January 11, 2017 SHARE Semi-Annual Meeting

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24 hours later, I think some of us are still marveling at how well our first attempt at using Zoom webinar to conduct the SHARE Semi-Annual meeting worked.  The only downside was that there were only 97 participants, but most of us like to believe that the number of participants will increase as everyone becomes more comfortable with and accustomed to this new technology/communication option. 

In the meantime, for those of you who were not able to attend, the recording of the meeting is posted on the SHARE website—under Governance > Membership Meetings > January 11, 2017 meeting, and then click on the link to the recording.  Or, you can click here.

The SHARE Semi-Annual Meetings are informational only.  The purpose is to provide explanations and answer questions about any policies or financial issues that need to be approved by member libraries.  The actual voting takes place electronically, and, according to the SHARE Governing document, takes place one week after the meeting.  For this vote, we’re doing an experiment!  Typically, the link to the voting survey is sent out one week after the meeting, and open for one week.  However, waiting for that week appears to give voters time to forget to vote!  As a result, a link was emailed to the SHARE Directors Alert and SHARE listservs immediately following the meeting, and will remain open through January 25.  The hypothesis appears to be correct, since, 24 hours after the meeting, 78 libraries have already cast their votes.

Chris Dawdy
SHARE Director