December 2, 2015

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Directors' Chat


Chris DawdyEllen Popit

Key: IHLS  Library

Chris Dawdy: Good afternoon!

Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public: HI!

Chris Dawdy: Is the sun out where you are?

Jen - Gilman-Danforth Library: It's snowing here! Off and on all morning

Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public: Yes thank goodness!

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: no

Ellen Popit: It's sunny in DuQuoin!

Gary Worden PLD: Cloudy and windy here.

Ellen Popit: Anything that you'd like to know, discuss?

Kay Burrous South Macon: snowing

Chris Dawdy: Ewwww! Keep it up there, ok?

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: Curious--how many libraries closed last Friday and/or Saturday?

Shawn- Elwood Township: We closed Thurs. and Fri. Open Sat.

Jen - Gilman-Danforth Library: We were only closed on Thanksgiving day but we did close an hour early the day before

Diane - Breese P.L.: Closed only on Thanksgiving.

Jeanne-CHLP: We were closed at 5 on Wednesday and then all day Thursday & Friday.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Rend Lake College was closed Wed - Sun

Penny Eilers White Hall Township Library: We closed only Thanksgiving

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: We only closed Thanksgiving Day

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We were closed Thursday & Friday. And we closed early on Wed for the first time. (We're open until 8pm)

Susan at Edwardsville: Edwardsville was closed just Thanksgiving Day

Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public: We only closed on Thursday.

Kay Burrous South Macon: We only closed Thanksgiving Day!

Susan at Edwardsville: I was wondering if the system was going to investigate mobile hot spots for libraries to check out to patrons?

Celeste - Urbana Free: Susan, we love this idea & were considering it.

Gary Worden PLD: We were open Friday and Saturday.

Ellen Popit: @Esther Curry---what a nice break for the employees!

Chris Dawdy: Lesley Zavediuk is working on that, Susan. We had a chat with the Verizon reps at ILA, and got the ball rolling. We'll let you all know when we learn more.

Susan at Edwardsville: Thanks!

Penny Eilers White Hall Township Library: How do you count L2 hours for ILA? Do you count hours in classes or a certain number of hours for entire conference?

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: Wonder if the system might consider going back to delivery on the Friday after Thanksgiving if it turns out the majority of libraries are open that day.

Ellen Popit: Penny, there's a tab on the left side of your account that says: "Add to Learning Journal." You can enter events and hours there.

Celeste - Urbana Free: Urbana is also open Fri & Sat after Thanksgiving.

Celeste - Urbana Free: has anyone had the confidential OSHA consultation?

Jeanne-CHLP: @Penny, I usually count the time that I spend in workshops, visiting vendors and networking as "training/staff development"

Jeanne-CHLP: Sometimes that ends up being a rough estimate

Linda Richter Trenton public: Closed thurs friday

Penny Eilers White Hall Township Library: Thank you

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: Celeste, thanks for mentioning that consultation!

Celeste - Urbana Free: have you tried it? We just got our letter saying there is a 2-3 month delay, but we are excited about it.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: No, actually hadn't even thought about it.

Celeste - Urbana Free: Does anyone know if Bloodborne Pathogen training is mandatory and if so, where does it say it?

Celeste - Urbana Free: (you can see what's been on my mind recently!)

Jeanne-CHLP: @Celeste hopefully that isn't because of a recent incident!

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: I know if you ask the Dept of Labor or whatever resource it is to inspect your facility, you get information before they pop in to inspect and you get fined.

Celeste - Urbana Free: fortunately, no, just being prepared.

Jeanne-CHLP: That's good!

Ellen Popit: Just as an FYI we have two new members after last night's board meeting. Hooopeston School District and Rantoul City Schools!

Jeanne-CHLP: I just emailed the SHAREdirectors listserv but I wanted to let everyone know that we are hosting a mental health awareness training at our library on January 18th. It is $20 per staff member (or if you send multiples, I am happy to work out a deal with you). Here is the link on L2 for more information and to register.

Ellen Popit: As another FYI, you might like to take a look at last night's board packet. Attachment 14.0 "State Budget CRisis and Projections" can give you an overview of where the system is in the 6TH month of this budget impasse!

Julie Jarman: sorry, signing in late,, Staunton was closed Thursday and Friday last week.

Julie Jarman: Jeanne- where are you located ?

Susan Mullen: Just logged in...Herrin was closed Friday and Saturday also

Jeanne-CHLP: Charleston

Julie Jarman: Thanks Jeanne- that sounds interesting.

Susan at Edwardsville: Ellen, where is the board packet located? I just see a recap of the board meeting on the IHLS website. Thanks

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: How does everyone handle cell phone use in their library? Our policy is no calls but patrons may text or search; then recently we had someone facetiming. How would you handle that?

Celeste - Urbana Free: see page 49 on

Celeste - Urbana Free: @Jacqueline we allow calls & focus on noise. If you are not being disruptive on a cell phone, that's OK. If you are being loud & disruptive in person, that's not :-)

Celeste - Urbana Free: #11

Pam - West Frankfort Public: We ask that cell phones be silenced and phone conversations be taken outside.

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: We allow cell phone use as long as it is not being dusruptive to any of our other patrons. We really don't have to many problems with patrons using their phones in the library.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We ask that the phones be set to silent (or vibrate) and we have deginated areas where they can be used for actual calls (or facetime)

Julie Jarman: Celeste's comments are what we usually do at Staunton. It sounds like a reasonable way to handle things. Most people are happy to step out in to the hall to talk on their phones.

Julie Jarman: Sorry, I meant to say Kathy not Celeste.. too much multi tasking going on here.

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: Good afternoon. There are 45 days until the Per Capita Grant application is due to the Illinois State Library on 1/15/16. Does anyone have any questions about the Edge and the technology portion of the grant?

Chris Dawdy: Do you think this means that everyone has their applications done? And, by the way, welcome to our chat!

Penny Eilers White Hall Township Library: Mine is done.

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: I

Julie Jarman: Staunton has its application done-- :)

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: Thank you. I was about to say the same thing about the Edge assessment.....

Shawn- Elwood Township: Edge is done! Yay!! Per's on the "to-do" list.

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: Thankyou for completing the Edge. I have a statewide dashboard that lets me know when it is completed. I can also log in as a library to help with any questions.

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: I can also give you a 'sneak peak' that another webinar is in the works on using the toolkit from the Edge to the fullest..... in the next few weeks...

Celeste - Urbana Free: Has anyone entered into an intergovernmental agreement w/ their school district to provide library cards to non-residents? We'd be interested to know how you determined "equity of service and the assumption of financial responsibility between the two contracting agencies".

Penny Eilers White Hall Township Library: Our goal this year is to have regularly scheduled computer classes. Right now we have none. Has anyone partnered with a community college or another organization?

Susan at Edwardsville: Ellen, I found the words "Attachment 14.0" on the IHLS web site, but it is not a link.

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: Edge is done. Finishing up Per Capita and will probably submit sometime next week.

Debbie Aggertt/Illinois State Library - EDGE: I know this is a busy time of year and on top of that the reports to finish. Great job everyone - please contact me if I can help. Debbie Aggertt

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Susan, try this link.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: I'm confused about Illinois Funds and epay. Anyone dealt with that?

Ellen Popit: Thanks, Esther! I got distracted!!!!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: You're welcome! I understand--I'm working on 3 different things at the same time.

Jeanne-CHLP: @Ruth - anything in particular?

Gary Worden PLD: Our per capita application has been submitted.

Teresa: Ruth -- Paris has an IL Fund account for epay use (current balance about $12.. Wondering how the new investment only account thing will affect it, but haven't called to ask questions yet.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: @Teresa, I just tried to call but no answer after several rings.

Jeanne-CHLP: We are going to just let it roll over into an investment account since we really only transfer money to ourselves and don't use it to write checks to anyone else.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: @Jeanne-CHLP, pretty much was Teresa said. Except that I sort of sweep the money over to a checking account from IL funds. We don't leave over about $100ish there.

Jeanne-CHLP: My understanding is that we don't have to do anything if we let it roll over.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: We can still "sweep/transfer" to ourselves?

Jeanne-CHLP: I believe with the investment account you can still do electronic transfers

Jeanne-CHLP: I am not sure exactly how but I spoke with our city comptroller (they use it for water payments) and she has done electronic transfers in the past and they are letting it switch to the investment account

Teresa: @Ruth - I did talk to someone at epay. We have to have an IL Fund acct to use epay so I guess we really don't have any other option

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: I still I'm going to call.

Ruth Miller Harrisburg: *think

Chris Dawdy: We're down to just a couple of minutes left in this afternoon's session--and Ellen and I have to head off to an IHLS staff meeting! Any last minute thoughts or questions?

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: Thanks

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thanks

Linda Richter Trenton public: Mine is done also Thanks for the chat