September 7, 2016

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Over 30,000 items were checked out from the Cloud Library in August! Our patrons are loving all of the titles that have been transferred in from the Lewis and Clark Digital Consortium and Southern Illinois Libraries on the Go. Don’t forget to use your Cloud Library cart to add titles to the shared collection. Not sure what to buy? Check out the community carts listed under the carts tab in CAT.  Don’t have time to shop? Turn your cart over to me and I’ll use it to fill gaps, purchase multiple copies and repurchase well-circulated expiring content. Let’s keep the collection growing!    

Bibliotheca moved the Cloud Library servers out of 3M this summer. Due to this change, a few small errors are occasionally popping up for Cloud Library patrons. Visit and click on Support > Common Issues for tips on quickly resolving those errors. iOS and Android app updates are scheduled for this month and your patrons will love some of the new features that will be introduced.

We’ve opened up membership in our Zinio consortium to all public libraries in IHLS! What a great way to foster even more resource sharing. Is your library interested in joining our Zinio group? Members receive a discount off of list price, access to our shared collection of popular magazine titles, and access to OneClickdigital. If you would like a price quote for your library, simply fill out a fee request form and send it to me. We should have some exciting information about Zinio and school libraries in the next couple of weeks!

Vendor Information:
Would your library be interested in one the following eResources? We’re examining whether or not we have enough interest to pursue a possible group purchase or discount for SHARE libraries. If you would like to learn more about one or both of these, let me know.

  • The New York Times Corporate Digital Solutions: The New York Times Corporate Digital Solutions is a cost-effective way for public libraries to extend unlimited on-site access – as well as limited off-site web and mobile app access to all of your patrons for a flat annual fee.
  • PressReader: PressReader offers the largest collection of more than 6,000 full content premium digital newspapers and magazines from 100+ countries in 60 languages, accessible through any device with a state of the art interface, all under one single subscription. We have been in business for over 17 years and we currently partner with more than 15,000 libraries worldwide. Click here to watch a brief video!

Important Dates:

SHARE Circulation Forum – Tuesday, September 27, 1:00 pm @ Effingham Public Library