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Libraries that allow up to a 7-day DVD/Blu-Ray loan period:

The following libraries have given permission to manually extend the loan period on their Blu-rays and DVDs to 7 days, even though the default loan period may be shorter.  Use the Polaris “reset due date” option to extend the date as the items are checked out.  The item’s renewal length and policy will still follow the original loan period.

 Please check here regularly as this list periodically changes.
  • Assumption Public Library District (ASMP-ZCH)
  • Atwood-Hammond Public Library District (ATAP-ZCH)
  • Benton Public Library District (BPLP-ZCA)
  • Blue Mound Memorial Library District (BLMP-ZCH)
  • Lawrence Public Library District (LAWP-ZCA)
  • Loda Township Library (LODP-ZCH)
  • Madison Public Library (MADP-ZED)
  • Moyer District Library (MOYP-ZCH)
  • Mt. Pulaski Public Library District (MPPP-ZCH)
  • Neoga District Library (NEOP-ZCH)
  • Sumpter Township Library (STPP-ZCH)
  • Vance Township Library (VTLP-ZCH)
  • Watseka Public Library (WATP-ZCH)
  • Weldon Public Library District (WELP-ZCH)