UPDATE: Slow Printing After ScrewDrivers v6 Upgrade

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For some members, the problem is returning roughly 1-4 days after applying the fix for this issue. 

The problem may be related to the normal Polaris servers having ScrewDrivers v4 installed on them (to allow our members time to migrate to v6 by April 30).

If this is happening to you, please do the following:

1) Close completely out of Polaris and Internet Explorer.

2) Log into the initial SHARE Members Access page as normal:

3) On the next screen, select the option Click this if ScrewDrivers v6 prints slow:

You will log into Polaris on an isolated server that has ScrewDrivers v6 installed on it. 

NOTE: You may have to go into Circulation -> Check-In or Check-Out -> Tools -> Options to re-select your printers if you use this option.

DO NOT do this if you
a) are running Windows XP or
b) do NOT have ScrewDrivers v6 installed
...as you will not be able to print at all if you do.


We installed the new screwdriver v6 and we are stil unable to print. When we come to the login screen there is an icon for the v4 and the v6. We choose the v6 and scan an item to go to a different library and it says that the printer is not working. We have tried turning the computer off and on and we have turned the printer off and on. We have turned both off and on at the same time. Is there anything else we can do?


Thank you.

I am unable to print as well.  When I try to print, I receive the message, "Error: couldn't create a printer device."  Any suggestions?