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This sounds like a great change/upgrade! I would be interested in learning more about Aspen and what "customizations" would come with the $2500. Also, is the $2500 per year or a one-time fee? I can't guarantee that we would go with the upgrade versus the cheaper version, but am very interested in finding out more. 

Thank you for your feedback! It would be an annual fee. If you are attending IHLS Member Day on November 17, please stop by the Bywater Solutions booth in the exhibit hall to get a brief demo of Aspen!

We are very excited about the possibilities Aspen Discovery presents. Integration of Polaris with our digital resources would be a wonderful upgrade. We're open to spending $2,500 for this service and customization.

I viewed a video on their site.  It looks like a great product, but $2,500 is pretty steep for us as a small library.  We'd need to know if this is yearly, what comes with the $2,500 and not in the $250, etc. I like the idea of customization, but not sure we could swing the price

I wonder if there is anyway to scale pricing like we do for Cloud Library??

O'Fallon is all in on this.  Thanks for doing all the leg work.  

Viewed the YouTube demo - definitely makes the PAC more visually appealing and helpful to patrons. Some of the benefits are options that patrons with the SHARE moblie app already receive/see.  I too have questions about the pricing - would the cost be $2500 every year for a library and does that come with all the bells/whistles? What does the base $250 include?   I love the integration with e-resources - so does that mean if we have Libby that those resources can be seen on the PAC? (If so - win win!) 

The demo on YouTube looks very interesting.  We could afford the $250 option, but with other cost increasing our budget would not allow us to participate at the $2,500 level.  Our staff loves the Share Mobile App and shares it frequently with patrons.  Unfortunately, our patrons are slow to adopt even that.  

Thank you for offering options and for being innovative.  We are so glad to be a part of such a great library system!

The new platform looks very clean and dynamic. I love the idea of getting all your library resources through one interface. I would like to find out which resources they work with. From the demo, I learned that they will work with Cloud Library and Overdrive. What about the Digital Library of Illinois, Rolling Prairie Digital Consortium, Sora, Gale, or even an open platform like Epic?

I would love it if this platform would integrate all of our libraries into one PAC with drop-down menus available to access each individual school. If that were the case, and we could be charged the $2500 fee for our whole district, in lieu of each building, that might be worth considering.

Would the $250 base price offer integration of all of the e-resources and databases?


Renee Brown

Arthur CUSD#305