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Administrative Services Team

The Administrative Services team provides the following services:

  • develops the fee formula annually
  • develops and manages the LLSAP budget
  • completes profiling for potential new LLSAP members
  • monitor the admin module of the ILS (integrated library software)
  • provides ILS and 3rd party reports management
  • ILS troubleshooting
  • tracks and reports statistical activity for the entire LLSAP, as well as individual libraries
  • works with the Governance group regarding policy development
  • Integrated library software (ILS) patron record clean-up
  • managing loan rules, patron types, fines and fees, etc., in the ILS
  • maintaining offline circulation, room reservations, homebound, and inventory records
  • providing documentation, training, and troubleshooting assistance for staff and libraries
  • managing holds matrix/interface with delivery changes to maximize turnaround time


Administrative Services Team Members

Cassandra Thompson
SHARE Director
618-656-3216 ext. 443

Joan Bauer
SHARE Manager for Administrative Services
217-352-0047 ext. 721

Mary Johnston
Tech Support Specialist
217-352-0047 ext. 700

Terry Moreland
Reporting Services Specialist

Kim Sparks
Administrative Services Specialist
618-985-3711 ext. 601


Bibliographic Services Team

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The Bibliographic Services team is responsible for maintaining a pristine bibliographic database, including:

  • serials clean-up
  • bibliographic records clean-up
  • authority records clean-up
  • copy cataloging
  • original cataloging
  • authority record loads for updated records
  • OCLC master record upgrades
  • migration database clean-up
  • index mapping
  • NACO name authority records creation
  • special collections cataloging
  • works with the Governance group regarding policy development
  • providing documentation, training, and troubleshooting assistance for staff and libraries


Bibliographic Services Team Members

Shelley Stone
SHARE Manager for Bibliographic Services
618-985-3711 ext. 608

Edie Elliott
Cataloging Supervisor
618-656-3216 ext. 445

Vince Andrzejewski
618-656-3216 ext. 430

Robert Brady
217-352-0047 ext. 708
Cheri Schuler-Faust
618-656-3216 ext. 407
Ian Anderson
217-352-0047 ext. 711
Liz Perkins
217-352-0047 ext. 715
Donald Pippin
217-352-0047 ext. 727
Steve Johnson
Cataloging Assistant II
618-985-3711 ext. 626
Pamela Thomas
Metadata Cataloger
217-352-0047 ext. 706


Staff Services Team

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The Staff Services team is responsible for:

  • maintaining grants database for libraries
  • pursuing grants to benefit the LLSAP (local library system automation project)
  • assisting in organizing and providing continuing education activities for member library staff, including:
    • barcoder training
    • cataloging training
    • serials training
    • RDA training
    • barcoder's certification
    • circulation training
    • PAC training 
    • ILS and 3rd party reports training
    • acquisitions training
    • inventory training
    • OCLC interlibrary loan (First Search) training
  • maintaining documentation for system staff training and evaluation of training
  • assisting with providing for customer (member libraries) needs and service evaluations


Staff Services Team Members

Lesley Zavediuk
SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Specialist
phone: 618-656-3216 ext. 424

Sue Pearson
SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Specialist
618-656-3216 ext. 421

Zach Henderson
SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Specialist
618-656-3216 ext. 406


Information Technology Team

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While the members of the IT staff are not LLSAP staff, these departments work hand-in-hand in order to provide an effective and efficient program for the patrons of Illinois Heartland Library System.

  • maintaining and enhancing the PAC (Patron Access Catalog)
  • maintaining and enhancing 3rd party products
  • integrating OCLC and other product resource-sharing into IHLS LLSAP (local library system automation project) monitor server
  • provide IT/network assistance to libraries
  • evaluate networking capabilities/connectivity for migration for libraries
  • peripheral troubleshooting, maintenance for printers, scanners, etc.
  • set up/configure client machines as needed
  • continue to monitor bandwidth connectivity issues and report to libraries
  • manage firewall, virtual private network, other needed connectivity pieces
  • support server for email, text, or telemessaging notices as needed
  • support for virtual desktop troubleshooting product/help desk product
  • develop help desk product to track various issues, individual library issues/history, and develop shared knowledge database
  • long-range planning, technology development, capital replacement planning/support
  • maintain/enhance OPAC & 3rd party products
  • self-check, sip2, ncip, ill integration & other sip2 product integration, ezproxy
  • manage electronic payment capability
  • integrate OCLC and other product resource-sharing into IHLS LLSAP


IT Staff Members

Troy Brown
IT Director
618-985-3711 ext. 621

Brandon Chapman
Network Administrator
618-656-3216 ext. 440

Brant Wingerter
Web Developer
618-985-3711 ext. 604