Governance Policy Changes

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The SHARE Executive Council has completed a review of SHARE governance policies, and has recommended the following:

Executive Council

  • Language change from LLSAP to automation consortium to reduce jargon.
  • Edited meeting schedules and removal of in-person requirements.
  • Removal of language regarding the seat terms for the initial executive council after the merger.
  • Removal of election of a secretary since that position is no longer needed. 


  • Language from LLSAP to automation consortium to reduce jargon.
  • Annual instead of semiannual meeting.
  • Approval of minutes by SHARE Executive Council.

Read the Meetings document here

Membership Types

  • Removal of “designated contact person” form; changed designated representative to library director, district librarian, or school media specialist or their designee.
  • Clarification that members have one vote per agency.

Read the Membership Types document here


  • Minor changes to language/syntax.

Read the Review Document here