April 13, 2016

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Brant WingerterBrandon Chapman

Key: IHLS  Library

Brant Wingerter: (4/13/2016 12:50) Hello everyone! We'll be starting at 1pm, but I wanted to remind you that you can increase the text size in the chat windown by clicking on the "pod options" button in the top right corner of the chat window. Just go to "Text Size" and choose a number great than 11 to make it larger. It only affects your view.

Brant Wingerter: (13:00) Good afternoon everyone!

Brant Wingerter: (13:01) Small crowd today, go ahead with your IT related questions.

janeth: (13:02) No questions. I am just here to learn.

Sherri Wasson (emlp): (13:03) Same here.

Tracy F: (13:08) Same here.

Karen Sinks, Brighton Memorial Library: (13:08) Well ... I'll jump in, but I don't want to bog everyone down with what may be a dumb question. However, can you tell me if I can have two desktop computers print to one receipt printer?

Brandon Chapman: (13:10) Karen, you can, but it has to be set up a certain way.

Brant Wingerter: (13:12) @Karen Sinks It depends on the printer in question. If the receipt printer is a network printer you would need to configure it for that and hook it up to your network. You can also share a printer with Windows if it doesn't which would also work and may be more doable. Either way you'd want to envolve your local IT team.

Karen Sinks, Brighton Memorial Library: (13:13) O.K., I'll do some research, thanks.

Brandon Chapman: (13:13) Karen: Network printer has an Ethernet cable (looks like a large telephone cord) on the back of it.

Brandon Chapman: (13:14) If it uses a USB cable, then it plugs into one computer that would have to be left powered on for other computers to print to it.

Karen Sinks, Brighton Memorial Library: (13:16) Thank you!

Brandon Chapman: (13:20) In other words: Ethernet = takes a little more work to set up, but easier to deal with. USB = easier to set up but can be a pain in some cases when sharing.

Athens Library Donna: (13:20) I have been having trouble with our printer on one of our computers. We have two computers on one receipt printer and never had any trouble until last week. One computer doesn't want to recongize the printer, but it does it off and on. One minute it works and the next it doesn't.

Brandon Chapman: (13:22) Donna: Can you call me after the chat? This one needs to involve some over-the-phone troubleshooting.

Athens Library Donna: (13:23) okay

Brandon Chapman: (13:23) ...there can be a number of factors. Loose Ethernet cable (if network)--if USB, it could be the computer that has the printer plugged into it with a loose cable, not turned on, wind blowing the wrong way, etc. :)

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (13:28) We finally switched our computers over to windows 10. Everything seemed to be working just great for about a week now we can't get one of the computers to print. We have two computers on the same printer also. Could something in windows 10 have caused this? I had our IT person here yesterday and he still couldn't seem to figure out why it wouldn't print. Any suggestions?

Brandon Chapman: (13:29) Kathy: One of two things:

Brandon Chapman: (13:29) a) Make sure Screwdrivers is up to date. You can download and install it from here.

Brandon Chapman: (13:30) (that's the 64-bit version--most newer computers these days are 64-bit).

Brandon Chapman: (13:30) If that one doesn't work, then install the 32-bit version.

Brandon Chapman: (13:31) The other possibility:

Brandon Chapman: (13:31) b) The printer may need a new driver. What's the make and model of the printer?

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (13:32) Brother model MFC-6490 CW

Brandon Chapman: (13:33) Latest driver is here.

Brandon Chapman: (13:34) So I would do both a) and b): update Screwdrivers and update the driver for the Brother printer. Restart the computer afterwards.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (13:35) Thanks Brandon, I appreciate it we will give it a go!

South Macon Kay Burrous: (13:38) Do we need to update to windows 10?

Brant Wingerter: (13:40) @Kay Burrous that depends on who you ask probably. Microsoft would probably say yes. :) Windows 10 has some fun and interesting features but to keep using Polaris, no.

Brandon Chapman: (13:41) The upgrade is free until this July.

Brant Wingerter: (13:42) Brandon has been working hard to upgrade all of our users to Windows 10. We enjoy it as IT people. You'd have to ask Brandon on any feedback from our users though. :)

South Macon Kay Burrous: (13:43) How much will it cost after July?

Brandon Chapman: (13:43) It'll likely be the same price as a new copy of Windows 7.

Brandon Chapman: (13:44) ...which off the shelf ranges from $110-$300, depending on version.

Brandon Chapman: (13:45) Of course TechSoup with its not-for-profit discounts reduces that significantly.

South Macon Kay Burrous: (13:45) Thank you.

Brandon Chapman: (13:46) Upgrading Windows 7 or 8 computers to 10 now pretty much converts the license to Windows 10 for free. That way if you ever have to reinstall Windows 10, it can be for free on that computer even after the July deadline!

janeth: (13:50) I have heard that Windows 10 can mess with other programs you might have on the computer. Is that true?

Brandon Chapman: (13:53) Depends on the program. It's best to check on the program's website to make sure that it's compatible with Windows 10.

Brant Wingerter: (13:56) There are a few FAQs you can find on Microsoft's upgrade site as well for those interested in upgrading.

Brandon Chapman: (13:58) From my experiences, 95% of the programs that work with Windows 7 (or 8) will work with 10. There are some oddballs out there that won't work or may need convoluted workarounds.

Brandon Chapman: (13:58) QuickBooks is one of the biggest offenders--Intuit is pretty adamant about what will and won't work with newer versions of Windows.

Brant Wingerter: (14:02) Looks like our hour has ended. If you need more support please create a help desk ticket.

Brant Wingerter: (14:02) Thanks for your questions and time today! Have a great week.

Tracy F: (14:02) Thanks Brant and Brandon!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (14:03) Thanks for all the help!

Brandon Chapman: (14:04) Other than that, have a good week everyone!