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Collection Description Collection Abbreviation
16mm Film 16mm
3D Blu-ray 3d-bluray
3M Audio E-Book 3maudebook
3M E-Book 3mebook
4K HD 4k-hd
4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray combo 4K UHD/Blu-ray
ABE Audiobook #17 abe17
ABE Audiobook #18 abe18
ABE Audiobook #22 abe22
ABE Audiobook #23 abe23
ABE Audiobook #24 abe24
ABE Audiobook #25 abe25
ABE Audiobook #26 abe26
ABE Audiobook #27 abe27
ABE Audiobook #48 abe48
ABE Audiobook #49 abe49
Accelerated Reader ar
Accelerated Reader 0 ar0
Accelerated Reader 0 Non-Fiction ar0nf
Accelerated Reader 1 ar1
Accelerated Reader 1 Non-Fiction ar1nf
Accelerated Reader 10 ar10
Accelerated Reader 11 ar11
Accelerated Reader 11 Non-Fiction ar11nf
Accelerated Reader 12 ar12
Accelerated Reader 12 Non-Fiction ar12nf
Accelerated Reader 2 ar2
Accelerated Reader 2 Non-Fiction ar2nf
Accelerated Reader 3 ar3
Accelerated Reader 3 Non-Fiction ar3nf
Accelerated Reader 4 ar4
Accelerated Reader 4 Non-Fiction ar4nf
Accelerated Reader 5 ar5
Accelerated Reader 5 Non-Fiction ar5nf
Accelerated Reader 6 ar6
Accelerated Reader 6 Non-Fiction ar6nf
Accelerated Reader 7 ar7
Accelerated Reader 7 Non-Fiction ar7nf
Accelerated Reader 7.0-12.0 ar7-12
Accelerated Reader 8 ar8
Accelerated Reader 8 Non-Fiction ar8nf
Accelerated Reader 9 ar9
Accelerated Reader 9 Non-Fiction ar9nf
Accelerated Reader Biography arbio
Accelerated Reader Book arbook
Accelerated Reader Easy areasy
Accelerated Reader Fiction arfic
Accelerated Reader Graphic Novel argraphic
Accelerated Reader Non-Fiction arnf
Accelerated Reader Picture arpic
Accounting acct
Administration admin
Adolescent Literature ad-lit
Adult adult
Adult Audio a-aud
Adult Audiobook, CD a-audbk cd
Adult Audiobook, MP3 a-audbk mp3
Adult Blu-ray a-bluray
Adult Braille, Fiction a-brailf
Adult Braille, Non-Fiction a-brailnf
Adult CD, Music a-cd music
Adult DVD a-dvd
Adult Fiction a-fic
Adult Graphic Novel a-gn
Adult Graphic Novel, Fiction a-gn-f
Adult Graphic Novel, Non-Fiction a-gn-nf
Adult Kit akit
Adult Non-Fiction a-nf
Adult Periodical a-per
Adult Playaway a-playaway
Adult Reference a-ref
Adult Spoken Word a-spword
Adult Video Game a-videogame
Adventure adventure
Aerospace DVD aerodvd
Aerospace Fiction areofic
Aerospace Laserdisc Collection aerolaser
Aerospace Non-Fiction aeronf
Aerospace Vertical File areovertical
Aerospace VHS aerovhs
African-American Studies afam-studies
After Class Collection accoll
Agriculture Ag
Agriculture/Horticulture ag-hort
Allan Welge Collection welge
Anatomy anatomy
Animal Care animalc
Animal Rights animalr
Animation anima
Anime anime
Anthology anth
Architecture arch
Archive archive
Archive Book archivebk
Archive Folder archivefld
Art art
Art Book artbk
Art Print artprint
Art Print, Framed artprintf
Astronomy astron
Athletes/Sports athsports
Atlas atlas
Audio audio
Audio CD audiocd
Audiobook aubk
Audiobook, Cassette aubk-cs
Audiobook, Cassette Fiction aubk-csfic
Audiobook, Cassette Language aubk-cslang
Audiobook, Cassette Literature aubk-cslit
Audiobook, Cassette Non-Fiction aubk-csnf
Audiobook, CD aubk-cd
Audiobook, CD, Fiction aubk-cdfic
Audiobook, CD, Language aubk-cdlang
Audiobook, CD, Non-Fiction aubk-cdnf
Audiobook, CD, Popular Literature aubk-cdpop
Audiobook, Fiction aubk-fic
Audiobook, MP3 aubk-mp3
Audiobook, Mystery audbk-mys
Audiobook, Non-Fiction aubk-nf
Audiobook, Playaway aubk-play
Audiocassette audiocass
Audiovisual av
Audiovisual Equipment avequip
Audiovisual Fiction avfic
Audiovisual Non-Fiction avnf
Audiovisual Reference avref
Autism autism
Auto Repair autorepair
Automotive automotive
Avalon Book avalon
Aviation aviation
Award Winning Fiction awardfic
Award Winning Non-Fiction awardnf
Awards awards
Awards, (Theodor Seuss) Geisel Geisel
Awards, Abraham Lincoln alincoln
Awards, Bluestem bluestem
Awards, Caldecott caldecott
Awards, Coretta Scott King csking
Awards, Monarch monarch
Awards, Newbery newbery
Awards, Rebecca Caudill caudill
Baby Book babybk
Baby Talk babytalk
Baby/Toddler babytod
Bag bag
Basic Reader, Fiction basicfic
Basic Reader, Non-Fiction basicnf
Basket basket
Beginner Reader beginner
Best Seller bestseller
Bi-Folkal Kit bifolkal
Big Book bigbook
Bilingual bilingual
Bin Book binbk
Binge Box bb
Biography bio
Biography & Autobiography Bio/Autobio
Biology biology
Black's Reader Service blacks
Blu-ray bluray
Blu-ray, Binge Box bray-bb
Blu-ray, Fiction blurayfic
Blu-ray, Non-Fiction bluraynf
Blu-ray/DVD Combo bluraydvdc
Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Fiction bluraydvdcf
Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Non-Fiction bluraydvdcnf
Board Book boardbk
Body, Mind, Spirit bms
Book Bike Book Bike
Book Box book box
Book Box 2 Book Box 2
Book Club bkclub
Book Club Kit bkclubkit
Book Discussion Kit bkdisckit
Book Set bkset
Book/Cass, Fiction bkcsfic
Book/Cass, Non-Fiction bkcsnf
Book/CD, Fiction bkcdfic
Book/CD, Non-Fiction bkcdnf
Bookcrossing bkcrossing
Bookmobile bkmbl
Botany botany
Broadside broadside
Brochure brochure
Brown Bag & Book brownbag
Browsed browsed
Business business
Campaigns/Elections campaigns
Career career
Carpentry carpentry
Cassette, Blues cs-blues
Cassette, Classical cs-class
Cassette, Country/Western cs-country
Cassette, Folk/Religious cs-folkreg
Cassette, Holiday cs-holiday
Cassette, Jazz cs-jazz
Cassette, Music cs-music
Cassette, Musical cs-musical
Cassette, Popular cs-pop
Cassette, Rock cs-rock
Cassette, Soul cs-soul
Cassette, Sound Effects cs-sound
CD cd
CD, Blues cd-blues
CD, Classical cd-classical
CD, Country/Western cd-country
CD, Document cd-doc
CD, Fiction cd-fic
CD, Folk cd-folk
CD, Folk/Religious cd-folkrel
CD, Gospel/Christian cd-gospel
CD, Holiday cd-holiday
CD, Jazz cd-jazz
CD, Leased cd-leased
CD, Literature cd-lit
CD, Music cd-music
CD, Musical cd-musical
CD, New Age cd-newage
CD, Non-Fiction cd-nf
CD, Opera cd-opera
CD, Popular cd-pop
CD, R&B/Soul cd-rbsoul
CD, Rap cd-rap
CD, Reggae cd-reggae
CD, Rock cd-rock
CD, Rock/Pop cd-rockpop
CD, Soul cd-soul
CD, Sound Effects cd-soundef
CD, Soundtrack cd-soundtk
CD, Spoken cd-spoken
CD, World (International) cd-world
CD-ROM cdrom
CD-ROM, Non-Fiction cdrom-nf
CDs & Software cd-sw
CFH, Adult Fiction cfh-a-fic
CFH, Archive cfh-archive
CFH, CD cfh-cd
CFH, DVD cfh-dvd
CFH, Equipment cfh-equipment
CFH, Oversize Collection cfh-oversize
CFH, Professional Collection cfh-profcoll
CFH, Reference cfh-reference
CFH, VHS cfh-vhs
CFH, Young Adult Audiobook, Fiction cfh-ya-aubkf
CFH, Young Adult Audiobook, Non-Fiction cfh-ya-aubknf
CFH, Young Adult Fiction cfh-ya-fic
CFH, Young Adult Large Print, Fiction cfh-ya-lpfic
CFH, Young Adult Large Print, Non-Fiction cfh-ya-lpnf
CFH, Young Adult Non-Fiction cfh-ya-nf
CFH, Young Adult Story Collection cfh-ya-story
Chapter Book chapbk
Chapter Book, Advanced chapbk-adv
Chapter Book, Beginner chapbk-beg
Chart chart
Chemistry chem
Child Care childcare
Children's Animated Movies ch-anmov
Children's Audio CDs ch-audcd
Children's Audiobook ch-aubk
Children's Audiovisual ch-av
Children's Book & Audio Kit ch-bookak
Children's Books ch-book
Children's Books on Tape ch-bktape
Children's Classics chiclassics
Children's Collection childrens
Children's Fiction ch-f
Children's Movies ch-movie
Children's Non-Fiction ch-nf
Children's Periodicals ch-per
Children's Puppet Theatre ch-puptheatre
Children's Resource Collection ch-res
Children's Video ch-video
Christian christian
Christian Fiction chr-fic
Christian Romance chr-rom
Christmas christmas
Christmas Non-Fiction christmasnf
Cinema cinema
Circulating Reference circref
Classic classic
Cliff's Notes cliffs
Closed Reserve closedres
Collectable collectable
Collective Biography collbio
Coloring Book coloring
Comic Book comic
Comic History comic-hist
Comic Writing comic-writing
Community Book community
Community Colleges comcolleges
Composers composers
Computer computer
Computer Science comp-sci
Computer Software software
Construction construction
Contemporary Fiction contemp
Contemporary World Issues contempwi
Cooking cooking
Core Values corevalues
Cosmetology cosmetology
Country country
Crafts crafts
Crafts & Hobbies Crafts/Hobbies
Criminal Justice crim-just
Cross Categorical crosscat
Culinary Arts culinary
Culture culture
Curriculum Unit curric
Dance dance
DAR dar
Deaf and Hard of Hearing deaf
Defining Moments defin-moment
Dentistry dentistry
Discovery Kit discovery
Disney Book disneybk
Disney Movie disneymv
Dr. Seuss seuss
Drafting drafting
Drama drama
Drawing/Painting draw-paint
DVD dvd
DVD, Action dvd-act
DVD, Binge Box dvd-bb
DVD, Christian dvd-chri
DVD, Comedy dvd-com
DVD, Document dvd-doc
DVD, Drama dvd-drama
DVD, Entertainment dvd-ent
DVD, Family dvd-fam
DVD, Fiction dvd-fic
DVD, Foreign dvd-for
DVD, Holiday dvd-holi
DVD, Horror dvd-hor
DVD, Instructional dvd-inst
DVD, Japanese dvd-jap
DVD, Miscellaneous dvd-misc
DVD, Musical dvd-musc
DVD, Non-Fiction dvd-nf
DVD, Parents dvd-par
DVD, R Rated dvd-r
DVD, Romance dvd-rom
DVD, Science Fiction dvd-sf
DVD, Suspense/Mystery dvd-mys
DVD, TV Series dvd tv series
DVD/VHS dvd-vhs
Dystopia dystopia
Dystopian Fiction Dystopian
Early Reader earlyrdr
Early Reader, Biography earlyrdb
Early Reader, Fiction earlyrdfic
Early Reader, Non-Fiction earlyrdrnf
Easy easy
Easy (Paperback) E-PBK
Easy African-American e-afram
Easy Audiobook e-aubk
Easy Audiobook, Cassette e-aucs
Easy Audiovisual e-av
Easy Biography e-bio
Easy Board Book e-board
Easy DVD e-dvd
Easy DVD, Fiction e-dvdf
Easy DVD, Non-Fiction e-dvdnf
Easy Fiction e-fic
Easy Graphic Novel e-graphic
Easy Kit e-kit
Easy Kit Fiction e-kitfic
Easy Kit Music e-kitmus
Easy Kit Non-Fiction e-kitnf
Easy Music e-music
Easy New Arrivals e-newarriv
Easy Non-Fiction e-nf
Easy Periodical e-per
Easy Reader e-reader
Easy Reader 1 e-reader1
Easy Reader 2 e-reader2
Easy Reader 3 e-reader3
Easy Reader 4 e-reader4
Easy Reader 5 e-reader5
Easy Reader 6 e-reader6
Easy Reader, P-3 e-readerp3
Easy Reader, Spanish Language e-readersp
Easy Readers & Picture Bks. e-readpic
Easy Reference e-ref
Easy Series e-series
Easy Spanish e-spanish
Easy Spanish, Non-Fiction e-spannf
Easy Story Collection e-storycol
Easy VHS, Fiction e-vhsfic
E-Book ebook
E-Book Fiction eboofic
E-Book Non-Fiction ebooknf
Ecology ecology
Economics economics
Education education
Education Collection ed-coll
Eifert Collection Eifert
Electronic Device e-device
Electronic Document edoc
Electronic Equipment e-equip
Electronic Resource eresource
Elementary Audio Book el-aubk
Elementary Biography el-bio
Elementary Board Book el-board
Elementary Fiction el-fic
Elementary Non-Fiction el-nf
Elementary Reference el-ref
Elementary Teacher el-teacher
Elementary Videos el-video
Emergent Reader emergent
EMT emt
Encyclopedia encyclop
English as a Second Language esl
English/Language english-lang
Environmental environmental
EPA Record eparecord
Ephemera ephemera
Equip For Physically Impaired equipphys
Equipment equipment
E-Readers ereaders
Essay essay
Express express
Express Blu-ray expressbluray
Express Book expressbk
Express DVD expressdvd
Faculty Library faculty
Fairy Tale/Folklore fairyt-folklore
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends and Mythology fairy tales
Family family
Family & Relationships familyr
Fantasy fantasy
Fastback fastback
Favorites favorites
Fiction fiction
Fiction Series ficseries
Fiction, Adventure ficadven
Fiction, Animals ficanimal
Fiction, Archive ficarch
Fiction, Chapter 1 Point ficch1pt
Fiction, Chapter 2 Point ficch2pt
Fiction, Chapter 3 Point ficch3pt
Fiction, Grades 4-6 ficgr4-6
Fiction, Grades 7-12 ficgr7-12
Fiction, Sports ficsports
Field Guide fieldguide
Film film
Filmstrip filmstrip
Finance finance
Fine Arts fine-arts
First Book firstbook
First Ladies firstladies
Folklore folk
Foreign Language forlang
French Language Materials french
G or PG Movies g-pgmovie
Game game
Game, Computer compgame
Game, Console conslgame
Games games
Gardening garden
Genealogy gene
Genealogy CD gene-cd
Genealogy Microform gene-mf
Genealogy Reference gene-ref
Genealogy/Local History gene-lh
General Collection gencoll
Geology geology
Geotechnical geotech
Government Document govdoc
Grade, 1 & 2 Fiction gr1-2f
Grade, 1st Reader gr1-readr
Grade, 2nd gr2
Grade, 2nd Reader gr2-readr
Grade, 3rd gr3
Grade, 3rd Reader gr3-readr
Grade, 4th gr4
Grade, 5th gr5
Grade, 6th gr6
Grant Material grant
Graphic Novel gn
Graphic Novel, Fiction gn-f
Graphic Novel, Non-Fiction gn-nf
Great Books greatbks
Great Courses greatcourses
Guide guide
Hanson Professionals-Airport hp-airport
Hanson Professionals-Austin hp-austin
Hanson Professionals-Brownsville hp-brownsville
Hanson Professionals-Colorado hp-color
Hanson Professionals-Corpus Christi hp-corp
Hanson Professionals-Dallas hp-dal
Hanson Professionals-Indianapolis hp-indian
Hanson Professionals-Jacksonville hp-jack
Hanson Professionals-Kansas City hp-kc
Hanson Professionals-Miami hp-miami
Hanson Professionals-Minneapolis hp-min
Hanson Professionals-Nashville, TN hp-nash
Hanson Professionals-Oakbrook hp-oakb
Hanson Professionals-Orlando hp-orlan
Hanson Professionals-Peoria hp-peoria
Hanson Professionals-Rockford hp-rockf
Hanson Professionals-Sarasota hp-saras
Hanson Professionals-Seattle hp-seattle
Hanson Professionals-Springfield hp-springf
Hanson Professionals-St. Louis hp-stl
Hanson Professionals-Tinley Park hp-tinleyp
Hanson Professionals-West Palm Beach hp-wpb
Harvard Classic harvardcl
Health & Fitness Health/fitness
Heating/Air Conditioning heat-air
High Risk highrisk
High School Consumer Science hs-consc
High School Fiction hs-fic
High School History hs-hist
High School Math1 hs-math1
High School Miscellaneous hs-misc
High School Science hs-sc
High School Spanish hs-spang
High School Textbook hs-txtbk
Historical Fiction hist-fic
Historical Romance hist-rom
History Hist
History Room histrm
History Room Reference histrmref
HJH, Fiction hjh-fiction
HJH, Non-Fiction hjh-non-fic
HJH, Reference hjh-reference
HJH, Story Collection hjh-storycoll
Holiday hol
Holiday Fiction holfic
Holiday Non-Fiction holnf
Home Related Non-Fiction homenf
Home School homesch
Home School-Elementary level homesc-elem
Home School-High School level homesc-hs
Home School-Junior High level homesc-jh
Horror horror
Hotspot hotspot
Hotspots (hotspot) Hotspots
House & Home house
Humor humor
IICLE iicle
Illinois Collection il-coll
Illinois History il-hist
Illinois Information il-info
Illinois Pamphlet il-pam
Illinois Periodical il-per
Illinois Reference il-ref
Index index
Industrial Technology industrialtech
Information Technology infotech
Inspirational insp
Inspirational Fiction insp-fic
Inspirational Non-Fiction insp-nf
Instruction instruct
Interlibrary Loan ill
iPad ipad
Issues That Concern You issues
Jazz jazz
JLN, Archive jln-archive
JLN, CD jln-cd
JLN, DVD jln-dvd
JLN, Easy Fiction jln-e-fic
JLN, Easy Non-Fiction jln-e-nf
JLN, Equipment jln-equipment
JLN, Juvenile Audio Fiction jln-j-audfic
JLN, Juvenile Fiction jln-j-fic
JLN, Juvenile Non-Fiction jln-j-nf
JLN, Juvenile Story Collection jln-j-storycol
JLN, Juvenile Toys & Games jln-j-toys
JLN, Kit jln-kit
JLN, Oversize Collection jln-oversize
JLN, Periodical jln-periodical
JLN, Professional collection jln-profcoll
JLN, Reference jln-reference
JLN, VHS jln-vhs
JLN, Young Adult Audiobook, Fiction jln-ya-aubkf
JLN, Young Adult Audiobook, Non-Fiction jln-ya-aubknf
JLN, Young Adult Fiction jln-ya-fic
JLN, Young Adult Large Print, Fiction jln-ya-lpfic
JLN, Young Adult Large Print, Non-Fiction jln-ya-lpnf
JLN, Young Adult Non-Fiction jln-ya-nf
JLN, Young Adult Story Collection jln-ya-story
Journal journal
Junior High jh
Junior High Biography jh-bio
Junior High Fiction jh-fic
Junior High Graphic Novel jh-graphic
Junior High Non-Fiction jh-nf
Junior High Story Collection jh-sc
Junior/Senior High jsh
Junior/Senior High Biography jsh-bio
Junior/Senior High Fiction jsh-fic
Junior/Senior High Non-Fiction jsh-nf
Junior/Senior High Reference jsh-ref
Junior/Senior High VHS jsh-vhs
Juniors juniors
Juv/Young Adult Biography jya-bio
Juv/Young Adult Fiction jya-f
Juv/Young Adult Nonfiction jya-nf
Juv/Young Adult Reference jya-ref
Juvenile juvenile
Juvenile 3D Blu-ray j-3dbluray
Juvenile 4K HD J-4K HD
Juvenile African-American j-afram
Juvenile Audio j-aud
Juvenile Audio Fiction j-audfic
Juvenile Audio Kit (book & Cassette) j-audkit
Juvenile Audio Non-Fiction j-audnf
Juvenile Audiobook j-aubk
Juvenile Audiobook, Cassette j-aubkcs
Juvenile Audiobook, Cassette Fiction j-aubkcsf
Juvenile Audiobook, Cassette Non-Fiction j-aubkcsnf
Juvenile Audiobook, CD j-aubkcd
Juvenile Audiobook, CD, Fiction j-aubkcdf
Juvenile Audiobook, CD, Literature j-aubkcdl
Juvenile Audiobook, CD, Non-Fiction j-aubkcdnf
Juvenile Audiobook, Fiction j-aubkfic
Juvenile Audiobook, Non-Fiction j-aubknf
Juvenile Audiobook, Spoken j-aubkspok
Juvenile Biography j-bio
Juvenile Blu-ray j-bluray
Juvenile Blu-ray, Fiction j-blurayf
Juvenile Blu-ray, Non-Fiction j-bluraynf
Juvenile Blu-ray/DVD Combo j-bluraydvdc
Juvenile Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Fiction j-bluraydvdcf
Juvenile Blu-ray/DVD Combo, Non-Fiction j-bluraydvdcnf
Juvenile Book with CD j-bkcd
Juvenile Book/cassette j-bkcs
Juvenile Braille j-brail
Juvenile Braille, Fiction j-brailf
Juvenile Braille, Non-Fiction j-brailnf
Juvenile Cassette, Classical j-csclass
Juvenile Cassette, Country/Western j-cscountry
Juvenile Cassette, Exercise/movement j-csexer
Juvenile Cassette, Folk/religious j-csfolk
Juvenile Cassette, Holiday j-cshol
Juvenile Cassette, Jazz j-csjazz
Juvenile Cassette, Musical j-csmuscal
Juvenile Cassette, Popular j-cspop
Juvenile Cassette, Soul j-cssoul
Juvenile Cassette, Sound Effects j-cssound
Juvenile CD j-cd
Juvenile CD, Classical j-cdclass
Juvenile CD, Exercise/Movement j-cdexer
Juvenile CD, Fiction j-cdf
Juvenile CD, Folk/Religious j-cdfolk
Juvenile CD, Holiday j-cdhol
Juvenile CD, Music j-cdmusic
Juvenile CD, Musical j-cdmuscal
Juvenile CD, Non-Fiction j-cdnf
Juvenile CD, Popular j-cdpop
Juvenile CD, Rock j-cdrock
Juvenile CD, Spoken j-cdspoken
Juvenile CD-ROM j-cdrom
Juvenile Classic j-classic
Juvenile Collective Biography j-collbio
Juvenile Color-coded Books j-color
Juvenile Comic Book j-comic
Juvenile DVD j-dvd
Juvenile DVD, Fiction j-dvdf
Juvenile DVD, Holiday j-dvdh
Juvenile DVD, Japanese j-dvdjap
Juvenile DVD, Literature j-dvdlit
Juvenile DVD, Non-Fiction j-dvdnf
Juvenile DVD/VHS j-dvdvhs
Juvenile Express j-express
Juvenile Fiction j-fic
Juvenile Fiction Series j-ficser
Juvenile Fiction-Junior Readers j-ficjr
Juvenile Folklore/Folk Tales j-folk
Juvenile Game j-game
Juvenile Graphic Novel j-gn
Juvenile Graphic Novel Fiction j-gnf
Juvenile Graphic Novel Non-Fiction j-gnnf
Juvenile Handicap j-handicap
Juvenile Holiday j-hol
Juvenile Holiday Fiction j-holf
Juvenile Holiday Non-Fiction j-holnf
Juvenile Humor j-humor
Juvenile Kit j-kit
Juvenile Kit Fiction j-kitfic
Juvenile Kit Non-Fiction j-kitnf
Juvenile Large Print j-lp
Juvenile Large Print Fiction j-lpfic
Juvenile Literature j-lit
Juvenile MP3 j-mp3
Juvenile MP3, Fiction j-mp3fic
Juvenile MP3, Non-Fiction j-mp3nf
Juvenile Music j-music
Juvenile Mystery j-mys
Juvenile New Arrivals j-newarriv
Juvenile Non-Fiction j-nf
Juvenile Non-Fiction Audio Bag j-nfaudbag
Juvenile Non-Fiction, 7-12 j-nf7-12
Juvenile Non-Fiction, K-6 j-nfk-6
Juvenile Periodical j-per
Juvenile Playaway j-play
Juvenile Playaway Fiction j-playfic
Juvenile Playaway View j-playview
Juvenile Professional Collection j-prof
Juvenile Reference j-ref
Juvenile Scary Stuff j-scary
Juvenile Science Fiction j-sf
Juvenile Software j-software
Juvenile Sound Recordings j-soundrec
Juvenile Spanish Language j-span
Juvenile Spanish Language, Fiction j-spanfic
Juvenile Spanish Language, Non-Fiction j-spannf
Juvenile Special j-special
Juvenile Story Cassette Bag j-storycsb
Juvenile Story Collection j-storycol
Juvenile Teaching Collection j-teach
Juvenile Toys and Games j-toys
Juvenile VHS j-vhs
Juvenile VHS, Fiction j-vhsf
Juvenile VHS, Non-Fiction j-vhsnf
Juvenile Video Game j-vidgame
Juvenile Video or DVD j-viddvd
Kindergarten kinderg
Kit kit
Kit Fiction kitfic
Kit Non-Fiction kitnf
Korean Language Materials korean
Language Language
Laptop Computers laptop
Large Print lp
Large Print African-American lp-aa
Large Print Biography lp-bio
Large Print Christian Fiction lp-cf
Large Print Collection #1 lp-coll1
Large Print Collection #12 lp-coll12
Large Print Collection #13 lp-coll13
Large Print Collection #14 lp-coll14
Large Print Collection #19 lp-coll19
Large Print Collection #2 lp-coll2
Large Print Collection #20 lp-coll20
Large Print Collection #21 lp-coll21
Large Print Collection #28 lp-coll28
Large Print Collection #3 lp-coll3
Large Print Collection #30 lp-coll30
Large Print Collection #33 lp-coll33
Large Print Collection #36 lp-coll36
Large Print Collection #39 lp-coll39
Large Print Collection #4 lp-coll4
Large Print Collection #41 lp-coll41
Large Print Collection #42 lp-coll42
Large Print Collection #44 lp-coll44
Large Print Collection #45 lp-coll45
Large Print Collection #7 lp-coll7
Large Print Fiction lp-fic
Large Print Harlequin lp-harleq
Large Print Inspirational lp-insp
Large Print Inspirational Fiction lp-inspf
Large Print Inspirational Non-Fiction lp-inspnf
Large Print Mystery lp-mys
Large Print Non-Fiction lp-nf
Large Print Romance lp-rom
Large Print Rotating Collection lp-rotcoll
Large Print Science Fiction lp-sf
Large Print Western lp-western
Large Print/Audiobooks lp-aubk
Larger Print largerprint
Launchpad Lpad
Launchpad launchpad
Law law
LC Collection lc
Leadership leadership
Leased leased
Leased Fiction leasedf
Leased Non-Fiction leasednf
Legal legal
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender lgbt
Leveled Readers leveled
Lewis & Clark Collection lewisclark
Library Management libmgmt
Library Professional Collection libprof
Library Science libsci
Lincoln Collection lincolncoll
Lincolniana lincolnian
Lirary of Things libthi
Literacy literacy
Literacy Fiction literacyf
Literacy Kit literacykt
Literacy Non-Fiction literacynf
Literature literature
Literature & Literary Criticism Lit/Lit Critic
Literature Circle litcircle
Little Book littlebk
Local History lhist
Local History Reference lh-ref
Local Request localrqst
Logan Memorial Collection logan
Logic logic
LOVE (Libraries Offering Video Entertainment) DVD lovedvd
LOVE Audiobook loveaubk
LUCKY Collection lucky
LUCKY Grant Audiobook luckaubk
LUCKY Grant Audiobook CD luckaubkcd
LUCKY Grant Book luckbk
LUCKY Grant DVD luckdvd
LUCKY Grant Game luckgame
Main Floor Display mainfd
Manga manga
Manual manual
Map map
Marketing marketing
Mass Media mass-med
Mathematics math
MCGS Collection mcgs
McNaughton Book mcnaughton
Media media
Media with Book mediabk
Medicine Med
Mental Health mentalhlth
Meteorology meteorology
Microfiche mfiche
Microfilm mfilm
Microfilmed Manuscript mfilmman
Microfilmed Newspaper mfilmnp
Microform mform
Microform Document mformdoc
Microform Genealogy mformgen
Microform Periodical mformper
Middle Grade mid grade
Military military
Miller Fiege Home fiege
Movies movies
MP3 mp3
MP3 Audiobook mp3aubk
MP3 Fiction mp3fic
MP3 Non-Fiction mp3nf
Multimedia multimedia
Multiple Collections multiple
Multiple Copy m copy
Music music
Music Theatre musictheatre
Music, Score musicscore
Musical Instruments musinstrument
Mystery mys
Mythology mythology
National Gallery Art nationalgal
Native American Studies Nat. American
Nature nature
New Arrivals newarriv
New CD, Music newcd-music
New Fiction newfic
New Graphic Novel, Non-Fiction ngn-nf
New Non-Fiction newnf
New. Indep. Microfilm newmfilm
Newspaper newspaper
Non-Fiction non-fic
Non-Profit Organization Collection non-profit
Novel Studies novelstud
Nursing nursing
Oceanography ocean
Office Technology office-tech
On Demand DVD demanddvd
On Demand Fiction demandfic
On the Fly onthefly
Opera opera
Opposing Viewpoints oppview
Oprah Book Club oprah
Oral History Audio Collection oralaud
Outreach Fiction outreachf
Outreach Non-Fiction outreachnf
Outreach Periodical outreachp
Oversize over-size
Oversize Collection oversize
Oversize Fiction over-fic
Oversize, Non-fiction over-non-fic
Paleontology/Paleozoology paleo
Pamphlet pamphlet
Paperback paperback
Paperback Fiction pbk-fic
Paralegal paralegal
Parent Book parentbk
Parent Resource Non-Fiction parentnf
Parent VHS parentvhs
Parent/Teacher Audiocassette Fiction pt-csfic
Parent/Teacher Audiocassette Non-Fiction pt-csnf
Parent/Teacher Collection pt-coll
Parent/Teacher DVD Fiction pt-dvdf
Parent/Teacher DVD Non-Fiction pt-dvdnf
Parent/Teacher Easy pt-easy
Parent/Teacher Easy Board Book pt-easybd
Parent/Teacher Fiction pt-fic
Parent/Teacher Kit pt-kit
Parent/Teacher Kit Fiction pt-kitf
Parent/Teacher Kit Non-Fiction pt-kitnf
Parent/Teacher Moveable pt-move
Parent/Teacher Non-Fiction pt-nf
Parent/Teacher Periodical pt-per
Parenting parenting
Performing Arts perform-arts
Periodical periodical
Perspectives pers
Pets pets
PG13 Movies pg13movie
PG13 Rated DVDs pg13dvd
PG13 Rated Videos pg13vhs
Philosophy philosophy
Photography photography
Physical Therapy phytherapy
Physics physics
Picture picture
Picture Book picbk
Play play
Playaway playaway
Playaway View playaway-view
Poetry poetry
Political Science Pol. science
Popup Book popup
Poster poster
PRC/Media Center prcmedia
Pre-K Collection prekcoll
Pre-K--2nd prek-2
Pre-Kindergarten prek
Preschool preschool
Preschool Picture preschpic
Presidency presidency
Primary primary
Primary Audiobook prim-aubk
Primary Biography prim-bio
Primary Easy prim-easy
Primary Fiction prim-fic
Primary Non-Fiction prim-nf
Primary Reference prim-ref
Primary Story Collection prim-sc
Professional prof
Professional Collection profcoll
Professional Military Education prof-miled
Professional Resources prof-res
Professional Sound Book prof-snbk
Professional Videos prof-vid
Professional, Parent, Adult Materials prof-pam
Project Next Generation nextgen
Psychology psych
Puppet puppet
Puzzle puzzle
Quick Reads quickreads
R Rated Movies r-movie
R Rated Music r-music
Rachel Sperry Collection sperry
Radiology radiology
Rare Book rarebook
Read for a Lifetime lifetime
Reading Counts counts
Reading List readlist
Ready Reference readyref
Realistic Fiction real-fic
Red Dot Collection reddot
Reference reference
Religion religion
Rental rental
Rental AV rent-av
Rental Fiction rent-fic
Rental Large Print Fiction rent-lpf
Rental Leased rent-lease
Rental Non-Fiction rent-nf
Replicas replicas
Reserve reserve
Reserve Fiction resv-fic
Reserve Non-Fiction resv-nf
Reserve Reference resv-ref
Respiratory Therapist respther
Restricted Access restricted
Riverbend Community Center riverbend
ROE, CD roe-cd
ROE, Computer Software roe-software
ROE, DVD roe-dvd
ROE, General Collection roe-gencoll
ROE, Kit roe-kit
ROE, Non-Fiction roe-non-fic
ROE, Periodical roe-periodical
ROE, Reserve roe-reserve
ROE, Teaching Aids roe-teachaid
ROE, VHS roe-vhs
Romance romance
Romance Gothic rom-goth
Romance Inspirational rom-insp
Romance Paranormal rom-para
Rotating Collection rotating
Rotating Large Print rotatinglp
Sangamon Valley sangamon
Science scie
Science Fiction sf
Science Fiction/Fantasy sff
Scouting Material scouting
Sculpture sculpture
Secondary Biography sec-bio
Secondary Fiction sec-fic
Secondary Non-Fiction sec-nf
Secondary Reference sec-ref
Secondary Teacher sec-teach
Secondary VHS/DVD sec-vhsdvd
Seed Library seed
Self-Help self-help
Senior Services Plus srservice
Serial serial
Sesame Street sesamest
Shoemaker Schoolhouse shoemaker
Short Story shortstory
SHS, Accelerated Reader Fiction shs-arfic
SHS, Accelerated Reader Non-Fiction shs-arnf
SHS, Fiction shs-fiction
SHS, Non-Fiction shs-non-fic
SHS, Reference shs-reference
SHS, Young Adult Fiction shs-yafic
SHS, Young Adult Non-Fiction shs-yanf
Singing/Voice sing-voice
Slide slide
Small Business smbus
Sociology sociology
Sound Recording soundrec
Southern IL Collection southil
Space Exploration space
Space Science space
Spanish Language spanish
Spanish Language, Non-Fiction span-nf
Special Collection special
Special Education Special educ.
Special Needs special-n
Speech speech
Sports sports
Sports & Recreation Sports/rec.
Sports Fiction Sports Fiction
Sports Management sports-manage
Staff Development stf-dev
Star Wars starwars
State Justice Institute sji
Steve Neal Collection neal
Storage storage
Story Book storybook
Story Collection storycoll
Storytelling storytell
Streaming Service Devices (stream-devices) Streaming Ser
Structure structure
Student Periodicals stndper
Study Guide studyguide
Supernatural Fiction Supernatural
Tactiles and Manipulatives tactiles
Taking Sides taksides
Teacher Periodical teach-per
Teacher Resource teach-res
Teaching & Learning Center teachlearn
Teaching Aids teach-aid
Tech Equipment Techeq
Technical Services techsvcs
Technology tech
Technology Reference tech-ref
Technology Support tech-supt
Teen Audiobook, Fiction T-Audbk Fic
Teen Audiobook, Non-Fiction T-Audbk Non-Fic
Teen Biography teen-bio
Teen DVD Teen DVD
Teen Fiction Teen Fic
Teen Non-Fiction Teen Non-Fic
Teen Software Teen Software
Telescope telescope
Television Series TV Series
Test Material test
Textbook textbook
The Reference Shelf trs
Theatre theatre
Thriller Fiction Thriller
Tolkien tolkien
Toy toy
Training Collection training
Transportation transport
Travel travel
True Crime truecrime
Tutoring Material tutoring
Tween tween
Urban Fiction urban-fic
US History ushist
US Presidents uspres
US Vice Presidents usvpres
US Wars & Conflicts uswars
Valmeyer School-Adult val-adult
Valmeyer School-Juvenile val-juv
Valmeyer School-Young Adult val-ya
Vampires vamp
Vault vault
Vertical File vertical
Very Short Introductions very short
VHS vhs
VHS, Action/Adventure vhs-act
VHS, Adult vhs-ad
VHS, Children's Movies vhs-chmov
VHS, Comedy vhs-com
VHS, Drama vhs-drama
VHS, Educational vhs-ed
VHS, Entertainment vhs-ent
VHS, Family Movies vhs-fam
VHS, Fiction vhs-fic
VHS, Foreign vhs-for
VHS, Instructional vhs-inst
VHS, LOVE Collection vhs-love
VHS, Macarthur Foundation vhs-mac
VHS, Musical vhs-mus
VHS, Non-Fiction vhs-nf
VHS, R Rated vhs-r
VHS, Romance vhs-rom
VHS, Science Fiction vhs-sf
VHS, Suspense/Mystery vhs-mys
Video Collection video
Video Game vid-game
Video Games-Adult vid game-ad
Video Games-Juvenile vid game-juv
Video Games-Young Adult vid game-ya
Video Guide vid-guide
Video Laser Disc vid-laser
Vinyl Recording vinyl
Vocational Guidance vocguide
War war
War Fiction warfic
Welding welding
Wellness well
Western western
Who/What Was? whowhat
Whole Language Material wholelang
Wolf Collection wolf
Wonderbook wonderbook
Wonderbooks wonder
Woodwork woodwork
Words on Wheels wordwheel
World History worldhist
World Language w-language
World Politics worldpol
WRH Juvenile wrh juv
WRH Juvenile Fiction wrh juv fic
WRH Juvenile Graphic wrh juv grap
WRH Juvenile Non-Fiction wrh juv non-fic
Year Book yearbook
Yoto Yoto
Young Adult ya
Young Adult Audio ya-audio
Young Adult Audiobook ya-aubk
Young Adult Audiobook, CD ya-aubkcd
Young Adult Audiobook, Fiction ya-aubkf
Young Adult Audiobook, Non-Fiction ya-aubknf
Young Adult Biography ya-bio
Young Adult Blu-ray ya-bluray
Young Adult CD ya-cd
Young Adult Comic Book ya-comic
Young Adult DVD ya-dvd
Young Adult DVD, Fiction ya-dvdfic
Young Adult DVD, Japanese ya-dvdjap
Young Adult DVD, Non-Fiction ya-dvdnf
Young Adult Fantasy yafan
Young Adult Fiction ya-fic
Young Adult Fiction Series ya-fic ser
Young Adult Graphic Fiction ya-grfic
Young Adult Graphic Non-Fiction ya-grnf
Young Adult Graphic Novel ya-grph
Young Adult Kit ya-kit
Young Adult Kit Fiction ya-kitf
Young Adult Kit Non-Fiction ya-kitnf
Young Adult Large Print ya-lp
Young Adult Large Print Fiction ya-lpf
Young Adult Manga ya-manga
Young Adult MP3 ya-mp3
Young Adult MP3, Fiction ya-mp3f
Young Adult Mystery ya-mys
Young Adult Non-Fiction ya-nf
Young Adult Periodical ya-per
Young Adult Playaway ya-play
Young Adult Reference ya-ref
Young Adult Science Fiction YA-SF
Young Adult Software ya-sw
Young Adult Story Collection ya-story
Young Adult VHS ya-vhs
Young Adult VHS, Fiction ya-vhsf
Young Adult VHS, Non-Fiction ya-vhsnf
Young Adult Video Game ya-videogame
Young Authors youngauth
Young Readers youngrdr
Zoology zoology
zzzManuscript manuscript
zzzMediaMall mediamall