Windows 10 Version 1803 Polaris Fix!

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We now have a fix for the weird problems Polaris has with the latest version of Windows 10 (black boxes, parts of windows showing, right-clicking problems, etc.). 

If you have Windows 10 Version 1803 (update released April 30, 2018), you will need to install the following Windows Update:  

For 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (which most people have these days):

For 32-bit versions (if the 64-bit version doesn’t work):

WARNING: These files are HUGE!  They will take a while to download on slower Internet connections.  

To find out if you have Windows 10 Version 1803, right-click the Start button, click "Run", type winver and click OK. 

If the update won't install (usually with an error message that says something like "This update does not apply to your computer"), it's for one of five reasons:

  1. Your computer is running an older version of Windows 10 (1709, 1703, 1607, etc.).  Older versions of Windows 10 do not have the graphic display issues that Version 1803 has. 
  2. Your computer already has the update!  Yay!  Great news! 
  3. Your computer already has a newer version of the above update.  Also great news!
  4. Your computer may have downloaded the update (or a newer version of the update) automatically, but is waiting for a reboot.  Right-click anywhere on the Desktop (as long as it's not on top of an icon), left-click "Personalize", then click "Home" at the top left, then "Update and Security."  If the Windows Update screen says that the computer needs to restart, click the "Restart" button.  Then you'll have the update (and won't have to download the one above). 
  5. You're running the 32-bit version of the update on a 64-bit computer (or vice versa).  If in doubt, try the 64-bit version first, as most computers are running that version of Windows these days. 

If you have any questions, please let us know!