Bibliographic & Cataloging Standards

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Attaching to serial vs monograph records for serials other than periodicals
Rev. 1-2017
Attaching to set vs individual records for multipart audiovisual material
Rev. 01-2020
Attaching to set vs individual records for multipart print material other than serials
Rev. 5-2022
Baseline policy statement for cataloging practices in SHARE
Rev. 10-2023
Book club editions and regular editions on the same record
Cataloging Blu-rays, DVDs, and Blu-ray/DVD combo packs
Rev. 10-2022
Cataloging of advance reading copies, advance screening copies, uncorrected proofs, etc.
Rev. 1-2019
Contents notes: (MARC tag 505)
Editing AACR2 records to match RDA records with a fictitious character as creator
Rev. 7-2017
Entering enumeration of periodicals, annuals, multipart sets, etc.
Graphic novels
Rev. 11-2022
Guidelines for retaining ISBNs in a record
Rev. 9-2016
Large Print and Larger Print Materials
Rev. 01-2023
Library edition and regular edition of audiobooks on the same record
Rev. 1-2017
Local bibliographic records
Rev. 9-2016
Local series authority records
OCLC membership policy for SHARE member libraries
On-order records
Rev. 7-2023
On-the-Fly records for in-house material
Paperbacks and hardbacks on the same record
Rev. 9-2017
Playaway Lock
Rev. 10-2018
Preloaded video players
Rev. 5-2019
Recording publication and copyright dates in Polaris bibliographic records for audio recordings
Recording Publication And Copyright Dates In Polaris Bibliographic Records For Books
Recording publication and copyright dates in Polaris bibliographic records for videorecordings
Recording publication information for self-published items
Recording reading program information in bibliographic records
Records for the same item, with and without accompanying material
Rev. 9-2016
Rental edition and regular edition videorecordings on the same record
Sound recordings
Rev. 7-2017
Summary notes (MARC tag 520)
Rev. 9-2018
Use and retention of subject headings
Use of General Material Designation (gmd)
Rev. 8-2018
Use of genre and form terms
Rev. 4-2022
Use of ISBD Punctuation
Use of local subject headings
Use of relationship designators in MARC fields 1XX and 7XX
Rev. 7-2017
Use of the serials module for magazines and newspapers
Use of URLs in MARC Records (MARC tag 856)
Video games and computer games
Rev. 4-2022
Approved local subject headings
Rev. 11-2019
Certification requirements for new barcoders and catalogers
Problem Resolution for Bibliographic Services
Rev. 7-2023
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