking member libraries not to override the system by placing non-local holds until delivery resumes full service.
We have also received reports of patrons placing holds for reciprocal borrowing by selecting an alternative location to pick up books, so that is why you may see requests from other library patrons. If you are not allowing reciprocal borrowing, please either ignore the request until you are ready to resume reciprocal service or deny the request.
This is all temporary! In our last meeting, the SHARE Executive Council decided SHARE will reactivate interlibrary loan requests on July 1, before delivery resumes full service July 6. Additional information about resuming delivery can be found here.
At this point, patrons may begin to place non-local holds in the PAC. There may still be items that are inaccessible at libraries that are not yet ready to resume, and a banner will remain on the PAC that states: Due to widespread library closures, you may not be able to place holds on items from other libraries at this time.
Contact SHARE if you would like to be placed on the list to resume. You can also contact us if you would like to resume at a later date. If you are not ready, or are not sure when you will be ready, that is fine. We are here to help when you are.
Thank you all for your patience as we work together to resume sharing. For any questions, please contact Cassandra Thompson




The SHARE program has extended due dates to June 8 for all materials. As the state moves to Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois plan, SHARE will not automatically extend due dates system-wide.


If your library will remain closed after that date, please fill out a closing dates form. That will ensure that your items will not accrue fines past June 8. Patrons will still see a June 8 due date on their online account, so if you need to have that changed, then please contact us at


If your library will reopen or offer partial service, please let us know if we need to enable your notices. While we will not be extending due dates, our member libraries need to determine when they would like their notices to resume in order to avoid confusion for patrons. If you would like to have either your hold notices or overdue notices turned back on, then please contact us at




Since the governor already ordered schools closed through the remainder of this year, student due dates were extended until August 31.


If you need additional assistance with due dates, closing dates, reports, or notifications, then please contact us at



If your library would like to resume interlibrary loan service as soon as delivery resumes full service, then please contact us at and we will update your settings to reflect that.


If you are not ready, or do not know when you will be ready, then please do not worry. We will continue to leave your interlibrary loan requests off until you notify us to resume.


If you need any other support, such as a custom shelving status for quarantined items or help with a special project, we are happy to assist you.


This has been one of the biggest challenges that you will face as a librarian. We know that these decisions have been incredibly difficult, especially as circumstances rapidly change and we continue to learn more. Please know that SHARE staff is here to support you and your library in any way that we can.