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SHARE Mobile Library is coming!

We are in the process of testing the new SHARE mobile app. The app will allow your patrons to browse new books, renew your items, search digital content, and find your nearest library, all on the SHARE app. Once we complete testing, we will begin a “soft launch” for all of our member library staff to download the app and try out the new product. Later this summer, we will have the official launch, with marketing and training materials available to your patrons! Keep an eye on this page for all of the latest SHARE Mobile Library news and resources!

Are you interested in additional customizations? The base app is covered 100% with your member fees for the next three years and has already been set up for members. If you would like additional customization for your library, you can request a custom template or other features, with additional fees.

Base App and Custom Template Comparison

Solus Customization Fees

A custom template will have a $100 implementation fee and a $250 annual fee. 

Patron self-service will not have an implementation fee, but will include a $250 annual fee per location. 

Patron self-service with RFID will not have an implementation fee, but will include a $500 annual fee per location.

Sign up for additional customization for your library.

Marketing Materials (COMING SOON)

Training Video (COMING SOON) 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does the app cost? There is not an additional fee for the app. It has already been set up for each of our members! 
  • What if my library chooses customization and we have a patron that moves from another SHARE library? Would they have to download a different app? NO! When their registration changes in Polaris, their app will automatically change to your custom app the next time that the patron logs in! It is a seamless process and happens in real time.
  • If we choose to customize the app, should we delay our marketing launch? That is totally up to you and what works best for your library. If you want to wait to create your own marketing materials, using what the app will look like for your members, you can. Depending if your patrons use multiple libraries, they might start to hear about it and would have access to download the base app, but the timeline for promoting this new service is up to you and your library. SHARE will have a marketing toolkit available for you, when you are ready.
  • If my library chooses to customize the app, will the patron have to switch? NO! Once the customization is live, the next time the patron logs in to the app, they will see your branding. There is no need to download a new app or learn a new system.
  • How long does customization take? Solus will send you an onboarding document for you to determine what information should be included and will help guide you through the process. Once you send them those details they will build your custom template. When we open the project up for customization, we will have an intial round of custom templates, with additional sign-up periods quarterly.
  • How will we get statistics? Statistics will be available for the base app and each library with a custom template. If your library uses the base app, you can request the number of times the library's information page was accessed. If your library has a custom template, you will have access to additional details to review return on investment.
  • What if my library information in the app is wrong? Fill out a help desk ticket to get your library's information updated. If you have a custom template, you will also receive a login and password to manage your content.
  • You can save several accounts in the app. Does that come from Polaris' patron associations? No, that is entirely patron-driven in the app and does not come from Polaris. There is an assumption of trust, where a user has access to the patron library cards and pins. This is great for busy families! 
  • Why isn't my barcode scanner picking up the library barcode on the app? You may have a 2D scanner. (You can tell it is 2D if it just has the one line/laser). They work fine for books, but do not work on screens, unfortunately. If you are looking to upgrade, 3D scanners work on both physical items, QR codes, and barcodes on screens. 

Solus App for SHARE Fact Sheet

OPAC Access Data

SHARE Marketing Materials

cloudLibrary Promotional Materials

How did SHARE select Solus as our app vendor? For more details, please see our initial information presented before our May 2021 Membership Meeting and Vote.