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Kit & Kaboodle FAQ's

1. What is Kit & Kaboodle

Kit and Kaboodle is a new way for SHARE members to share kits. Members will build, store, and share items via a new software called KitKeeper. This will allow member library staff to place a reservation on a kit. When the kit is in motion, it will be checked in and checked out (to the requesting library) just like any other item. Once received, the requesting library can then check out the kit materials, like books to book club members or they can use the items for in-house programming.

2. What is KitKeeper?

KitKeeper is an online way to organize your kit collection. Whether the kits are for book groups, educational collections, or for programming, KitKeeper allows your organization to keep track of your kits and allow member libraries to browse through and reserve titles. For a more in-depth look at KitKeeper, please see What is KitKeeper?

3. Do I request a kit in KitKeeper or place a hold in Polaris?

Member libraries can place a reservation in KitKeeper, up to a year in advance! Polaris will not allow holds to be placed on kit records for this program. Instead, place a reservation via KitKeeper with a staff card. SHARE recommends creating a staff card specifically for this purpose! SHARE staff will get the request and get the item added to the owning library's request manager. They will pull the kit to be sent to the requesting library.

4.Who has these kits?

You do! We are asking libraries to help build this shared collection. A member library that would like to build a kit can either use existing materials or purchase materials. Please see "What Makes a Great Kit," below.

5. Where are the kits housed when they are not checked out?

When they are not checked out, each owning library will house their own kits.

6. How long is the check-out period?

You can have a kit for six weeks. Patrons have one week to check out books, and will have a due date of 5 weeks (35 days). This means that the patron due dates will correspond to when the kit needs to be returned. Neither the kits nor the items are renewable. Do you need the kit longer? Please contact to see if the kit is available for an extension.

7. Can patrons check out kits through KitKeeper?

Right now, only libraries are able to check out kits through this program, but that may be reconsidered in the future.

8. How do patrons check out books?

Libraries will request the kits for them through the KitKeeper portal on the SHARE website. Once the kit is received, patrons will have one week to check out their items. Each individual copy in the kits will have a barcode so patrons can check them out on their card like any other item, and will check out for 35 days.

9. What if an item is still out?

The KitKeeper program has a built-in "maintenance period." If an item hasn’t been returned within two days of the kit's due date, please send a note for the next borrowing library/owning library and send the rest of the kit back. When the individual item is returned, please send it to the owning library to get matched back up to the original kit.

10. Is this program only for book clubs?

NO! The sky is the limit. We are starting with book clubs, but we already have an "Activity" designation for other kits, like StoryWalk kits, STEAM kits, American Girl doll kits, storytime kits, and anything else you can think of!

11. How do I find and reserve a kit?

Member libraries can use either the PAC or the KitKeeper reservation system to find a kit. In the PAC, there will be a website field with a link to KitKeeper. In addition, in KitKeeper you can search several ways, including by title, author, location, availability, genre, or even age group. Click here to see a video on searching KitKeeper.

12. How do I know what kits I have reserved?

To see what kits you have reserved, click on the My Kits link on the main page. The My Kits link will only show up for libraries that require a library card number and PIN to reserve a kit. If you do not see the link, please contact SHARE. You will be prompted to enter your authentication information and then you will see a list of your reservations. You might be prompted to enter in a barcode and PIN or just a barcode depending on your library's set up.

From this list you can click on a button to show the details of each reservation or you can delete a reservation. If the reservation pick up is very soon, you might see that you cannot delete the reservation on your own. Call SHARE for assistance if this is the case.

13. What if the title I want is not listed? 

Feel free to make up a kit and send it to SHARE for processing! See "What Makes a Great Kit" below.

14. Are all book club kits in Polaris part of the Kit & Kaboodle program?

Unfortunately, no. Some book club kits are for local use or are meant for patron book club groups. If you see a kit that is not in the Kit & Kaboodle program, reach out to the owning library directly.


What Makes a Great Book Club Kit?

  • 8 (or more) books (paperback preferred)
  • Audiobook
  • Large print
  • ebook/eaudio (Contact Lesley Z. to see if an ebook version is available for purchase in the cloudLibrary! eBooks will be listed separately in the catalog and will not have modified due dates, but you can suggest these titles to patrons that might prefer an ebook/eaudio version)
  • Discussion questions
  • Notebook for discussion (like hotel visitors notebooks or geocaching logs)

What if I don’t have everything suggested?

If you still think what you do have makes a great kit, go ahead and send an email to Jacob S. to get the process started!