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A reminder on the use of the Volume field in item records. It’s very important that the Volume field be used correctly because of the effect on holds.

Having information in the Volume field creates an additional step for users when placing a hold, requiring the user to select an individual item or from a group of items.

Please use the Volume field in item records only when you are attaching to a bibliographic record for a monographic set for complete works in multiple volumes that are published in the same year with the same title. Two examples are encyclopedias or multi-volume biographies where all volumes have the same title. In that case, the Volume field is used to distinguish individual volumes and the user placing a hold needs to indicate which volume they are requesting.

The Volume field should never be used to contain series numbering, format information, number of discs, reading levels, etc.

As an alternative, this information may be entered in the Suffix field or Copy field, where it will display at the end of the call number in the PAC display, or in the Public note field, where it will display below the call number in the PAC display. Information you want to retain, but doesn’t need to display in the PAC, may be entered in the Non-public note field.