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Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials and Record Sets


Joan Bauer


Key: IHLS  Library

Joan Bauer: (7/27/2016 12:44) Good Afternoon -- we'll be starting at 1pm. Please let us know your questions

Joan Bauer: (13:03) So -- this doesn't offer much unless we have questions --

Joan Bauer: (13:03) Thanks to all for turning in the Scavenger Hunt answers

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:04) Are they going to change the colors on Polaris -- I find it harder to tell which boxes are grayed out and also sometimes hard to locate my cursor in the white/off-white.

Joan Bauer: (13:05) I'll find out Julia. I kind of like the lighter blue myself but will check

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:05) I like the new colors!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:05) It's also hard to tell which button (i.e. Okay, Cancel, Save) is highlighted

Kay Burrous South Macon: (13:05) I would like to know how I can change Kitchell library book barcode 37720000039560. It has South Macon as the owner library. We do not have this book.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:06) Blue frame is nice, inside the item record is white/off-white/light gray.

Joan Bauer: (13:06) Kay - I've changed it

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:07) On a similar but different subject. Our tech person installed Windows 10 on my existing computer. He has not had a chance to come back and install OCLC Connection for me. Coworker found instructions from previous installation and did it but it looks much different. Has OCLC changed or is it the Windows 10 or do we need to do something different?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:07) That's true too, Esther.

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (13:08) I like the new colors.

Joan Bauer: (13:08) Sue D - OCLC just did change this week. I've been noticing some have had issues with it.

Donna Halleran: Marion Library: (13:08) I like the new colors.

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (13:08) We haven't installed windows 10 yet. Our IT guy doesn't want to do it.

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:09) Ok, thanks, Joan. I don't have the tool bar across the top like before. Haven't really used it yet, just logged in and looked at it.

Joan Bauer: (13:09) If some haven't seen, OCLC Connexion has updated again. Will have until February 28, 2017 to upgrade. They do recommend reading the manual. I'll forward the original email from OCLC to SHARE -Cat

Kay Burrous South Macon: (13:09) Thank you so much. Linda and I were on the phone yesterday trying to change it. Is this something only you can do?

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:10) So far I am not impressed with Windows 10 but our board wants us to have it. Mine was the first computer to get it. It puts itself to sleep if I'm gone as little as a half hour and I have to log in again.

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (13:10) I'm glad the credit for the scavenger hunt is increased to 4. It is taking me a long time. Of course I keep getting interupted.

Joan Bauer: (13:10) Kay - you could have changed the owner, since you were the owner and saved. Kitchell couldn't have changed it. It is easiest just to email one of BS or put in Help Desk Ticket.

Kim: (13:11) Sue- you can change that in the settings .

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: (13:12) Will Connexion auto start the update when the next time you use it?

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:12) Thanks, Kim. Will try that.

Joan Bauer: (13:13) Sandy - not sure. Read that it may for some people. I'll look through my emails (that I've deleted) since Troy told me he'd take care of IHLS's computers

Brittany Maine - Belleville Public Library: (13:15) According to the Cataloging Standards we're supposed to put reference material that isn't circulating on serial records, correct? Our library just got in the supplement to the IL Statutes and I noticed a lot of libraries were attaching to the monograph record for this year's supplement even though they weren't circulating it. I put it on the serial record. Am I doing it wrong?

Joan Bauer: (13:15) So, with School starting back up, if you are a new school librarian or know of a new school librarian, let us know.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:16) Brittany--you can use the monograph for any type of circ, but only use serials for Reference/non-circing materials

Joan Bauer: (13:17) Brittany - no. To be honest, that standard is a bit confusing. So if not circulating - on serial record. Make sure to use Volume information. If circulating, use monograph record BUT NO VOLUME unless it is a set (which statues may be many volumes).

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:17) Okay--I'm confused now.

Brittany Maine - Belleville Public Library: (13:18) Same here, Esther. :)

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:19) I thought that serials for Referece were a consession that was made after I whined (yes, I ddid whine) about having to switch over 100 volumes of Contemporary Black

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:19) Biography on monograph records.

Joan Bauer: (13:20) So, Esther, do you circulate Contemporary Biography?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:20) And they weren't required for reference

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:20) No

Joan Bauer: (13:20) So, were they on the Serial record?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:21) Yes. But I remember the original discussion was that everything possible should be on monograph records

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:22) And serials should only be used for magazines & journals. But an exception was made for non-circing materials, if libraries wanted to use serial records.

Joan Bauer: (13:22) This policy applies to serials that are published annually or less frequently, such as test books, travel guides, etc.:--Use a serial bibliographic record for resources that will not circulate in Polaris (i.e., referencematerial)--Use a monograph bibliographic record for resources that will circulate in Polaris11--If there is a gap of 5 years or more between editions of a serial, use a monographbibliographic record, even if the resource will not circulate in Polaris--If the circulation status of a resource changes (i.e., it goes from non-circulating to circulating,or vice versa) the item record must be transferred to the appropriate serial or monographbibliographic record--Retrospective cataloging of existing items is recommended, but not required--Serials covered in this policy will be attached to the appropriate serial or monographbibliographic record through the cataloging module. Periodicals (i.e. magazines or journals)will be attached to a serial record through the Polaris serials module.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:22) But that may have been the discussion on the Circulation Committee end of this topic.

Joan Bauer: (13:23) So the above is from the Cataloging Standards for SHARE -

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:23) so an almanac used in reference. each year would be the same number but with diffent volumes. but once it goes to circulation you take it off that bib and put it on the monograph, correct?

Joan Bauer: (13:24) If it circulates, on a monographic record. So Foders USA 2016 -- if Decatur Public circulates it, which they do, it would be on a monograph record - one just for 2016 edition.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:25) for those still using shelf cards, same bib number with various years/volumes on it. ok

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:25) But what about an item that is reference the 1st year, then circs after that? Can't we put it on a monograph?

Joan Bauer: (13:25) If Lincoln Public puts the 2016 World Almanac behind the desk and doesn't circulate it, it can be on the SERIAL record for the WORLD ALMANAC -- they will want to put 2016 in the edition field

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:27) What it one library keeps a test book as a reference, but another library lets is circulate, how does that work? Having to change some items every year from a serial to a monograph record seems like a big time consumer. Thankfully, here at Marion we do not put a lot of items into reference.

Joan Bauer: (13:27) OH -- well, that's where the rub is, Esther. If you do not circulate it the first year, but then you do the second year, you technically are to transfer it to the monograph bib from serial bib. I KNOW -- I DON't LIKE THAT EITHER

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:29) Maybe that needs to be addressed by the Standards Committee again, now that we have all had a chance to work with it and understand how it affects our collections?

Joan Bauer: (13:29) Dena - I totally agree. The issue that the committee was trying to correct or steer clear of was the volume field. Monograph records describe just the one year, and really do not need 2016 in the volume field. It causes issues.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:29) And with test guides, we often have 1 copy (or more) that circs and 1 in Ref. Doing EDI, it is much easier to have them all on the same record (monograph).

Joyce @ Glen Carbon Library: (13:30) Dena, the library that keeps the test book as a reference and does not circulate it should attach to the serial record. The library that circulates theirs should attach to the monograph record.

Joan Bauer: (13:30) So if you guys want this to be re-evaluated, I can let Bobbi know that. When to use Volume information is the issue and not cause problems with holds

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:31) Ingram EDI will match to the ISBN when ordered in acquistions.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:31) it makes sense. when circulating an item, the volume field messes requests up. but on the serial non circ record you can and should use the volume field. doesn't bother requests

Joan Bauer: (13:31) Julia - so does it match to the monograph record?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:31) Yes

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:32) Yes. No ISBN allowed in the serial

Joan Bauer: (13:32) Also - it should help circulation staff now to place holds on the monograph record for current year

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: (13:32) Esther why can't you just put both items on the monograph record?

Darlene Barlow: (13:33) Is there an extra fee to have the OCL Connexion or do I already have it as not sure what it is?

Joan Bauer: (13:33) So then you have change it, right? Where else does this affect Acquisitions?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:33) That's what I do, but according to what Joan just posted, I'm not supposed to do it that way.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:34) If there isn't a serial record for the item, then you have to add that record--only to delete it a year later.

Joan Bauer: (13:34) Darlene - I don't believe that you are a cataloger or a cataloging library. To be a cataloger, you have to have 15 hours of CE in Cataloging a year, have a cataloging membership to OCLC and go through our 12 step plan.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:35) I think this is more of an issue for those materials that libraries only keep the current year as Ref but then let it circ when the next new one comes in. We do this with test guides and Guiness world records (and probably a few others that I can't think of)

Joan Bauer: (13:36) Esther - I believe that are talking about if there is a serial record in Polaris already - for things like World Almanac, many of the directories, and travel guides. I don't believe it was the intention to add a serial record in Polaris for one year.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:36) EDI would probably make a new record. When we order Amazon or other vendors, Sherry matches ISBN, then looks for the title & dates. She would see the old dates on the serial record and not attach to that record.

Anna Hesterberg (Columbia PL): (13:36) I think the "No Non-circ Ref items on a monograph record" should be re-evaluated by the committee. I don't run into problems with it myself, but I don't understand why that happened in the first place as long as it was made clear NOT to put Volume info in on a monograph record.

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: (13:37) Yes Joan I agree. Maybe the wording needs to be re-evaluated by the committee.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:38) Yes, that sounds right. The barcoder must use extra care.

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (13:38) We avoid Volume field all together

Joan Bauer: (13:39) Anna - we will take it back and re-evaluate. And just to be clear -- if there is no Serial record already in Polaris, I don't believe the intent was ever to say you need to import a serial record for that one year. We will clarify and spell it out more clear. Thanks for everyone's input

Anna Hesterberg (Columbia PL): (13:40) Thanks Joan! I think re-wording would be helpful :)

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:40) As a cataloger that wears a lot of different hats--trying to keep track of when a Ref copy is change to circulating and then switching it from a serial to a monograph is crazy to try and keep track of.

Joan Bauer: (13:41) Esther - I totally agree. Having input from this chat will help those on the committee see that too. Thanks

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:41) Thanks, everyone seems to want to do the best thing for our patrons -- I think that is great!!!

Anna Hesterberg (Columbia PL): (13:41) It probably made more sense at the time when we were all combining different practices and the volume field issue was enormous but I think most people are hyper-aware of that now.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:42) You're welcome! I understand trying to keep serials out of the circulating area, but I think that starting on a serial and then switching would lead to there being more items circulating on a serial record.

Joan Bauer: (13:43) Oh, I wish everyone knew not to use Volume for Fiction series information -- still dealing with that with libraries. Please, if you see it, pass it on NEW books, pass it along to me. We do individually contact those offenders and politely remind them not to use volume.

Anna Hesterberg (Columbia PL): (13:44) Ouch. Just one of the many prices to pay for being such a big system I guess ;)

KATHY UTZ @ EFFP: (13:44) While entering some donated copies of the TV series Grey's anatomy I came across these two bib records: ctrl #s 2213465 & 509658. The 505 fields as very different. Which is the preferred?

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:44) so if we are NOT getting those phone calls, we are doing things, such as importing, correctly?

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (13:46) Good question April

Joan Bauer: (13:46) Kathy U -- so I've always done one 505 - much like 509658. it is repeatable but still... Robert B - what say you?

Joan Bauer: (13:48) April -- I usually email if I have reports of issues. I gently remind of the policy. If it is major, I will call. Don't thinkyou are on my bad list -- except maybe a few FAST subject headings but I forget to remove all of those too

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:49) Kathy--it looks like the records are for different seasons ot the program? If I'm looking at it correctly?

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:49) ok good. after 4 years i still worry about importing records and missing something.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:50) April--I'm the same way. I love Marc Reports! It really helps catch those crazy little things.

KATHY UTZ @ EFFP: (13:50) Sue, yes, they were different seasons. I just wanted to know which style of 505 was preferred.

Sue Dallstream - Taylorville Public: (13:51) Ok. That makes sense. Yes, I would like to know that also.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:51) Its nice to know i am not the only one who worries.

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:51) Are cataloging libraries required to use MarcReport? There are many errors on new bib records that MarcReport would have caught? For example-8 encoding levels.

Joan Bauer: (13:52) Dena - I LOVE MARC Report. It is not required, but it truly does help -- especially if learning RDA.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:52) We don't have Marc report. we did but never used it and cost.

Joan Bauer: (13:54) And as Esther mentions -- it catches the small stuff. Not which subject headings we take out but it will tell you if a period is neeced behind the cm based on the 490, or $eRDA is missing in the 040.

Robert Brady: (13:54) Kathy U --In Polaris the 505 doesn't display in the PAC view only in the expanded view. I think the important thing is that the 505 has all the information you want --not so important if multiple 505s or single 505 created --both acceptable.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:55) It catches spacing and punctuation.

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:55) Maybe a monthy training session could focus on marc report, how it works, etc. Maybe more libraries would be willing to spend the money for it if they knew how it works.

KATHY UTZ @ EFFP: (13:55) Thanks, Robert.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:56) for those of us who are not original catalogers, but tag on, should we get Marc Report? I get told we need to know this but then no we don't we just tag on. I am confused on all of it. at times

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:57) I think that any library that imports records from Connexion should have marc report.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:57) good point. im the only one who imports, so i am the only one who woudl use it right?

Dena Porter--MRNP: (13:58) If you are the only one that imports, than I would assume just you would need it.

Joan Bauer: (13:58) April -- I do almost all copy cataloging and I rely on MARC Report to be my second eye. Helps especially if you are a busy person and keep getting interrupted when reviewing Bibs. Helps speed things up for me -- I hate to admit, but I scan for the big issues, spell check then run through MARC report. And yes -- we can do a session on it. I can demo with all my $3 bibs.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (13:59) I like Marc Record and it has helped me with RDA elements.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:59) good.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:59) but i didn't suggest it though. :)

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner: (13:59) I can't remember how recently, but Cheri did a short training on MARC Report at one of the Cataloging training sessions...you may check back through the recordings, Dena.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (13:59) how much is Marc report?

KATHY UTZ @ EFFP: (14:00) Cheri's training session on MARC Report was on 4-8-14.

Joan Bauer: (14:00) April - we get MARC Report at a very discounted price for the system -- I believe $85 for year

Dena Porter--MRNP: (14:00) We use marc report almost daily, but for those that don't use it, a training session might be helpful :)

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (14:00) ok.

Joan Bauer: (14:01) We'll put in on the September or October Cat Session -- we'll do a workflow demonstration this time. It might make more sense

Dena Porter--MRNP: (14:01) Plus, marc report has really pretty pictures when you have an item that has a correct record!

Anita Walters Sherman Public: (14:02) A repeat training session might be helpful for those of us who do not use Marc Reports on a daily basis.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (14:02) I like to get pretty pictures.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (14:02) and just mention if copy catalogers need and can maybe space on too.

Joan Bauer: (14:03) So - MARC REport for Cat Training. We review the Serial vs. Monograph standard and I'll check about colors in Polaris. Any thing else I need to check on?

Joan Bauer: (14:03) If not - thanks for a wonderful Chat Session. You all enjoy the rest of the day

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (14:04) Thanks!!

April H. Becker, Hanson: (14:04) You, too- thank you Joan!

Brittany Maine - Belleville Public Library: (14:04) Thanks!

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: (14:04) thanks

Anita Walters Sherman Public: (14:04) Joan, need to talk to you later.

Dawn @ Sherman PLD: (14:04) Thank you!

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: (14:04) thank you!!!

donna maguire: (14:04) Good chat. Thanks.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: (14:04) Thanks.

Joan Bauer: (14:04) Anita - okay

Mary Mathews- Belleville Public Library: (14:04) Thanks!

Darlene Barlow: (14:04) Thank You!

Christina Nichols LKCA: (14:04) Thank you. You as well!

Anna Hesterberg (Columbia PL): (14:04) Thanks much!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: (14:04) Thanks

Donna Watkins sixmilerld: (14:04) Thank you

Guest 2: (14:04) Connexion Client. Here is some OCLC information about the new upgrade in case you haven’t see it.This information is for users of the Windows-based Connexion client software. *** Connexion client version 2.63 is now available for download from the Software Downloads area of OCLC’s Product Services web site. Please be aware that: • You will be required to upgrade to version 2.63 by 28 February 2017 • An upgrade warning message will begin appearing when you start Connexion client 2.50 or 2.51 beginning in early January 2017 • We recommend that you review the upgrade instructions before installing Connexion client 2.63 To help prevent installation problems with Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10, please right-click the file you downloaded and click Run as AdministratorOn the question about toolbars being displayed, unless there has been a change you can select the toolbars you want to display by selecting the ‘View” tab then “Toolbars” and choosing the option you like.

Vicki Carr South Macon: (14:05) thank you

Kay Burrous South Macon: (14:05) thank you

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: (14:06) Thanks