March 16, 2016

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Sue PearsonJoe DeVillezLesley Zavediuk

Key: IHLS  Library

Sue Pearson: (3/16/2016 12:57) Welcome one and all!

Joe DeVillez: (12:58) Good afternoon everyone

Lesley Zavediuk: (12:59) Howdy! Don't forget, if you would like to increase the font size during chat - you can do so by using the little pull down menu in the upper right hand corner of the Chat pod. The font size will only be increased for you - not everyone else. :)

Ruth Miller: (12:59) Strictly text no sound?

Lesley Zavediuk: (13:00) Hi Ruth! Yes - these chats are designed to be just that - chat (no audio needed).

Ruth Miller: (13:00) Just making sure.

Joe DeVillez: (13:02) Quick reminder that the next circulation forum will be at the IHLS building in Champaign on March 22nd from 1-3 p.m. There is a sign up available on L2 if you are interested in going

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:03) I am going to try to stay with you guys as much as I can as I am the only one here today and have a sewer probllem out back and they are digging and doing check out too. Darlene

Sue Pearson: (13:03) There's also a basic circulation class at the Olney PL next Wednesday from 1:00-4:00.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:03) These are great. Highly recommend everyone to attend.

Kim: (13:06) When do schools stop requesting books for the school year, does anyone know?

Laura: (13:07) Will the school requests be shut off or do we have to something

Sue Pearson: (13:07) I'm not sure when they stop requesting books but they fill out a form to have their request list suspended for the summer. They get to choose the date.

Kim: (13:09) How can I be sure I do not end up some of my popular titles at a school all summer. I ended up with that happening last year.

Laura: (13:10) the system used to cut off requests up until last year

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:11) can we choose not to send out certain items to certain locations?

Sue Pearson: (13:11) We've never cut them off from requesting - they do have a cut off date for delivery and filling requests.

Sue Pearson: (13:13) I always urge schools to use the expiration date on requests. Set the date to May 1 or something like that. If the request isn't filled by that date - it's automatically cancelled.

Joe DeVillez: (13:13) like a blacklist of libraries to not send to...I haven't seen that option in the item record template so I doubt it. Not a bad idea though

Laura: (13:15) So do the public libraries need to fill out something so the school item requests do not show up on our IPL?

Sue Pearson: (13:15) I would say it's your choice to send an item or not send an item.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:15) a blacklist of those who consistantly abuse others rules woudl be great.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:16) of course woudl need to be called something else

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:16) I have found out that some of my grade school patrons have fines at their grade school library, one was replacement costs of $54.20 do I have the right to not let them checkout books at our public library?

Sue Pearson: (13:17) Yes, school accounts are separate from public acounts.

Joe DeVillez: (13:17) You have that right as those fines stick with them and should be paid off

Sue Pearson: (13:17) A public library can't hold school fines against their public account.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:18) but a public library can hold other public library fines against them?

Sue Pearson: (13:18) Yes.

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:19) I just saw in our local Arthur paper that our Arthur-Lovington Grade School Librarian will be cut from the payroll at the end of this school year so will delivery be suspended at the grade school now?

Sue Pearson: (13:19) That's why patrons are allowed separate patron accounts for different library types.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:20) one of our patrons now has an account at a speicalized library. can i merge her account with us with that account if the other is the account that will survive?

Sue Pearson: (13:20) Never merge two patron accounts of different types.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:20) ok. thanks.

Sue Pearson: (13:20) They are allowed both types in the system. The account can only be used at the same type library.

Gary Naglich Worden PLD: (13:21) What do you when a receipt printer starts to print faintly? I have tried to clean it as instructed at Epson's website, but without any luck.

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:22) Does your receipt printer need a new ribbon cartridge as I have replaced my before?

Sue Pearson: (13:25) Gary - is it a thermal or ink printer?

Gary Naglich Worden PLD: (13:25) I'm not sure if thermal printers have ribbon cartridges. The tech person I talked to was not familiar with this type of printer. We have had it for over five years now without changing anything.

Sue Pearson: (13:26) Thermal printers don't have ink cartridges.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:27) ours is doing that as well.

Sue Pearson: (13:27) Brandon suggested this site may help:

Sue Pearson: (13:27) It's not for Epson printers but may have the same issues.

Gary Naglich Worden PLD: (13:29) As far as thermal printers go, do you just buy a new printer at some point, if there is no ink to change on it?

Sue Pearson: (13:30) I double checked with Traci about the school holds cut off dates. The schools choose when to stop filling requests and placing requests by filling out the end-of-year form on the SHARE website.

Joe DeVillez: (13:30) i'm not sure...i wonder what the shelf life on a thermal printer is

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:31) There was discussion on receipt printers during the last IT chat. You might check that out for more information.

Sue Pearson: (13:32) I'm not sure either - there's a heating mechanism that reacts with the paper to actually produce print. You have to buy the special paper but have no idea how long the actual printer would work.

Lesley Zavediuk: (13:32) Hi Gary! I just did some quick research online and I believe that you can replace the print head - but most people say that isn't much cheaper than just purchasing a new printer. :( And I'm not sure where you woudl take a thermal printer to get the head replaced.

Joe DeVillez: (13:34) there is a video on youtube where they disassemble the t88iv model if you want to go that route

Gary Naglich Worden PLD: (13:35) Thanks. I kind of figured it was time to purchase a new printer. This one did last for over five years. It is similar to the model given out as part of the Dream Grant.

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:38) Does anyone know of where I could get info on our local community police department is seeking grant monies? We are in Moultrie County. Would this possibly be through Illinois State Police are or more local area?

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: (13:39) I need to order another carton of tape for the sticky receipt printer and have lost my order info. Could someone please give me that info?

Joe DeVillez: (13:41)

Laura: (13:41) Bayscan Technologies

Joe DeVillez: (13:41) here's a link to our website which has a link to bayscan for the paper

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:43) We have a set of audio discs with booklets. There are several sets, some with 7 discs and some with 40+. We are looking for a case to put eveyrthing in. I haven't any luck. any suggestions where to look?

Carol: (13:45) I just ordered from Bayscan. Very fast. I tried to compare prices for the receipt sticky paper with Amazon on at Bayscan you pay per weight. I guess I should count my rolls and than compare. More than likely one of you have already done that?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:45) April--we use Showcases for things like this.

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:46) thanks. I will try them. No luck at univenture and uline.

Jan - brep: (13:47) We send all of our music c.d.'s in protective envelopes, and have gotten several back without, we would appreciate it if everyone would send back c.d.'s as received. Thanks!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: (13:47) Demco has cases too--but we've had better luck with Showcases.

Lesley Zavediuk: (13:54) We've only got about 10 minutes left - any other questions for the good of the order? What kinds of fun Spring programs do you all have going on? (Since the weather finally feels like Spring and the trees are budding!)

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:56) Just gearing up for the summer reading program. does anyone have an adult summer reading program?

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: (13:57) Thank you, I will get an order in this afternoon. Otherwise I will be back to taping transit slips.

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (13:58) We have Preschool-Adult Summer Reading through June and July. Last year we gave Subway gift cards to our addults for a free 6 inch sandwich for reading!

Joe DeVillez: (13:58) can't beat a free meal

april jensen lincoln public library: (13:59) true

Anita Walters @ Sherman Public: (13:59) We have our first Lap Sit story time scheduled in our new children's wing tomorrow morning. Finally enough room for llittle ones and whomever brings them. Looking forward to it.

Sherri Wasson: (13:59) How was the adult turnout, Darlene?

Karen Sinks, Brighton: (14:00) Jan, do you have a pop-up message on your item records asking to send the item in bubble wrap or special packaging through the courier? Our library receives items occasionally in envelopes that get set aside and, admittedly, our circ staff may be too busy to write a note on the envelope as to what it belonged with. A pop-up message would alert other libraries to look for any envelope that it may have been sent in. Just a thought.

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (14:01) Pretty Good, several read but did not want a prize but still recorded their books on a log. We kept count of all books read and put that total on our front door for all to see! Was fun!

Sue Pearson: (14:01) I hope some of you will be able to attend our circulation forum next week. We love our regular attendees but would also love to see some new faces! For those who can't drive to Champaign the forum will be at the Edwardsville PL in April and somewhere in the DuQuoin area in May.

Joe DeVillez: (14:01) Have a great afternoon everyone!

Lesley Zavediuk: (14:02) And on that note (from Sue) we're at the top of the hour. Have a terrific rest of the week!

Sue Pearson: (14:02) Have a great day everyone!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (14:02) thanks

Darlene Barlow at lovingtonpld: (14:02) Thanks for the info!