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Share is offering a new, first of its kind, book leasing program for consortia, McNaughton Book Leasing for SHARE! It makes the McNaughton program accessible, since it is scalable to libraries with a variety of budgets and needs. Sign up for January - June 2023!

The program will include an automated, standing order style program for bestselling titles, available through two unique packages: a small plan with 5 books per month, or a large plan, with 10 books per month. All items will come fully cataloged and processed, including barcodes and spine labels. The price for each plan will include shipping to SHARE at IHLS Edwardsville, which will then be sent to your library via delivery. 

Why participate in McNaughton Book Leasing for SHARE?

  • Reduced Holds: The plans will provide leased copies of the best sellers, which will reduce hold ratios on the top titles for your patrons.
  • Saved Staff Time: In addition to saved staff time on purchasing, these items will come to you fully cataloged and processed, ready to fulfill patron requests.
  • Convenience: Titles are delivered to you ready to circulate, while SHARE will manage contracts, cataloging, and shipping.
  • Saved Space: When the books are weeded, they will be returned to SHARE, leaving more space for newer, more in demand titles.

Watch the 30 minute recorded demo to learn more! Access Passcode: a*7VYbs6


  1. Will the books fulfill holds to everyone in the consortium? The first sixty days, the books will be considered “new” and will only be available to your patrons.
  2. When do the books need to be returned? They need to be returned either when they are no longer needed/weeded or if you discontinue participation in the program. There are no other deadlines; you can keep them as long as you would like.  
  3. Can I select my own titles? Unfortunately, this program is fully automated, so the titles are selected as a group, not by individual libraries.
  4. Should I add my library’s property stamp? No, please do not make any permanent changes to the book. The books will come with a SHARE property stamp on a green insert. If you would like to add your library's local property stamp, please include it on the green insert only.
  5. What if I want more than 10 books per month? You can opt to participate even more, with multiple subscriptions! Also, your library will receive a variety of titles, not an exact duplicate of the same A List/B List titles, providing even more variety and value for your money.
  6. How much does this program cost? The program has two levels. The small plan costs $1,252.80 for 5 books a month, 60 books per year. The large plan costs $2,505.60 for 10 books a month, 120 books per year. We are also allowing new participants to join in January, prorated for six months. The cost-per-item for a fully cataloged, fully processed, best-selling book is $20.88 per item.
  7. When does this program start? The program will run on an annual basis, but spots are open to try it out beginning in January - June 2023. Book pre-ordering will begin in the fall, so reserve your spot soon!
  8. How do I sign up? Reserve your spot in McNaughton Book Leasing for SHARE here.