March 2, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris DawdyEllen Popit

Key: IHLS  Library

Chris Dawdy: Hello out there! Welcome to Directors' Chat!

Chris Dawdy: What would you like to talk about today?

Ellen Popit: Any questions for the good of the order?

Gary Naglich-Worden PLD: My Epson receipt printer is starting to print faintly. What should I do?

Chris Dawdy: Gary, is it the restick receipt printer?

Gary Naglich-Worden PLD: No, I don't have the restick model, but TM-T88V.

Chris Dawdy: Gary, I checked with our printer expert Brandon, and he said to clean the print head.

Gary Naglich-Worden PLD: How do I clean this?

Ellen Popit: I bet Chris is working on a good answer for Gary and Brandon will weigh in, I'm sure. Are you all gearing up for summer reading? Any exciting performers?

Ellen Popit: Also, I'll put a plug in for the Youth Services Institute that will be held in Bloomington March 31st---April 2nd. That's as downstate as a big event will get and it would be wonderful to see lots of IHLS folks there.

Kelly- Lebanon: We noticed that items allowed transit excludes the sharing of items to be given to patrons. Several library belong to a group that shares a subscription to Book Page Magazine. Would it be possible to send those out until the subscription comes to an end? It is only 3 zipperedenvelopes of 25 magazines each as it is too late to cancel the subscription.

Chris Dawdy: Yep! I just found an insructional video produced by Epson on How to clean a printhead. You can find it here --

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Gary--is it a Thermal printer--if not, then you need to replace the print ribbon.

Gary Naglich-Worden PLD: Thanks, Chris.

Ellen Popit: Here's the website for the Youth Service s Insititute:

Kelly- Lebanon: I am signed up and looking forward to the Youth Services event! They have a great line up of topics

Ellen Popit: Great, Kelly!

Chris Dawdy: Kelly, I don't know about Ellen, but I'm contemplating an answer to your question...I'm thinking that you could barcode those magazines, therefore they can be sent in delivery.

Chris Dawdy: But I'll check with the delivery folks here to see if there is a problem with that.

Brenda Gilpatrick: I was one of three libraries that shared Book Page also. We were told we absolutely couldn't send them in delivery.

Ellen Popit: Just as an FYI, the certification is going well. Fewer than 80 libraries left to certifiy. Yipee!!!!!

Alyson Thompson: How is the Paypal pilot progressing?

Chris Dawdy: Kelly & Brenda, I will do some checking in get back with both of you on that issue.

Kelly- Lebanon: Thanks

Chris Dawdy: Not much happening with PayPal at the moment. Working on the project keeps getting pushed aside in favor of more pressing issues! We haven't totally forgotten it, though...

Alyson Thompson: Thanks for the update

Kim: Chris-Would you let everyone know about the Book Page. I think alot of us send and receive our Book Page through delivery.

Chris Dawdy: Yes, Kim, I will. And I'll try to get it sorted out now, during the chat, so I can let you all know the status.

Kim: Thank you.

Alyson Thompson: Just an FYI, I talked to the state library about the per capita grant and they said instead of the $1.25 per capita paid in the past, the upcoming grant will pay $.77 per capita - better than nothing!

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: Alyson-Do you mean the per capita grant just completed or next year's grant?

Ellen Popit: Jacqueline, It is the per capita grant just completed.

Alyson Thompson: Correct, thanks Ellen!

Chris Dawdy: Librarians (and teachers and mothers) are good at multi-tasking, right? In the last few minutes, I've spoken to each of the IHLS Delivery Hub managers, and learned that they all are fine with delivering the Book Page Magazine between libraries. As I said earlier, the magazine can be cataloged and barcoded, and it is for patrons, so we can justify sending it through delivery.

Chris Dawdy: We just have to make sure that all the drivers get that message, and I'll work on that next!

Chris Dawdy: Toward that end, Kelly--when you have your next batch of magazines to send through, could you put Linda Petty's name on the delivery slip so she can take a look and remind the drivers' that it is okay to deliver them?

Ellen Popit: Speaking of which, Drivers in DuQuoin are coming back today with the ipads they're using to track delivery stats. So far, I've heard positive responses.

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Even if the Per Capita grant is .77 we won't see that grant money until the budget is settled, is that correct?

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: Was that a recent decision by the ISL (to lower per cap grant) based on state financial woes and had it been announced somewhere and I missed it?

Ellen Popit: No, Kathy. You won't have to wait. The Illinois State Library is making those grant available to you (and to us), based on money they currently have the authority to spend. That being said, we don't know about payment delays and backlogs, but this is not dependent on the passing of a budget.

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: That is GOOD NEWS!!

Ellen Popit: Again, we don't know how long payment will take---it could be many months.

Ellen Popit: Jacqueline, I don't know if there was a broad announcement made by ISL (that I might have missed). It has been covered in our board meetings and at ISLAC, I believe.

Jacqueline Allen--Melvin PL: Thanks Ellen

Alyson Thompson: I only found out about the grant because I called the state library - it's budget season!

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Oh, then not such good news. We have been fortunate to get Per Capita and Equalization grants in the spring so it's going to be a long stretch till tax revenues come in so guess it's time for plan B, C, D....etc...if anyone has a good one let me know!

Ellen Popit: Anything exciting or new going on in any of your locations that you'd like to share (no pun intended!)? I know that Jenna celebrated the 100th anniversary of Marion Carnegie this week and Kathy's getting ready to do the same at Pinckneyville.

Chris Dawdy: Pinkneyville's 100, too?

Ellen Popit: Next year for Pinckneyville, right Kathy?

Kathy @ Pinckneyville PL: Pinckneyville's is in August 2017

Alyson Thompson: Marshall Public Library is 100 this fall - would love to hear about some of the events/activities/promotions other libraries did in honor of their centennial..

Kelly- Lebanon: Lebanon's board recenlty toured a some new construction that we hope may be the prototype for the new library. we are finalizing details to purchase land this year.

Ellen Popit: That's really exciting Kelly!!!!! If you're able, can you tell us where the land is? That's going to be huge for the community!!!!

Kelly- Lebanon: They are ready to send out today.

Kelly- Lebanon: The land is south of the public school complex and jsut off of hwy 4 near the senior housing development.

Ellen Popit: That would have been my guess. How cool!!!!!!

Kelly- Lebanon: Thanks :^)

Chris Dawdy: Sure is quiet today. No questions or comments from anyone?

Ellen Popit: Maybe we all have spring fever and we're looking out windows????

Shawn- Elwood Township: lol If you have Warren Buffet's phone number......I could chat. It's all budget, crunch, and plead with the money fairies to make it one more year.

Chris Dawdy: Is anyone doing anything to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday?

Ellen Popit: I've got LOTS of phone numbers, Shawn, but not that one!

Shawn- Elwood Township: We have a birthday theme in the kids room for Dr. Suess right now.

Shawn- Elwood Township: lol Thanks, Ellen. It was worth trying :D

Kelly- Lebanon: Thanks, Chris! We appreciate your help.

Chris Dawdy: Any last minute questions or comments before we call this chat to an end?

Ellen Popit: Only 19 days until spring and 11 until Daylight Saving Time Begins----can't wait!!!!!!

Shawn- Elwood Township: Thank you for the chat!

Kathy Goleman Divernon Township Library: Thanks

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Thank you!