Libraries That Allow Longer Loan Periods

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All of these libraries have given permission to extend the loan period for ILL items to be checked out for use by organized book clubs, homebound support services, or curriculum support services without additional contact. The due date will have to be set manually as the items are checked out.

This list does not imply that other libraries will not approve extending due dates. You will need to contact any library not on the list.
This list has been updated to include libraries that have given permission due to COVID-19.
Last updated 03-18-2020 @ 3:45PM

* Will allow a renewal even if there is a hold.

** Temporarily allowing renewals due to COVID-19.

Code Name
ALLP Allerton Public Library District **
APLP Altamont Public Library **
CVPP Anne West Lindsey District Library **
ARGP Argenta Library
OREP Oreana Library
ACEE Arcola Elementary School
ACHE Arcola Jr-Sr High School
ARCP Arcola Public Library District
OREE Argenta-Oreana Elementary School
AOHE Argenta-Oreana Jr-Sr High School
ARTP Arthur Public Library District **
ASMP Assumption Public Library District **
CAEE Cantrall Elementary School
CAIE Cantrall Intermediate School
ATHE Athens Jr-Sr High School
ATAP Atwood-Hammond Public Library District
AUBP Auburn Public Library District * **
BARP Barclay Public Library District
BENE Bement High School
BENP Bement Public Library District **
BTHP Bethalto Public Library District * 
BLCA Blackburn College **
BLMP Blue Mound Memorial Library District
BRTP Blue Ridge Township Public Library **
BREP Breese Public Library **
BBLP Bryan-Bennett Library * **
BKHP Bunker Hill Public Library District
BMLP C E Brehm Memorial PLD **
CKHE Cahokia High School **
CAHP Cahokia Public Library District **
CAMP Camargo Township District Library
CPLP Carbondale Public Library **
CARP Carlinville Public Library **
CMIP Carmi Public Library **
CSPP Carnegie-Schuyler Public Library **
CHSP Case-Halstead Public Library **
CASP Casey Township Library
CYVP Caseyville Public Library District **
CTLP Catlin Public Library District * **
CELE Central Elementary School
CNHE Centennial High School **
CEHE Central High School **
CHLP Charleston Carnegie Public Library **
CHAP Chatham Area Public Library District
CHTP Chester Public Library
CPCP Cissna Park Community Library District **
CCCE Clay City Schools **
DESE Douglas Elementary School **
CESE Clinton Elementary School * **
CCHE Clinton High School * **
CJHE Clinton Jr High School * **
LESE Lincoln Elementary School * **
COLP Columbia Public Library **
COUP Coulterville Public Library **
DANP Danville Public Library
DTYP Daugherty Public Library District
DPLP Decatur Public Library * **
DIVP Divernon Township Library * 
DUPE Dupo High School **
EDWP Edwardsville Public Library * 
EFFP Effingham Public Library * **
EMLP Eldorado Memorial Public Library District **
ELKP Elkhart Public Library District **
EWTP Elwood Library District **
EPLP Evans Public Library District
FVHP Fairview Heights Public Library
FLOP Flora Public Library **
FORP Forsyth Public Library
FREP Freeburg Area Library District **
GALP Galatia Public Library District **
GTWP Georgetown Public Library
GMTP Germantown Public Library District
GILP Gillespie Public Library **
GMDP Gilman-Danforth District Library **
GCCP Glen Carbon Centennial Library
GPWP Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District
GRFP Greenfield Public Library **
GTPP Greenup Township Public Library
GRVP Greenville Public Library **
GMLP Groff Memorial Library and Museum
HYAP Hayner PLD - Alton Square Branch **
HYNP Hayner PLD - Downtown Branch **
HYGP Hayner PLD - Genealogy and Local History **
HERP Herrick Township Public Library
HRNP Herrin City Library * **
HLHE Highland High School
ICEE Illini Central Grade School (Mason City)
INDP Illiopolis Niantic Public Library District **
IRHE Iroquois West-High School **
JERP Jerseyville Public Library
KSCA Kaskaskia College Library * **
GECS Krannert Art Museum Giertz Ed Center
LKCA Lake Land College (Mattoon) **
LAWP Lawrence Public Library District (Lawrenceville)
LGSE Lebanon-Grade School
LHSE Lebanon-High School
LINP Lincoln Public Library District **
LODP Loda Township Library
LLZP Louis Latzer Memorial Public Library (Highland) **
LOVP Lovington Public Library District
MAHP Mahomet Public Library District **
MRNP Marion Carnegie Library * **
MPLP Marissa Area Public Library
MARP Maroa Public Library District
MFEE Maroa-Forsyth-Grade School **
MFHE Maroa-Forsyth-High School **
MFME Maroa-Forsyth-Middle School **
BETP Marrowbone Public Library District (Bethany)
MSHP Marshall Public Library
MSHE Marshall-High School
MSJE Marshall-Junior High School
MSNE Marshall-North Elementary School
MSSE Marshall-South Elementary School
MTVE Martinsville Jr-Sr High School
MVCP Maryville Community Library District **
MCIP Mason City Public Library District
MTNP Mattoon Public Library **
MCOP McCoy Memorial Library **
METP Metropolis Public Library
MLFP Milford District Library
MILP Millstadt Library
MVPP Mississippi Valley LD-Collinsville Library Center
FMCP Mississippi Valley LD-Fairmont City Library Center
MCME Monticello-Middle School
MCWE Monticello-Washington Elementary School
WHEE Monticello-White Heath Elem School **
MTBP Morrison-Talbott Library (Waterloo)
MOWP Moweaqua Public Library District
MOYP Moyer District Library (Gibson City)
MCPP Mt. Carmel Public Library
MPPP Mt. Pulaski Public Library District **
MPEE Mt. Pulaski-Elementary School Learning Center
MPHE Mt. Pulaski-High School
MTZP Mt. Zion District Library
MZEE Mt. Zion-Grade School
MZJE Mt. Zion-Junior High School
MGEE Mt. Zion-McGaughey School
NVHE Nashville Community High School * **
NASP Nashville Public Library **
NEHE Neoga-Jr-Sr High School
NWAP New Athens District Library **
NWMP Newman Regional Library District
NPLP Newton Public Library **
NOKP Nokomis Public Library * **
NCPP Norris City Memorial Public Library District **
NWHE Northwestern-Jr-Sr High School **
ODNE Odin School District #722 **
OFNP O'Fallon Public Library
OFCE O'Fallon-Carriel Junior High
OFEE O'Fallon-Evans Elementary
OFFE O'Fallon-Fulton Junior High
OFHE O'Fallon-Hinchcliffe Elementary
OFKE O'Fallon-Kampmeyer Elementary
OFME O'Fallon-Moye Elementary
OFSE O'Fallon-Schaefer Elementary
OGNP Ogden Rose Public Library **
OVME Okaw Valley-Middle School (Findlay)
OPLP Olney Public Library **
ONAP Onarga Community Public Library District **
PPLP Palestine Public Library District **
PARP Paris Carnegie Public Library **
PATP Patoka Public Library **
PETP Petersburg Public Library **
PHOP Philo Public Library District
PNKP Pinckneyville Public Library
PCHE Pope County-High School
RAMP Ramsey Public Library **
RANP Rantoul Public Library **
RBPP Red Bud Public Library **
RWLP Rick Warren Memorial PLD (Elkville)
RIVP Riverton Village Library
RMLP Rosiclare Memorial Public Library
SCCA Shawnee Community College Library **
SHWP Shawneetown Public Library **
SHEP Shelbyville Public Library **
MOUE Shelbyville-Moulton Middle School
SHNP Sheldon Public Library District
SHMP Sherman Public Library District
SHIE Shiloh School K-12
SYNP Sidney Community Library
SMRP Six Mile Regional LD-Delmar Avenue * **
SMBP Six Mile Regional LD-Johnson Road * **
SWBE Southwestern-Brighton North Primary
SWHE Southwestern-High School (Piasa)
SWME Southwestern-Medora Intermediate
SWSE Southwestern-Shipman Elementary
BCBP St. Elmo PLD - Beecher City Branch
BTBP St. Elmo PLD - Brownstown Branch Library
STEP St. Elmo Public Library District
SJTP St. Joseph Township Swearingen Memorial Library
SJEE St. Joseph-Elementary School
SJME St. Joseph-Middle School
STNP Staunton Public Library * **
SSHE Stewardson-Strasburg K-12 School **
ANNP Stinson Memorial Public Library District (Anna)
TAYP Taylorville Public Library * **
THSE Teutopolis-High School **
TJSE Teutopolis-Junior High School **
TONP Tolono Public Library District
TRNP Trenton Public Library
TCBP Tri-City Public Library District (Buffalo) **
TTSP Tri-Township Public Library District (Troy)
TUSP Tuscola Public Library
TUHE Tuscola-Community High School
TUEE Tuscola-East Prairie Elementary School
TUNE Tuscola-North Ward Elementary School
VALP Valmeyer Public Library District
VWPP Vespasian Warner Public Library District (Clinton)
VGSE Villa Grove Schools
WTHE Waterloo High School
WATP Watseka Public Library
WAGE Watseka-Glenn Raymond School **
WAHE Watseka-High School **
WCKP Wayne City Kissner Public Library * **
WELP Weldon Public Library District
WSLP West Salem Public Library
WSPP West Sangamon Public Library District (New Berlin) **
WHTP White Hall Township Public Library **
WILP Williamsville Public Library **
WINP Windsor Storm Memorial Public Library District
WRVP Wood River Public Library
WORP Worden Public Library District **