Bibliographic & Cataloging Standards

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Attaching to serial vs monograph records for serials other than periodicals
Rev. 1-2017
Attaching to set vs individual records for multipart audiovisual material
Rev. 01-2020
Attaching to set vs individual records for multipart print material other than serials
Baseline policy statement for cataloging practices in SHARE
Rev. 7-2017
Book club editions and regular editions on the same record
Cataloging Blu-rays, DVDs, and Blu-ray/DVD combo packs
Rev. 4-2020
Cataloging of advance reading copies, advance screening copies, uncorrected proofs, etc.
Rev. 1-2019
Contents notes: (MARC tag 505)
Editing AACR2 records to match RDA records with a fictitious character as creator
Rev. 7-2017
Entering enumeration of periodicals, annuals, multipart sets, etc.
Graphic novels
Rev. 01-2018
Guidelines for retaining ISBNs in a record
Rev. 9-2016
Large print and larger print materials
Rev. 8-2018
Library edition and regular edition of audiobooks on the same record
Rev. 1-2017
Local bibliographic records
Rev. 9-2016
Local series authority records
OCLC membership policy for SHARE member libraries
On-order records
Rev. 1-2017
On-the-Fly records for in-house material
Paperbacks and hardbacks on the same record
Rev. 9-2017
Playaway Lock
Rev. 10-2018
Preloaded video players
Rev. 5-2019
Recording Publication And Copyright Dates In Polaris Bibliographic Records For Books
Recording publication information for self-published items
Recording reading program information in bibliographic records
Records for the same item, with and without accompanying material
Rev. 9-2016
Rental edition and regular edition videorecordings on the same record
Sound recordings
Rev. 7-2017
Summary notes (MARC tag 520)
Rev. 9-2018
Use and retention of subject headings
Rev. 1-2017
Use of General Material Designation (gmd)
Rev. 8-2018
Use of genre terms
Rev. 08-10
Use of ISBD Punctuation
Use of local subject headings
Use of relationship designators in MARC fields 1XX and 7XX
Rev. 7-2017
Use of the serials module for magazines and newspapers
Video games and computer games
Approved local subject headings
Rev. 11-2019
Certification requirements for new barcoders and catalogers
Rev. 12-2019
Problem Resolution for Bibliographic Services
Rev. 9-2017
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