January 6, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris DawdyEllen Popit

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Chris Dawdy: Good afternoon!

Chris Dawdy: What do you all want to talk about today?

Lynn Schmit: My question has to do with circulation. We would like to have a sound alert at bulk checkin letting us know that there is a block on a record. We realize this would not apply only to our library, but it seems like it would be advantageous to every

Chris Dawdy: Yes, Kate sent that question in on a help ticket, and I forwarded it to Traci. As luck would have it, there are three IT guys in our building today, so I will also ask them if it's possible. A good idea, I think!

Lynn Schmit: SHARE library. Is this a feature that could be added by Polaris in the future? Without the alert items following the block do not get checked in.

Julie Jarman Staunton: Hi Everyone,, I have a question about fine assessment on Polaris,, lately we have noticed instead of fines being assessed, it is showing the dollar amt for items if they were lost on the OPAc.. this has put many of our patrons in a panic. Anyone else having issues?

Julie Jarman Staunton: For Example,, an audio book came back two days late but showed a ten dollar fine. We had to go back and clear it from the patron record. Very Strange?

Chris Dawdy: Julie, can you send a help ticket in for that, please? I think our IT staff needs to know about that, and determine whether there is a setting messed up for your library.

Ellen Popit: I hope that you've all seen that the beginning date for the annual certification has been delayed until January 11th due to some technical concerns.

Julie Jarman Staunton: Hi Chris,, Tracy is working on the problem. I appreciate her diligence on it. I was just wondering if Staunton was the only one having this problem. It seems to be a bit better today. So far, no phone calls or nothing showing up in the patron accounts.

Chris Dawdy: Good to hear, Julie!

Ellen Popit: Also, don't forget that per capita applications for public libraries are due on January 15th and that your EDGE Assesment needs to be completed by that date as well.

Lynn Schmit: The font size on this chat is tiny. Is there a way I can enlarge it?

Debra Aggertt / Illinois State Library / Edge Assessment: Good afternoon everyone. I work with the Edge Assessment at the Illinois State Library - the Grant is just 9 days away. Please ask me here or at daggertt@ilsos.net any questions - please!

Ellen Popit: Lynn, if you look at the arrow on the right of the chat box, there's a drop down menu that give you text size options.

Julie Jarman Staunton: the font is much better now. Thanks!

Ellen Popit: Good!

Ellen Popit: Any fun programs going on in your libraries at the beginning of this NEW Year?

Lynn Schmit: We would really appreciate it if libraries that have a 2 day checkout period would just put their items on local hold. When our patrons come in and see the item can only be checked out for 2 days the say, "Forget about it." Then they go to the bottom of the hold list.

Lynn Schmit: I was able to enlarge the text. Thank you for the response.

Ryan - MTN: I think there is a sound if you have it turned on.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I'm with you Lynn! I got one yesterday and won't even have time to watch the DVD in 2 days, so I sent it back.

Julie Jarman Staunton: I agree with Lynn. two day check outs on items that they have waited weeks for especially for series with several dics is just not enough to watch with everyone's busy schedules. No renewals either makes it impossible for viewing.

Ryan - MTN: I have a complaint about this years Percapita. I love the shortened paper work, love the new forms. But I had to redo my 2014 expense report, when I sent it in a year ago. And while I sent in 2015, was told it wasn't needed.

Debra Aggertt / Illinois State Library / Edge Assessment: Ryan - I do not work with the Per Capita Report, but would be happy to have Jeanne Urbanek contact you.

Ryan - MTN: No I have talked to Jeanne already. You said the grant is 9 days away, is there an edge grant I missed somewhere?

Debra Aggertt / Illinois State Library / Edge Assessment: No the Edge Assessment is the Technical part of the Per Capita Grant. What library are you with?

Ellen Popit: Ryan, it is just the requirement to complete the Edge Assessment and I believe that has been completed for your library.

Ryan - MTN: It is. We did ours last year. I am still working on the goals we set, but new board new concerns. A big thing for some of my new members was why we are spending money on and focusing on technology when we need a new roof.

Gary Worden PLD: Is everone spending your per capita grant money, or are you holding back because of the state budget situation?

Debra Aggertt / Illinois State Library / Edge Assessment: Ryan you have met the requirements for the Edge Assessment by completing it last year. Thank you.

Julie Jarman Staunton: It does make me a bit cautions with the uncertainty.

Lynn Schmit: We budgeted the PC money and we are spending it. If the State Library has bad intuition about the money being available, we will likely not spend any more of it. How about it State Library?

Julie Jarman Staunton: some monies were restored to the state budget to Jesse White's office but one never knows how that will be used for libraries right now.

Ryan - MTN: We have spent our money. We do not add it to our budget any longer, until after we have the check in our hands. We purchased a new shelf check, new books, Launch pads, and have 3 new staff computers being installed.

Ryan - MTN: I do know a few libraries who are not bothering to apply. Said they had plenty of money and didn't need the little bit they recieve. I wish I didn't need it

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We spent ours, but didn't budget for it this year...just in case.

Kay Burrous - South Macon: If a patron has been banned from the library by the Board should there be a note to that effect?

Ellen Popit: I would check the policies outlined in Keeping the Public Informed. Let me look for the link.

Ryan - MTN: We have not budgeted for it in 5 years or maybe more. We had a year we didn't get it, and it took several years before we got two in one year to get back on a timeline. But with how things are fluxuating with the state budget, I would rather not rely on the funds.

Chris Dawdy: Kay, do you mean a note in Polaris?

Julie Jarman Staunton: some libraries really are in need of the extra funding. I wish the politicians would get it all straightened out ASAP

Ryan - MTN: Kay, I think there should be a note. At least a formal note to the patron if they are an everyday patron that has not only been banned, but the banishment backed up by the board. Our banishment letters are delivered by the local police (at thier request).

Kay Burrous - South Macon: Yes. He is still in the system and I can't believe that either.

Ellen Popit: Here you go: http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/library/ARR/

Chris Dawdy: If the individual is your patron, you have the right to modify or delete his/her account. Doing so, of course, would not allow that individual to use his/her South Macon card at any other SHARE library, if you want that to be so.

Jacqueline Allen-Melvin PL: Can someone remind me the size (cost) of a project that must be let for bids? $5000? $10000? $12000? I know the figure changes occasionally...

Kay Burrous - South Macon: He is not my patron or he would be out of the system.

Chris Dawdy: My suggestion, then, would be for you to call the patron's home library and apprise that director of the situation. The patron's home library can choose to add a note to the patron's record, or follow the course of action they think is appropriate, Kay.

Kim-Onarga: Jacqueline. When we put our new roof on -which has been 5 years it was $20,000.

Jacqueline Allen-Melvin PL: Thanks Kim, I didn't realize it was that high.

Ryan - MTN: Legally it is still $20,000 but my board prefers to take anything over $10,000 to bid, unless we are talking about a piece of tech equiptment (self check)

Kay Burrous - South Macon: .Thanks. I will do that; he has wasted the time of my employees and he doesn't even have a card. He says look me up in the system.

Ellen Popit: Anything fun to share for the good of the order? Any news?

Jacqueline Allen-Melvin PL: Has anyone installed new carpet recently? How did that go?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We did about 4 yrs ago. The carpet supplier was local and then we hired a moving company that specializes in librariees. They did a great job, but I don't remember the company name. They're always at ILA

Karen Sinks, Brighton Mem. Library Dist.: Chris, do you have any more information to share yet about synching PayPal with Polaris for those of us who are dumping ePay?

Chris Dawdy: We learned that you have to have a Pay Pro account, which is an additional $30 a month if you use the Pay Pal bank, or $25 if you use a different bank. It is do-able, though, and can be integrated with Polaris.

Karen Sinks, Brighton Mem. Library Dist.: Hmm, well, those additional monthly fees are exactly why I'm leaving ePay, so ....

Chris Dawdy: Yes, that's why we sort of backed off that project.

Chris Dawdy: Also because we're still waiting for some more information.

Karen Sinks, Brighton Mem. Library Dist.: O.K., thanks.

Ryan - MTN: We do have a Pay Pro account,but we do not connect to Polaris, and we are fine by that. As soon as we get our new computers, we plan on dropping our Pay Pro account and stying with our regular account.

Chris Dawdy: It's 2 o'clock, so we're going to say adios! Have a wonderful day!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Hallett movers did the shelving moving.

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: thanks

Ellen Popit: Bye!

Julie Jarman Staunton: Thanks everyone!