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Polaris Alert for Windows 11 Computers

Microsoft has released a major update to Windows 11, named "Cumulative Update for Windows 11, version 22H2.” IHLS IT staff has found that this update breaks the Remote Desktop Connection to Polaris. If possible, delay this update while we work on a permanent fix. 

This only affects Windows 11 machines. Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines are unaffected.   
If your Windows 11 computer goes through an update and you are unable to connect to Polaris, please contact us. We have a temporary fix that will let you connect and continue working normally.

If you have a managed IT service, please share this email to them.

Thank you.
IHLS IT contacts:
John Knirr

Brandon Chapman 

How to Delay a Windows Update

When you see the Windows alert telling you that new features are ready to install, click the "X" in the corner to delay the update and close the popup. This will buy our IT team time to figure out a permanent fix. We will alert you by email when a permanent fix has been determined.

Image of the Windows Update popup alert. There are 3 buttons across the bottom of the popup, including "Restart Now," "Pick a Time," and "Learn More." However, in the image, a red arrow points, instead, to an "X" button in the top right corner of the popup. Click the "X" to delay the update and close the popup.