December 7, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit


Key: IHLS  Library


Chris Dawdy: Good afternoon!

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Hello!

Kay Burrous South Macon: Good afernoon!

Ellen Popit: Happy December!

Darlene Barlow: Hi To All, I am the only staff person here today so if I don't reply very often I could have to leave for short time.

Ellen Popit: Thanks, Darlene. That's a good lead into a topic that Chris and I wanted to bring up and that has to do with getting a sense from you regarding how helpful these "chats" are. Any and all comments are appreciated!

Ellen Popit: PLEASE, feel free to discuss and offer your opinion for the good of the order.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I think that there are times that this forum provides a lot of good discussion. I know that there have several times I have gone back to the transcript and reread things.

Linda Richter: I am not always able to devote the full hour to the session as I too am the only one here during this time but I do catch up as the hour goes on or check the recorded sessions. There usually is something discussed that does pertain to our library siutations and it is helpful to see what others do to remedy those things. I need these to stay up with what is going on that may affect me later as well.

Darlene Barlow: Oh! I really like having the chats as I don't always get to other meetings so this is my way of "Catching Up" on News that I need to know! What is developing with the Dec. 1 Overtime Deadline thing? I have signed up with "Off the Hook or Off to Court? Webinar for tomorrow at 2:00PM with Shanna Wall a Compliance Attorney. To listen what she has to say. She is thru HR Direct.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Since we are a very small library they have been very helpful to me. I seem to always find something useful to our library from them. I too am the only person here so sometimes I have to leave but usually catch up before the hour is through.

Kay Burrous South Macon: I rely on the chats for news and information since I cannot call Rolling Prairie anymore. I always learn something.

Ellen Popit: Kay, please don't ever hesitate to call one of our offices. We're always happy to help when we can.

Darlene Barlow: The Webinar signup is if anyone wants to sign up is from 1:00-2:00 tomorrow

Ellen Popit: Darlene, I believe the Overtime ruling is currently on hold: But it is certainly something we'll watch closely.

Chris Dawdy: I'm sittting here monitoring attendance, so I can mark it in L2. Who is GUEST?

Kay Burrous South Macon: What is this about overtime?

Ellen Popit: Also, if you're not already, I would certainly suggest that you can subscribe to Municipal Minute, the legal newsletter from Ancel Glink. It's very helpful and very interesting.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: I, too, always learn something useful at these chats.

Ellen Popit: To answer Kay's question and provide another take on the proposed overtime changes, check out this link.

Chris Dawdy: Is anyone doing any special holiday programs this year?

Darlene Barlow: Is there any charge for the Municipal Minute legal newsletter?

Ellen Popit: Not at all, Darlene, it goes right to your inbox.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: No charge Darlene. Just sign up for the email. Great info!

Diana-Centralia RLD: We had our 8th annual holiday craft workshop last Saturday. Some of the families have been coming since the beginning and some were new this year. Everyone has a good time and there is an attendance drawing and treat bags at the end.

Darlene Barlow: WOW! That's what I like! All the Website ifo that I receive on the Chat Times! Thanks So Much!

Chris Dawdy: What kinds of crafts do you make, Diana? and any pictures you can share?

Vanda Elkhart Library: We had a gingerbread house contest. Our local bank sponsored prizes, great participation.

Kim-Onarga: Is there a limit to how long an item can be held at a library before it is returned without being picked up? Our printed slips give our patrons 7 days, is this the same for everyone. I have found that some places are holding our items for 4-6 weeks before they are picked up or returned.

Betty-Galatia: The "Friends" group at Galatia Public held their Holiday Open House this past Saturday. All kids received a free book. The bank held its visit with Santa as well which helped increase the attendance for both. We plan to do it that way next year.

Diana-Centralia RLD: We have a variety each year, some carried over from past year, and all are bagged individually. Participants get tickets to "buy" their crafts. We make sure to have plenty of helpers on hand to hand out supplies and help as needed. I'm sure I could find a few pics.

Diana-Centralia RLD: All crafts are simple to do and we have coloring sheets for little ones.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Kim--Ours is 7 days also. Some libraries may not know how to run the list of items that the holds have expired on and just check them out to their patron when they finally come in for the item.

Diane - Breese P.L.: We hold the item for 7 days give the patron one more chance to pickup, that day before we close. If not we return to the loaning library.

Chris Dawdy: Sounds like something we need to share in the SHARE newsletter, or on the Circulation Forum and Chat!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Ours is 7 days also

Kim-Onarga: We have had to call and ask for our stuff to be returned after 3 + weeks, Thanks to all who return our items after only 7 days

Diana-Centralia RLD: We pull items as the holds expire and send back to the owning libraries.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: We also pull items as the holds expire and send them back.

Darlene Barlow: We are having a "Make It & Take It& Workshop for children to come in and make a craft to give to comeone besides themsselves for Christmas, a Free Movie and Popcorn afternoon, "Make a Loom Snowman Craft" Workshop and "Youth BINGO and Adult White Elephant BINGO for the last 2 weeks of December. Mostly this is to give the youth something to do while out of school and come into the library too!

Shawn-Elwood Township: 7 days here as well. I did have one that expired and I called the owning library and asked for permission to hold for 2 more days. The patron has been ill and wasn't able to make it in. They agreed since it was an older title with no holds.

Linda Richter: We only hole for 7 days as well. A followup call is given two days before expiration to let them know that is what is going to happen.

Darlene Barlow: We had an "Hour of Code Hot Wheels" last night and had 11 kids show up! They had alot of fun and seem to enjoy doing the Hour of Code programs we have done thus far. We have done "Star Wars and Minecraft" in the past.

Ellen Popit: Darlene, do you have a "ringer" who knows code?

Darlene Barlow: Is anyone else having trouble with delivery not getting their door locked when delivery leaves their building? We have had issues last few weeks. Was better last week but today the door was left unlocked again. We didn't open till 1 today.

Linda Richter: No problems here

Diane - Breese P.L.: We are usually here for delivery.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We haven't had a problem, but we always have staff in the building (even before we open) when delivery comes.

Darlene Barlow: Ellen, my assistant signed up for the Hour of code info and she has been doing this with the children in 1st-8th grades about once a month lately. I can send info to you if you want it later.

Ellen Popit: Darlene, we can certainly pass that concern on to Operations, I know they'd want to know if there was a concern. I'd love to see the coding information and I'm pretty impressed with your assistant's initiative!

Diana-Centralia RLD: Darlene, we were having the same problem and I emailed our delivery hub supervisor. It hasn't happened since.

Shawn-Elwood Township: I would love to see the coding information as well :D

Darlene Barlow: I have spoke to Delivery about it a couple of times and thought was resolved until today again. I am putting a sign on back door to remind them as we are never here when they bring our delivery. Hopefully the sign will help remind them.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: I would like to see the Hour of Code info too, please.

Ellen Popit: Since Chris has registered attendance in L2, we can attach any additional information (like coding information) to the event description.

Darlene Barlow: Here is one site I found that has one introducing "Moana: Wayfinding with Code"

Darlene Barlow: If it is a different site I will send it to you Elen, ok. We have older children sit with the younger ones to help them know what to do and gives the older ones a "Helper" job to teach the little ones what to do with the coding.

Ellen Popit: I have wondered how many STEM/STEAM items are going to be found under Christmas trees this year. As an FYI, you'll see lots of those programs at the Illinois Youth Services Institute next spring. Registration is now open.

Chris Dawdy: That's a wonderful plan, Darlene!

Diana-Centralia RLD:

Diana-Centralia RLD: Oops! Duplicated Darlene's url. Sorry. This site has a lot of info in addition to the code programs, for students, teachers, etc.

Darlene Barlow: I know and it's all FREE! I like that the BEST OF ALL!

Diana-Centralia RLD: Free is the best!

Shawn-Elwood Township: Love free! I wish there was a way to share more ideas between libraries like this. If I hadn't attended this chat, I wouldn't have known!

Darlene Barlow: I'm sorry but what is STEM/STEAM?

Diana-Centralia RLD: Science Technology engineering and math. STEAM adds art to the mix.

Ellen Popit: Thanks, Diana!

Ellen Popit: That's all the maker space, coding, etc. activities. I'm thinking of a "Makey, Makey" for my six year old granddaughter.

Chris Dawdy: Ellen, our brains are going the same direction, again! I'm thinking of a coding with the grandkids party at my house! And that's the end of our hour, so, if we don't talk to or see you before the end of the month, have a wonderful holiday season!

Darlene Barlow: Diana, Another Workshop we have offered the children for this past year is the "Crazy 8s Math". It is a great FREE Program and we do it 2 times a year. You select what age group you want and they send you just about everything you need to do a 9 week course on Math skills like How to read a tape measure, sequencing, etc. The children have really liked it Too.

Diana-Centralia RLD: Thanks Darlene

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Thanks

Ellen Popit: Lovely holiday to you all! And, here's to a wonderful 2017!

Diana-Centralia RLD: Have a great December!

Chris Dawdy: And before I hit close on this meeting, I know that I saw some grants on the IHLS grants page that provide funding for stem/steam programs. You might all want to check it out!

Diane - Breese P.L.: THanks. Happy Holidays to All.

Darlene Barlow: Thanks for all the GREAT Ideas!

Linda Richter: Thank you, Happy Holidays

Kay Burrous South Macon: Happy holidays to all!

Shawn-Elwood Township: Thank you for the ideas today!!

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Thank you! Another great session where I learned things I didn't know.