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The proposed recommendations passed with a tally of 175 libraries participating.

Graph showing the results of the Bibliographic services votes.

Bibliographic Services Barcoding Certification and Refresher Training (159 yes, 16 no)

Problem Resolution for Bibliographic Services Policy (160 yes, 15 no)

Bibliographic Services Training Form (165 yes, 10 no)


Graph showing the results of the Revision to Graphic Novels Policy vote.

Revision to Graphic Novels Policy-Cataloging Libraries Only (58 yes, 0 no)


Graph showing the results Governance and Aspen votes.

Governance Changes (172 yes, 3 no)

Aspen Discovery (163 yes, 12 no)


Thank you again for taking a moment to cast a ballot on behalf of your library. We appreciate your active participation in SHARE governance.

SHARE Executive Council


Watch the recording of the SHARE Annual Members’ Group Meeting below. 



We would like to thank Bayscan Technologies for the fabulous prizes presented during the meeting! Congratulations to winners Vicki Sexton, Kyla Waltermire, and Jill Pifer!