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Acquisitions Module

This module allows libraries to budget for, select, order, invoice, report, track fund usage, and track materials for the library.

There is a $250 one time start-up fee.

Contact Cassandra Thompson for more information.

Carousel Toolkit

This utility creates the code needed to add a content carousel to a website.  The carousel can be created from a bibliographic record set or from an existing dashboard element.  It is intended for intermediate to advanced website administrators who are comfortable working with html source code.

Carousel Toolkit Instructions

Collection Agency Services

Automatically reports delinquent accounts to the collection agency and updates the patron records.

The library must contract with Unique Management Services collection agency.

There is a $250 annual maintenance fee for this module.

Contact Cassandra Thompson for more information.

Course Reserves

With this feature, you can place materials on reserve for use in a class during a semester or term. These items carry their own circulation parameters and statistics. Course reserve records store information about the courses for which items are placed on reserve.

There is a $100 annual maintenance fee for this module.

Contact Edie Elliott for more information.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Works with the Polaris Acquisitions module to send orders electronically to suppliers. Streamlines the ordering process saving staff time.

There is a $500 annual maintenance fee for this module.

Contact Cassandra Thompson for more information.

Equipment & Supplies

For barcode labels and pre-printed library cards, contact  ID Label, Inc. They coordinate all the numbers for the SHARE libraries, so that we don’t accidentally overlap, and will assign you a unique prefix. They require a minimum purchase of 4,000 labels, but you can split the order between item barcodes and patron library cards. They can be reached at (847) 265-1200 or library@idlabelinc.com.

For restick receipt printers, barcode scanners, and receipt printers, contact Bayscan Technologies.  Bayscan has provided us with special IHLS pricing on many of their products.

Interlibrary Loan

This module allows OCLC interlibrary loan requests from the Polaris staff client, PAC, or both. Polaris tracks the entire process of the ILL and patrons can view the ILL process through their patron account in the PAC. The ILL items get notices just like any other overdue item.

There is no addition fee for this module but you must be an OCLC member and use OCLC’s ILL Direct Request Service.

Contact Cassandra Thompson for more information.


LEAP brings the functionality of the Polaris circulation workflows to library staff through a browser. Leap can be used on a desktop, a notebook, or a tablet, freeing staff to connect wherever it is most convenient—even outside the library walls. While LEAP does not have all the functionality of the Polaris Toolbar, all basic circulation features are included: patron registration, check in, check out, renewals, fine payment, and picklists (request manager).

All staff automatically have access to use LEAP

Getting Started With LEAP

Polaris Leap Overview

Outreach Services Module

This module is useful in serving homebound patrons and institutions. It can be set to automate title selection and delivery, set individual patron profiles based on reading preferences, generate selection lists, allow patrons to submit reader ratings, and alert library staff if the patron has already read a selection.

There is a $100 annual maintenance fee for the Outreach module.

Contact Zach Henderson for more information.


Creates serial subscription and holdings records so magazines may be checked out. This module is required if you check out magazines.

There is no additional cost for this module.

Contact Jennifer Baugh for more information.

Serials in Polaris Manual


This product allows the user to create custom reports using SQL (System Query Language) without requiring the user to learn SQL. The reports can be downloaded or saved to a record set and the parameters can be saved for later use.

Enter a Help Desk ticket to request access to SimplyReports.

SimplyReports Manual | SimplyReports Examples

Login to SimplyReports

Telephone Notification

Delivers overdue, requests, and cancelled request notices by phone.

There is a $500 one time start-up fee and $1,000 annual maintenance fee for this module.

Contact Cassandra Thompson for more information.