June 18, 2015

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It’s renewal time for two of our eResource consortia: MyMediaMall and Zinio. Very soon, you’ll be receiving an annual agreement that will detail the participation fee for FY2016 and confirm your continuing participation. Once you receive the agreement, please sign, date and return to Lesley. Even if you do not plan to continue participation in these consortia for next year (and you’ve probably already alerted us), you’ll need to check the appropriate box and return the form. Thanks in advance for helping us to streamline the renewal process.

We’ve already got two new libraries that will be starting participation in the 3M Cloud Library shared collection on July 1st! If your library isn’t participating yet and you would like to, email Lesley and she’ll be happy to get you a quote. A new community cart has also been added to CAT. It features the most requested items via the Wish List from our patrons since the collection began. Remember, these carts are a great place to look if you aren’t sure what to buy and it’s super easy to move titles from the community carts into yours!

Zinio has announced that they’ve added some new and popular children’s magazines, including Highlights and Cricket! We’re hoping to add those two to our collection very soon. Check out the list attached to this email and let Lesley know which other titles you would love to see!

Did you know that patrons can exclude content categorized under certain "maturity levels" while browsing and searching through Overdrive? Thanks to a very interesting patron question from Paris Carnegie Library – we learned a troubleshooting tip once we discovered this. If you have a patron who keeps getting 0 search results when searching for titles or authors that you know are there, you might want to check settings because the maturity level could be set to Juvenile. More information is available here.

  • SHARE Circulation Day: July 24, 10 am – 4 pm – More details will be available on L2 shortly.

Need an eResource Training session at your library? Let Lesley know!

Lesley Zavediuk, SHARE Circulation & Resource Sharing Specialist
Chris Dawdy, SHARE Director