April 27, 2016

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Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials and Record Sets


Shelley StoneNick Bennyhoff

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Shelley Stone: We will begin at 1:00

Shelley Stone: Good Afternoon! Does anyone have a question?

Donna Halleran: Marion Library: I have an item that has the wrong book cover for the picture. The controll # is 3284986 the title is "Sew Dolled Up" but the picture is of a man holding a fish. What tag controls this picture? I thought it was the 020 and how do I get this corrected?

Nick Bennyhoff: It is controlled by the 020 - sounds like a problem with the information the vendor has. We report those to the vendor when they are found.

Shelley Stone: Donna, I fixed it. It was the 024 in this case, causing a problem.

Donna Halleran: Marion Library: Thank you

Shelley Stone: Sometimes we do have to report those to the vendor if what I did doesn't work.

Jeanine Benanti: Can you explain how some of our Connexion items come over to Polaris as "provisional"?

Shelley Stone: Jeanine, the records come in as provisional if another record already contains that OCLC control number

Donna Halleran: Marion Library: This has happened once before do I just contact you if I find any more?

Shelley Stone: Donna, that is fine. You can email one of us or send a help desk ticket

april jensen lincoln public library: if there is a provisional and other record, never attach to the provisional record?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Yesterday, I had a provisional on a Bib. record I was bringing in and it said it matched our own "On order" record. That had never happened before.

Shelley Stone: Jeanine, did that answer your question or do you need more information?

Shelley Stone: Julia, that should only happen if someone entered the OCLC control number into the order record.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: We have a similar problem with a book entitles "Eentsy, Weentsy Spider. Finger play and Action Rhymes." The control # that comes up with the ISBN of 0-688-10805-9 is 11026209. That pulls up a different title : Cat's Cradle and Owl's Eyes.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: It was only a EDI Ingram item. Not a bunch of info. with those.

Jeanine Benanti: Yes, I think so. Thanks!

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Sorry, the Control # is 1106209

Shelley Stone: Julia, has it already merged? Do you have the control number, if not?

Shelley Stone: Anita, 1106209 is the record for Cat's Cradle, Owl's Eyes, but I need the control number of your provisional record too.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I checked the database and no matching Bib. record was in there, so I saved the Provisional record, making it final and merged the "on order" bib. record. The title was Camille, bib cntrl #3405912. Everything was fine.

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: Is the 010 - the LC number - still important for matching? I ask because there have been quite a few bib records that do not show an 010, but it is in the book.

Shelley Stone: Julia, the only other reason I can think of is if a different import profile was chosen. Next time you have a weird one like that, give me a call or send an email and I will see what is causing it to save as provisional.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Haven't brought anything in yet. That is what I found in my search for Eentsy, Weentsy Spider, Fingerplays and action Rhymes by Joanna Cole and Stephanie Calmenson. The ISBN that is on the cover and on the inside pulls up the Cat's Cradle title.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Will do Shelley.

Shelley Stone: Denise, the LC number is not really important for matching purposes. Sometimes you will find an LC number on a book that really doesn't belong with that book. In the Library of Congress database you will find the correct book that matches a particular LC number even if the publisher has copied that information from a hardcover book into a paperback copy.

Shelley Stone: Anita, sometimes the ISBN will be the same in a couple of different bib records, but that shouldn't make a provisional bib record. Go ahead and try to load it.

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: So, if it isn't in the OCLC record, don't put it in our bib records?

Shelley Stone: Denise, I am not really sure how to answer that question. LC number is a good way to search so it is nice to have it in the bib record, but there really only should be one book with that particular number.

Vickie Stiles/Scott AFB Library: I didn't think provisional records showed in the catalog. Do they?

Shelley Stone: I see the 1st edition LC number in many reprints even though the publisher really shouldn't have printed it there. If Polaris would allow us to search the 010 subfield z as a regular LC number search, I would say to put it there, but instead that is the invalid LC number search.

Shelley Stone: Vickie, no they aren't searchable, but if you knew the control number you could find it.

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: What about first editions, not a reprint?

Shelley Stone: Denise, yes, I would say it should belong in the bib record.

Dena Porter-MRNP: I have noticed that even though the books does not say "first edition", the bib record will say "first edition". I have seen this at least twice this week.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Searched Connection with the "Spider" title and found the Bib that has the correct ISBN in 020. It had another ISBN in 020 also. So why when I scan the ISBN does it pull up a different title?

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: Shelley, thanks. I agree with not having the original LC number in reprints, even with a z it is confusing. Could this be explained at a cataloger's meeting?

Shelley Stone: Dena, remember that the presence or absence of a first edition statement doesn't matter in matching. Some catalogers just don't put it in there.

Dena Porter-MRNP: the two books this week did not say "first edition" in them, and there was not 250 in Connexion. I the Polaris record had the 250 "first edition" in it.

Shelley Stone: Dena, I don't know why some would add it when it wasn't in the book though. Again, it shouldn't matter, but kind of strange.

Shelley Stone: Denise, I suppose we could try to explain this at a catalogers meeting. It is confusing.

Shelley Stone: For LC numbers, the best option is to search LC's database to see which book the number really matches.

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: Ok, thanks Shelley.

Shelley Stone: Anita, are you saying the ISBN won't search in Connexion for you?

Shelley Stone: Anita, it may be that the scanned number from the back of your book is bringing up a UPC or other barcode number instead of the ISBN. Try typing the ISBN in your search instead.

Nick Bennyhoff: right, when doing an ISBN search, the barcode on the back of the book won't always be the ISBN. If you don't find something by scanning, type in the number. And if the number on the back of the book doesn't work, also look for an ISBN on the t.p. verso, sometimes it's different than the one on the back of the item.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: it is the same barcode back and inside of the book. The same barcode is listed in the 020 field. There is also a second 020 field with a different but similar ISBN in it. The ISBN scan will pull up a different title but a title search will pull up the book that I have in hand. So, it would seem that the ISBN beginning with 978 is preferable to the one that is in the book. Just wondered why?

Shelley Stone: Julia, I took a quick look at your merged on order bib record and found that it did indeed have the OCLC control number listed in it. I guess someone wanted to make sure the correct bib record was loaded to replace it.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Shelley-- I guess Ingram went the extra mile on that one. Thanks, that explains it.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: Is there a cheat sheet for commands on MARC report. Sometimes if I haven't used it in a while, I forget.

Shelley Stone: Angela, I don't think we have a cheat sheet, but there is a help pull down menu with lots of helpful information in MARC Report.

Shelley Stone: It has been ages since we went over MARC Report in a catalogers meeting and I can't remember if I created a cheat sheet or not. I will check

Shelley Stone: Thanks everyone for a lively session today!

april jensen lincoln public library: that would be nice for those of us who tag on and don't use marc report

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Thank you!

Dena Porter-MRNP: Lots of great info today, thanks!

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library District: Thank you!

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: Thank you! Lots of good information!

Vickie Stiles/Scott AFB Library: Thanks!

Jennifer Rhoades - Forsyth Public Library: Thanks

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: thanks.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: THANKS

Shelly Smith--Forsyth: thanks

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Thanks for and interesting session. Everyone must be sick of hearing about the "Spider" book!!! We did just find the correct one in Polaris.

Kay Burrous South Macon: thanks

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Great news Anita!

Shelley Stone: Good Anita, I just found one with that 10 digit ISBN too but didn't know if it matched your book. Let me know if you have other questions.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Scanning the ISBN will bring up the wrong book. Searching with the title brings up the correct book.

Shelley Stone: The barcode must not be scanning the correct digits then

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Old school searching. Cataloging can be interesting.

Shelley Stone: I have to run now, thanks everyone!