April 20, 2016

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Sue PearsonJoe DeVillezLesley Zavediuk

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Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (4/20/2016 13:00) Good afternoon everyone!

Joe DeVillez: (13:00) Good afternoon everybody

Dawn Rutschke Sherman PLD: (13:00) Good Afternoon!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (13:00) Hello

Anita @ sherman Public: (13:01) Good afternoon

Joe DeVillez: (13:04) Just a reminder that the next Circulation Forum will be at 1 p.m. next Tuesday at the Edwardsville Public Library

Lesley Zavediuk: (13:07) Hi all! What questions can we answer for you today?

Kay Burrous South Macon: (13:08) Is there a report that we can pull up in Polaris which shows books that have not been checked out in 5 years?

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:09) There is a report called Uncirculated Items in the Circulation folder. You can set any date limits or checkouts limits.

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:10) Utilities > Reports and Notices > Circulation > Uncirculated Items

Laura: (13:12) Was there an email sent out that lists what will be needed for this year's IPLAR? Or a site to go to?

Joe DeVillez: (13:13) Chris sent it out yesterday in the Share newsletter. The IPLAR changes can be found here: http://share.illinoisheartland.org/sites/default/files/IPLAR%20Instructi...

Kay Burrous South Macon: (13:13) Thank you so much, Sue

Mary @ Hayner: (13:14) I've tried out the new Held Items to Transfer feature in Polaris but I can't get it to work. Is anyone else having problems?

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:15) If you want to access the IPLAR help from the SHARE website - go to Circulation and Polaris Help.

Mary @ Hayner: (13:15) I tried putting a book on hold at our Downtown location and then changing the hold to our Alton Square location after it has a "held" status Downtown, but it never appears on the list.

Laura: (13:16) Thanks!

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:17) Mary - I would enter a helpdesk ticket if you don't feel that feature is working as described.

Anita @ sherman Public: (13:20) We recently updated one of the workroom computers to Windows 10. Ever since we can no longer print Polaris reports from this computer. A message " You must first install a printer" pops up each time we try to print. There are printers installed and they can be seen on the settings list. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix.

Mary @ Hayner: (13:21) Will do. Thanks, Sue.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:23) is Polaris and Windows 10 compatable?

Joe DeVillez: (13:24) It is. It still needs to use internet explorer instead of microsoft's new browser Edge, but it is compatible with windows 10

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:26) Anita - Brandon Chapman would be the one to call about this is Sue. He works out of Edwardsville and his extension in 440. I think he's out of the office until Monday.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:28) we get asked what shipped means when they are lookign on the pac. does anyone have anything on their website or anywhere with a quick explanation of what shipped, active, pending, and held for requests means?

Anita @ sherman Public: (13:28) Thanks. I will call him then and see if we can resolve this problem.

Joe DeVillez: (13:29) I'm not entirely positive, but to me the status of "shipped" would mean as soon as the receipt prints that tells you where an item is going it becomes "shipped"

Joe DeVillez: (13:29) I could be entirely wrong though

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:31) i was wondering if anyone has the explanations posted on thier website anywhere? we get asked this quesiton several times a day and people check their accounts online and come in for the item but we haven't received it yet. wondering where the best place to edcuate patrons about the pac terms. Pac or our website?

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:32) I have nothing to do with the PAC setup so don't know if it's possible to post this information - but I think it's a great idea.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:33) could we add that to the PAC? Shipped = not there yet, help = come and get it, etc.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:33) held not help Held = come and get it

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:34) I'll pass this along to Michelle Ralston who takes care of the PAC.

Mary @ Hayner: (13:34) April, if you send me your email I can send you a page from Polaris with all the definitions on there

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:34) It would save patrons trips to the library.

Candace Hancock - FREP: (13:38) I just tell patrons that active status is no library has seen their request, pending is they are looking for the item, shipped is self explanatory, and held to COME AND GET IT.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:40) Do schools get their holds turned off in some fashion before the end of the school year? or does the individual library need to make that decison when to stop sending to schools?

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:42) Schools get to choose when to be shut off for the summer.

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (13:42) But... it's always up to individual libraries if they want to send something or not.

Anita @ sherman Public: (13:55) Are most schools in session until the last week in May?

Joe DeVillez: (13:57) I'd say most are

Sue Pearson: - Edwardsville: (14:00) It's 2:00 so we'll be closing the chat for this month. I hope to see some of you at the circulation forum next week. Have a great day!

Kay Burrous South Macon: (14:01) Thanks.

Joe DeVillez: (14:01) have a great rest of the week everyone

Dawn Rutschke Sherman PLD: (14:01) Thank you!

Anita @ sherman Public: (14:03) Thanks so much.

Candace Hancock - FREP: (14:03) thank you