July 22, 2015

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Dena Porter (MRNP): I've noticed quite a few 8 level items that have been imported from Connexion. I was under the impression that we were to make them blank level, along with our other "local" changes before importing. Is this correct?

Joan Bauer: Yes, but that does seem to be one that people miss

Dena Porter (MRNP): That is what I thought. Thanks!

Joan Bauer: Part of the issue with 8 is that you can only change certain tags in OCLC since most 8's are pcc. Changing the encoding is a local edit usually.

Lynn Armstrong/Blackburn College: Is there any thought to reviving the old "cataloging buddies" program? Those of us doing "barcoding buddy" work wind up doing some cataloging anyaway as a favor to the buddy library.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: When we import from Connexion we are suppose to remove the 930 field correct?

Joan Bauer: Lynn -- not at this time. It could be something to think about. Buddies can send those items in to the system to catalog.

Nick Bennyhoff: Not all Barcoding Buddies are doing cataloging. We don't require that Buddies do cataloging, and some of our Buddy libraries aren't cataloging libraries. Those libraries send items in to the System for cataloging.

Joan Bauer: Good point, Nick

Lynn Armstrong/Blackburn College: Okay, thank you.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Do all the new libraries get MARC for checking their OCLC records before loading?

Joan Bauer: Not sure what you mean Sandy

Joan Bauer: Most new libraries are just barcoding

Joan Bauer: In fact, all new libraries are just barcoding

Nick Bennyhoff: do you mean MARC Report, Sandy?

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: I guess I thought new libraries had the chance to be cataloging libararies, so for the confusion

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Joan I was not aware that level 8 records were suppose to be changed to blank. Do we have that in the standards and best practices?

Joan Bauer: Gwen - not sure if that is spelled out but that is what we teach

Brittany Maine - Belleville Public Library: I thought we were supposed to leave the pcc level 8 records with the encoding level intact so that others would know that they might need to find a full level in OCLC and merge it.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: News to me about changing the 8 to blank here too.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Just for the record--I love MARC Report!! It is a wonderful tool.

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: I will also give MARC Report and A+

Dena Porter (MRNP): MARC Report is great! I love it too♥

Joan Bauer: So, maybe we need to review level 8 records at the next cat meeting

Joan Bauer: April - we have the 938 fields to strip upon import

Joan Bauer: List of the tags to add can be found http://share.illinoisheartland.org/?q=node/397

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: thank you. just need to remind myself once ina while.

Susan - Bunker Hill PLD: Susan Bunker Hill PLD

Joan Bauer: Sorry - tags to delete

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: You can set up Conexion to strip out those fields on export--that helps a lot!

Joan Bauer: Sandy - new libraries are offered to be catalogers only after they have gone live and been on awhile. Palestine is the only one working towards cataloging currently.

Stephanie Dennis 2: Joan, can you please explain the $3 bib?

Joan Bauer: Anyone with questions about the $3 bib option?

Joan Bauer: Have had a pretty good response from some libraries.

Audrey VanVoorhis at Helen Matthes Library: Joan, I would like to see more discussion of Best Practices at our SHARE catalogers training classes.

Joan Bauer: Okay, Audrey -- anyone in particular?

Audrey VanVoorhis at Helen Matthes Library: Just reviewing of things other than new current changes

Joan Bauer: Will do - thanks for the suggestion

Stephanie Dennis 2: Joan, can you explain the $3 bib? We are confused about it.

Joan Bauer: Stephanie Dennis -- $3 bib is a new option that allows the library search OCLC, find a good matching bib and then fill out a form on the SHARE website, submitting that OCLC number. SHARE Bib staff will then import the bib for you and you can attach your item.

Joan Bauer: Bibs have to conform to SHARE Cataloging Standards and Policies, include all necessary information - title, author, description, series, subject headings, etc..

Joan Bauer: This saves time for librarians -- is a lower cost than sending item into the system - and usually a quicker turnaround time.

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Sounds like a great idea.

Stephanie Dennis 2: So if the item is not an exact match, SHARE Bib staff won't make any changes, right?

Joan Bauer: Also, if you are a cataloging library that has few items that you import from OCLC, you can choose this option instead of the 15 hours of continuing education a year.

Joan Bauer: We ask that the bibliographic record contain all necessary information that allows us to import into Polaris, making only local editing only.

Nick Bennyhoff: In case anyone hasn't seen the info on the SHARE website on the $3 bib: http://share.illinoisheartland.org/?q=3dollar-bib-record-option

Joan Bauer: I have only had to deny a few bib records. Those included a bib that didn't have any subject headings and one that didn't have any pages/description noted. Also had to turn down a couple of serial Graphic novel bibs, since our policy states monographic records for those.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: do you then suggest the correct bib record?

Joan Bauer: April, if the bib doesn't met standards, we email and indicated that they can look further or send item into cataloging. This is designed not to take staff time.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: got it. thanks.

Joan Bauer: We do not charge if we do not import

Stephanie Dennis 2: Thanks, we were unclear on whether SHARE staff would make any changes if we asked.

Christina LKC: I love the $3 Bib option.

Audrey VanVoorhis at Helen Matthes Library: Graphic novels would be a good one to review in Best Practices.

Joan Bauer: Audrey - I agree. We've got it on the list

Stephanie Dennis 2: So if a library is a barcoding library, the $3 option wouldn't be available since they wouldn't have access to Connexion? Is that right?

Joan Bauer: Stephanie Dennis-- one can search WorldCat and find the bib that way also. WorldCat is available to all

Stephanie Dennis 2: Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Susan - Bunker Hill PLD: Will you look at original records to see if they are ok without charging?

Joan Bauer: Susan - if you wish us to review an original record, yes. Send either to me, Shelley or Edie.

Susan - Bunker Hill PLD: Ok. Thank youl

Joan Bauer: We also will look at any OCLC record and say what needs to be enhanced or correct or if it meets standards before you export it.

Susan - Bunker Hill PLD: When will you be having more classes for new catalogers in Edwardsville?

Joan Bauer: Edie and Shelley are reviewing their calendars and will be scheduling some classes in all areas soon.

Joan Bauer: Almost out of time -- are we to get rain this weekend?

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: NOOOOOOOOO

Joan Bauer: Love it April

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: well since my weeds are taller then me, i need to do yard work

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Hope for no rain.

Joan Bauer: I need to clean deck so please no rain

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: How long will we have Marc Report? is that going away anytime soon?

Joan Bauer: We will be billing for MARC report this year --- Chris is checking with TMQ to see about a good price. We have until December. Price may be around $75

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: It's worth it!

Audrey VanVoorhis at Helen Matthes Library: Thanks for all your help, Joan

Joan Bauer: Your director should have received notice as part of something Chris sent out. Check

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: thanks,

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Thanks for a great CHAT today.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Marc report has helped me understand RDA better.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: i need to install it today.

Joan Bauer: That's good to know, Julia

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thanks for all the information.

Kathy Utz @ HMLP-ZCA: Thanks for a great CHAT, Joan.

Shelly Smith --Forsyth: Thanks

Jennifer Rhoades - Forsyth Public Library: Thank you.

Joan Bauer: Have a great weekend everyone

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: You too

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Thank you.

Joan Bauer: Even though it is hump day -- got to make it through