April 5, 2017

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit

Key: IHLS  Library


Chris Dawdy: Greetings from rainy Edwardsville!

Shawn- Elwood Township: Hello

Chris Dawdy: Is there anything anyone wants to talk about today? Are you all going to Reaching Forward South?

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: I wish I could have gone to Reaching Forward South, but other staff are out this week.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Are libraries taking the opportunity to cast votes for IHLS board seats?

William Pixley: Other staff are going. I have to stay and hold down the fort.

Twilla Coon: I have to many staff on vacation

Gary Naglich, Worden PLD: Have the requirements for next year's per capita grants been released yet. I haven't been able to find them.

Ellen Popit: Well, there's always Member Day to meeting your networking needs!

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Our friend and Sparta Library Director Susan Colbert lost her husband Monday evening. I'm sure she would appreciate cards and your prayers.

Chris Dawdy: Looks like there are 96 people signed up for Member Day, so far. Since we were able to get some corporate sponsorship, there is no cost to participants--not even food!

janeth: The Intermediate School in Carlinville has just gone on line with SHARE. We had a student stop in the other day and wanted to use her school card here. Am I not correct in saying that school cards do not carry over to public libraries? We have a separate understanding with Blackburn College and we do accept each other's cards.

William Pixley: Is LSTA going to be around any more.

Ellen Popit: Here's the obituary for Susan's husband, I didn't know that he was serving as a project next generation mentor.

Chris Dawdy: Yes, Janet, that would require an intergovenmental agreement between the school and the public library. School cards cannot be used at public libraries, and vice versa, without an intergovernmental agreement.

janeth: Thank you.

Ellen Popit: Bill, that's why our board is working so hard on advocacy efforts, to keep LSTA funding and to spread the word on the impact of libraries.

Ellen Popit: And, when you wonder where your professional dues do for us, the Illinois Library Association and the Illinois Library Community did a great job contacting legislators regarding LSTA.

William Pixley: So it is on the chopping block but not a done deal. Good still time to do something about it.

Ellen Popit: I meant, what your professional dues do. Yep, not even close to a done deal. Keep contacting those folks in Washington.

Johnnie Halstead: Our board president and I are going to Reaching Foward South, plus our Treasurer who works at Carbondale High School Library is going also. Looking forward to it.

Ellen Popit: You'll have fun! Make sure to introduce yourselves to the IHLS staff that will be there!1

Johnnie Halstead: Ok will do

Ellen Popit: What else is going on in your libraries and your communities?

Johnnie Halstead: For part of our National Library Week RWL is having a Story Walk for the Primary School.

William Pixley: Geeting ready for Summer programs, reading events, and the eclipse.

Ellen Popit: What's a story walk?

Kay Burrous South Macon: I was wondering about the Per Capita Grant requirements also.

Linda Richter: Having a member from Congressmen Shimkus' office at the library tomorrow afternoon to allow community to address their questions and concerns

Ellen Popit: What's your question, Kay? Linda, please let us know how it goes! Do you need LSTA information to share with him?

Johnnie Halstead: We laminate pages of a book and put on signs, the kids walk by and read it and ends at the library.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Linda--Shimkus has been supportive of Libraries in the past (he came to a PNG program we had). I hope he still is!

Ellen Popit: Fun!

Kay Burrous South Macon: Do we have a list of requirements for the Per Capita Grant?

Ellen Popit: However, it's my understanding that he didn't sign on to support LSTA funding.

Linda Richter: Have done a little research on my own but if you have something I will surely add it to it. Thanks

William Pixley: You all do know about the free eclipse glasses that are avilable?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Ellen--I had seen that, but maybe enough feed back from constituants might change his mind. He's not our Rep any longer (we have Bost), so I'm not sure where he stands these days.

Johnnie Halstead: Where can you get the free glasses? I was getting ready to order some. I like free! Lol

William Pixley: I'll get you that information, our Children's Librarian asked for 200 and was promised 1,000.

William Pixley: What's that email for sending out to all the IHLS libraries again.

Chris Dawdy: exchange@lists.illinoisheartland.org

Gary Naglich, Worden PLD: I have sent two emails to my representative concerning funding for libraries and museums. Does the ILA ever endorse candidates?

Johnnie Halstead: Oh wow sounds good. Not sure about email for all but mine is

Ellen Popit: I've never seen an endorsement, rather the Public Polcy committee takes positions on bills.

Ellen Popit: Linda, what timeif your meeting tomorrow? I just contacted ILA to see of there is any updated LSTA information and I'll forward it to you if there is.

Linda Richter: 3:30-5

Ellen Popit: Got it, thanks! Kay Burrous, it doesn't look like the per capita requirements for FY18 have been posted yet on the ISL website.

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thank you!

Darlene Barlow: Can someone tell me how many hours a part time employee can work before I would need our library to pay them IMRF? Is it 1,000?

Michelle: What are libraries doing for programming with the eclipse?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We are having a couple of programs, presented by Greg Hollmann (local science/astronomy professor). One at the end of Summer Reading and then the other on the day of the eclipse.

Chris Dawdy: Darlene, it's less than 19 hours per week, which computes to less than 1000.

William Pixley: For adults GETTING READY FOR THE ECLIPSESAFE VIEWING AND PHOTOGRAPHY.On June 15th at 6:30 PM Greg Hollman, General Science Instructor at Rend Lake College, will present a program on the upcoming August 21st Solar Eclipse. In addition to giving basic information on eclipses, he will also present information on how to safely view and photograph the eclipse.

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: We've decided to base our summer reading program around the eclipse and space, we also got the StarNet grant and will be getting 1000 viewing glasses and will share with our community for a viewing party on the day of the eclipse. Some schools have already cancelled school for that day not sure yet if our schools will be in session.

Ellen Popit: Those of us at the Carbondale Hub are pretty excited.

Chris Dawdy: And those of us in the Edwardsville Hub are thinking about visiting the Carbondale Hub that day!

Ellen Popit: Back to the IMRF question, I checked with our finance office and the "year" is calculated from your start date! Chris is right, it would be a perfect location for and IHLS staff meeting that day!

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Lots of excitement in Carbondale especially on campus, I bet traffic will be crazy down that way!

Ellen Popit: Kathy, you're right!

Johnnie Halstead: William Pixley what does Greg Hollman charge for doing a program like that?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I've heard that some school (probably colleges/Universities) are closing that day. Haven't heard anything on public schools yet. I think it would be a great learning opportunity for grade schools.

Ellen Popit: I know that they adjusted S.I.U.C's start date because of it. In an ordinary year, that would have been move in day.

William Pixley: It is free, but he may be booked up by now with all the interest in the eclipse.

Darlene Barlow: You mean the employee person's start date or our fiscal year start date or Year Jan-Dec dates for figuring the 1,000 hours

Chris Dawdy: Fiscal year

Darlene Barlow: Ok, thanks so much!

Betty-Galatia: I've heard some schools are not holding class on the day of the eclipse due to liability issues.

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: I have a "FREE" ticket to Reaching Forward South, if anyone wants it.

janeth: I have submitted a question about this to Phil Lenzini, but is the library liable if someone who was given eclipse viewing glasses uses them incorrectly and has eye damage?

Ellen Popit: Here's what our finance office said about IMRF and we'll defer to them: IMRF is paid: If they work over 1,000 hours in the year. The “year” is calculated from their start date. On average this is 20 hours per week.

Ellen Popit: We were reminded that because of changes in IMRF rules it might differ from library to library and some might be a low as 600 hours.

Darlene Barlow: We are doing a "Pirate Theme" for our Summer Reading and will be "Sailing Away" to a different place of interest each week with activities and programs and will continue to decorate each week with that that theme in our library as we learn about tthat area!

Chris Dawdy: If I remember correctly--and I may not :)--the less than 600 hours refers to someone who is already retired under IMRF. For example, we had a couple of retired school secretaries working at the Brighton Library who could not work more than 600 hours.

Darlene Barlow: So if that employee started in October that's when the start date begins, Ellen?

Annette: We have two staff attending RFS. Thanks to those at systems for giving a ride to them.

Ellen Popit: That's my understanding from what our finance people said. Also you can always check with your township or village office.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Chris--they changed that a few years back. Someone who retires from a 600 hr location, but is working at a 1000 hr location follows the 1000 hr location.

Chris Dawdy: Ahhh!

Ellen Popit: And, the other resource that's right at the tip of our fingers is IMRF----never hurts to call and triple check based on the individual situation.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We had a couple of previous staff that could have remained staff, if they had changed it earlier. I think that they were limited under the old law to abt 12 hrs/wk.

Diana_CentraliaRLD: Christine Fine is an IMRF field rep you can contact. cfine@imrf.org

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: And Christine is awesome!

Annette: Has anyone created something to give to patrons about LSTA funding being at risk and what they can do to help.

Ellen Popit: Annette, I believe there is a flier attached to an e-mail that Leslie posted to the announce list yesterday.

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: What's going on with book delivery? We ususally get books on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but recently we've been getting books on random days and our driver said they are going to stop here everyday but they don't stop every day and we never know which day they are going to deliver.

Ellen Popit: ,,,,sorry, I meant Monday.

Annette: Thank you Ellen

Ellen Popit: I was wrong, Annette. But, she did attach the report that outlined what benefits IHLS and our libraries have received through LSTA and it is very thorough. A version was also included in our March Board meeting packet.

Ellen Popit: Kathy, that's what we're calling functional five day a week delivery. We can ask Susan Palmer to give you a call and explain when she's finished with Reaching Forward South.

Annette: I did post that info for public to see. I think I am going to make something up to give to patrons when they check out too.

Darlene Barlow: Thank you so much! The employee I have now is very good at not missing work hardly ever, but she is attending catalog classes now so I have to watch her total hours closely now.

William Pixley: i"d like a copy of that.

Ellen Popit: There might be something on ILA's website.

Johnnie Halstead: Kathy @ Pville Arlanna told me that if you didn't get a tub one day to email her that you need a tub picked up by 2:30PM. But if you don't have anything at the hub they won't stop unless you email her. (My understanding)

Diana_CentraliaRLD: Ellen, there was a flyer attached to Leslie's email on March 31 "Fight for Libraries"

Ellen Popit: Thanks, Diana! I knew I had seen one!

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Thanks Johnnie, that makes sense why they don't stop on some days. We've just been having our bucket ready for them each day now just in case they stop.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Kathy, Pinckneyville is on the delivery routing schedule for a daily stop. Contact Linda Pettym IHLS Carbondale to see why they are not stopping.

Darlene Barlow: We are getting delivery 4 days a week now and our patrons LOVE IT and SO DO WE! Thank You!

Ellen Popit: Sandy, it is Arlanna Fries at Carbondale.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Thanks for the corrections Ellen.

Chris Dawdy: Looks like it's after 2, so it's time to wrap up this discussion. Any last minute thoughts or questions?

Darlene Barlow: Thanks so much for all the useful info!

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: Thanks

Linda Richter: Thanks

Johnnie Halstead: Thank you for providing the Directors Chat!

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thank you.

Twilla Coon: Thank you