February 17, 2016

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Joan BauerNick Bennyhoff

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Joan Bauer: Good afternoon -- we'll be starting at 1pm. Get those questions ready so we all don't fall asleep after lunch!

Joan Bauer: Good afternoon. Not so cold today but wish the sun would shine!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Good afternoon .

Joan Bauer: The recording for the Cataloger's Training Session was put out this morning. Nick will get on the website also. Sorry for the delay, as was out sick

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: Good Afternoon. Not much sun in Sherman but at least it is warmer and the snow from the weekend is melting.

Joan Bauer: We have training coming up -- Searching/Barcoding at Sherman on March 2 and two Cataloger's Workdays, one in Rochester and one in Shelbyville. Still have a few places left

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Has the system sent out the letters to library director's of the CE hours catalogers have earned for the 6 month mark?

Joan Bauer: Was just getting read to say this - We have been working with a new system and Linda Kates hopes to seen out shortly. Many are up-to-date

Nick Bennyhoff: I did get the recording of the training session as well as the documents up on the website this morning

Joan Bauer: Let your staff know that the next Cataloger's Training Session in March will be our Search/Match/Attach review, where we cover the item record, templates and searching.

Kathy Utz @ EFFP: I know that Shelley is out this week, but can someone help me understand her e-mail dated Feb 11 with this message: "I have adjusted the original pattern for the regular print version of Reader's Digest. If you currently receive this magazine, please close the pattern and add the adjusted form of it." I did not see a recent change for the regular print. Am holding on to my March issue. Thanks.

Joan Bauer: Kathy, I believe that she makes the changes to the original pub pattern, so you close the one you have then open a new one use the Reader's Digest pub pattern. Does that make sense?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: It's for the Large Print

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: She was still trying to figure out the regular print.

Joan Bauer: She will be out for a while, so if someone would like to send me and Nick the info, we can take a look at it.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I just forwarded the email to both of you.

Kathy Utz @ EFFP: I think your original reply today makes sense, Joan. I just wanted to be sure. I should just close the pattern and then reopen it so the changes will be in effect.

Joan Bauer: Here's what she said:

Joan Bauer: Hi, all,I have created a new pattern for Reader's Digest Large Print (1094-5857) to combine the correct months. If you currently receive this magazine, please close the pattern and add the new pattern. It begins with the December/January 2016 issue.Also, I believe there is still a problem with the regular print Reader's Digest pattern. If someone could please email me with the month when the volume number changes each year, I will correct it.Thanks for your help!Shelley

Joan Bauer: So if someone could send the regular print information to Nick or I, we'll make the volume changes

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: in a second email shelley said "I have adjusted the original pattern for the regular print version of Reader's Digest. If you currently receive this magazine, please close the pattern and add the adjusted form of it.

Joan Bauer: thanks Joyce -- still working through all the emails and thought I missed one from her.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I missed that one too.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I received that email from Shelly (reg. & larg prt).

Joan Bauer: Regular print Reader's Digest pub pattern begins with Vol. 186 no. 1112 (July 2015). Does that need correcting?

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: Joan, will you let me know how manuy to expect on March 2?

Joan Bauer: I sure will Anita. Right now we have 3

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Our V.186 # 1112 says it was the July/Aug. issue--Sherry L. is pretty careful on these.

Joan Bauer: Thanks Julia -- that should be correct

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: Thanks, Joan. We have a stack of items that need some discussion. Should be something there for everyone.

Joan Bauer: Oh boy

Joan Bauer: We've had people adding new collections and using new material/loan/fine codes. Just a note, that we you first start using a new material/fine/loan code, you may want to double check with us to see what the settings are. Sending a help ticket is the best

Joan Bauer: And if you have need for any new collection codes, look at the list of over 1000 on the share website and let us know what you may want to start using. We will "turn it on" for you.

Kay Burrous South Macon: Sorry to be late...computers down.

Joan Bauer: Didn't miss much Kay

Joan Bauer: So did the new noise in Polaris scare anyone else the first couple of times? Happens when you import?

Joan Bauer: That is if you have it turned on

Paula Lopatic - Vespasian Warner Public Library: I almost answered my phone the first time.

Audrey @ Effingham Public Library: I kept asking who's phone was ringing. Did you hear it?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Unpleasant noise--I mute most of the time.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: I am a fan. I think it sounds like a catdroid

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: It took me a while to figure out that it was my computer and not the radio station I was listening to.

Joan Bauer: Well I thought my computer was dying and called Troy -- he laughed.

Paula Lopatic - Vespasian Warner Public Library: I like the sounds. I see it as a confirmation that what I am typing is really going through.

Linda Richter Trenton public: I ike it also. Makes me double check what I am doing.

Joan Bauer: I will report back in the positive then.

Joan Bauer: So what about those Grammy winners?

Donna Halleran: Marion Library: Taylor Swift's speech was great!

Joan Bauer: I'm slowly starting to like her.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: I'm really interested in learning more about Linked Data and Bibframe. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any beginner's info resources.

Joan Bauer: The LC website is probably the best to get started. Was reveiwing this last week. http://id.loc.gov/about/presentations.html - papers presented. Some a bit old.

Joan Bauer: Bibframe is also on LC - http://www.loc.gov/bibframe/docs/ Lots of information here. Links to some test

Joan Bauer: http://guides.library.appstate.edu/bibframe -- I had this marked from last week. Haven't checked it thoroughly but it calls itself a primer for catalogers

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I have a question on the YTD statistics on item records -- Looks like this info. now reflects Jan.-Dec. transactions? Wasn't that July-June before? Thanks,

Joan Bauer: One last one Amanda - ALCTS webinar that is open - MARC to Bibframe -http://www.ala.org/alcts/confevents/upcoming/webinar/051315

Joan Bauer: So Julia - I thought this was calendar year but let me check

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Thanks Joan!! I'l be bookmarking all of these for my "spare time" :)

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: Bookmarking these sites to share when I have some extra time...soon.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Thanks for checking Joan. Our legacy system was July-June (Fiscal year). Since we went live with Polaris in May, perhaps I just made the assumption that it was still on the fiscal year statistics.

Joan Bauer: So Julia - are you talking on the circ form of the item record? I believe that is calendar year. From Polaris Help: Review the item’s circulation statistics - Circulation statistics appear for the current year, the previous year, and the total lifetime circulations. In addition, the First available date displays the date when the item was first available for circulation. You can search for item records in the Find Tool by First available date.

Joan Bauer: I will double check with Queen Traci and get back to you, okay?

Joan Bauer: Thanks everyone -- it is 2pm. Next time we are gonna make Nick answer all the questions!!!

Paula Lopatic - Vespasian Warner Public Library: Thank you

Linda Locke Freeburg: Thank you.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: Thank you.

Shelly Smith--Forsyth Public: thanks

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Thank you.

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: Thank You.

April Becker, Hanson PSI: Thank you!

Jennifer Rhoades - Forsyth Public Library: Thanks

Nick Bennyhoff: that's fine, as long as I'm not on the phone with someone on the SWAT Team- like I am right now - hard to follow the conversation that way

Audrey @ Effingham Public Library: Thank you

Joan Bauer: Just teasing Nick! It's Edie's and Shelley's turn anyway!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: SWAT!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Thanks

Joan Bauer: Barcoding SWAT team, Julia -- not copy

Joan Bauer: cop that is

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Whew!