Hooray for the Wal-Mart Grant!

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Great news about how the Wal-Mart State Grant money is being spent to help the smallest--both in population and income--public libraries meet the following benchmarks:

  • to fully participate in resource sharing
  • to have a discoverable collection
  • to have a web presence
  • to maintain wifi access for their patrons

To date, Jonesboro Public Library, Mounds Public Library, Zeigler Public Library, Ramsey Public Library, Tilden Public Library, and South County Public Library District have decided to use Wal-Mart grant funds to cover the cost of implementation fees as they join SHARE.

Herrick Township Public Library, West Salem Public Library, Dry Point Township Library, Vienna Carnegie Public Library, Georgetown Public Library, and Kitchell Memorial Library have used or will be using Wal-Mart grant funds to get or improve wifi access for their patrons.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SHARE, with help from the wonderful people at Wal-Mart!