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Rules & Agreements

  • Loan periods are determined by the lending library.
  • Fine rates are determined by the patron’s library. That means that fine-free library patrons are not charged late fees, even if they borrow items from another library.
  • Patron limits and blocks are determined by the patron’s library.
  • Each library decides whether their items can be requested by other libraries but are encouraged to be generous in sharing their collections.
  • All fines collected may be kept by the collecting library regardless of where the fines or patron originated.
  • All payments received for lost items will be sent to the owning library.
  • Due dates should not be changed or overridden for items borrowed from other libraries.
  • Library staff may try to renew items, as requested by the patron, but may not override a block to renew if the item belongs to another library unless they have permission from the lending library.
  • Library card renewals must be done at the home library.
  • Libraries should do everything they can to get checked out items returned.


Print Overdue and Bill Notices

  • Generates daily from 8 am to approximately 9 am.  Please wait until after 9 am to print.


Email and Text Notice Delivery Schedule

  • Overdue and Bill Notices:  8am every morning
  • Hold Notices:  8am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm.  These are the times that Polaris sends the email and text notices to the carriers but we do not have control over when the carriers send them out.


Deleted Item Records are purged the last day of the month.