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The $3 Bibliographic Record cataloging option allows libraries to obtain cataloging for resources at a reduced rate and without having to send the physical item to a cataloging hub. All SHARE libraries are eligible to use this option if desired.

The library is responsible for identifying a matching bibliographic record in the OCLC WorldCat database and providing the required information to SHARE Bibliographic Services staff to import the record into Polaris. Matching records will be identified using the same criteria that is used for matching in the Polaris database. Information on the match criteria can be found in the Searching and Matching handout.


  • All staff members who will be submitting items for cataloging under this option must have attended the in-person Searching and Matching class
  • At this time only books will be accepted for cataloging under this option. This includes regular print, large print, "larger print", board books, etc. This is due to the newness of the program and the complexity of matching non-print formats. The option may be expanded to include non-print formats at a future date


  • Search the Polaris database for a matching record
  • If you don’t find a matching record in Polaris, search the WorldCat database for a matching record:
    • If your library has an OCLC membership, search the WorldCat database through the Connexion client or browser
    • If your library does not have an OCLC membership, search the WorldCat database through the web interface.
  • If you don’t find a matching record in the WorldCat database, you may:
    • Set the item aside and search again at a later date
    • OR
    • Send the item to the cataloging center at your hub for cataloging at the full rate ($10 per item)
  • If a matching record is found in WorldCat that contains all the required cataloging (see below), submit a $3 Bib Request Form.
    • Submit one web form for each item
    • In the Email Address box, enter the email address associated with your SHARE help desk account. A help desk ticket is automatically generated from the web form
    • Enter “none” in the Author box on the form if your resource does not have an author
    • You’ll be notified through the SHARE help desk either that the record has been imported or that the record doesn’t meet the criteria for importing
      • If the record is imported, you may then search the Polaris database for the bibliographic record and attach your holding. Please attach your holding promptly
        • You will be charged $3 for each record imported (billed quarterly)
      • If the record is not imported, you’ll be notified with the reason (i.e., cataloging is incomplete):
        • You will not be charged and you may re-search the WorldCat database to find a different matching record and submit a new web form
          • You will be charged $3 if the new record is imported successfully
          • You may also opt to send the item to the cataloging center at your hub for cataloging at the full rate
  • Now you can submit $3 bibliographic record requests in bulk, via an excel spreadsheet or word document, up to 25 records. 
    • All current $3 bib requirements apply.
    • Requests must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.
    • Each Excel spreadsheet or Word document must have the following fields: author, title, requested OCLC number, and two blank fields: one for SHARE staff to supply the Polaris control number and one for any notes from our staff.
    • No more than 25 titles may be submitted on a single Excel spreadsheet or Word document.
    • Once the $3 bib requests on the Excel spreadsheet or Word document have been processed and records are in Polaris, the Excel spreadsheet or Word document will be emailed back to the submitting librarian. If a requested OCLC number is not accepted for loading, we will provide feedback in the notes area.
    • Your library will be charged $3 for each record that is loaded into the Polaris database.
      • If your library would like to submit bibliographic record creation requests in bulk, email Excel spreadsheets or Word documents to Liz Perkins. Requests will be processed in the order they are received. Individual $3 bibliographic record creation requests may still be submitted using the $3 Bib Request form.

Bibliographic record requirements:
Records that are imported into Polaris must contain complete cataloging. Brief or incomplete records will not be loaded. In order for a record to be considered complete and eligible for import, all the following fields must be present if applicable and must match your item:

  • Title
  • Responsibility: author(s), illustrator(s), editor(s), translator(s), etc.
  • Edition statement, if present on the item (See the Searching and Matching handout for exceptions)
  • Place of publication (See the Searching and Matching handout for exceptions)
  • Publisher
  • Publication and/or copyright date
  • Description (i.e., number of pages, illustrations, size, accompanying material, etc.)
  • Series statement, if present on the item
  • Subject headings (these do not have to be present on the item, but the record must include subject headings and they should be appropriate for your item)


Available training on searching WorldCat
The following online resources are available to help you become more familiar with searching WorldCat

Connexion client:

Connexion browser:

WorldCat web interface