March 23, 2016

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Joan BauerNick Bennyhoff

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Joan Bauer: (3/23/2016 12:55) Good afternoon -- we will be starting in a few minutes

Joan Bauer: (13:01) So who as any pressing questions?

Joan Bauer: (13:01) It is windy out there?

Nick Bennyhoff: (13:01) it is here in Edwardsville

Joan Bauer: (13:06) So obviously no pressing questions -- who has who in the NCAA brackets?

Nick Bennyhoff: (13:07) I don't follow basketball, so I have no idea...anyone else?

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:08) What were the results from the GMD survey?

Jennifer Merriman--ISCS: (13:08) The only good thing about the NCAA tournament is that it means it's almost time for baseball ;)

Joan Bauer: (13:08) Go Cubbies!

Nick Bennyhoff: (13:09) at least I don't mind watching baseball - though I don't follow it closely

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:09) We are working on changing over our volume fields to comply with the local standards. What we have left are volumes with a year and a volume number, or a volume number and an alpha range: ie. v. 1/A-K or 2016/ v. 1. These instances aren't referenced in our policy. Any suggestions?

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:10) I'm thinking that the fields with a year - we could take out the year because it's probably referenced in the bib.

Joan Bauer: (13:12) Lauren - If that would work. Do any of the other items have volume? I know some I've corrected (encyclopedias), we used to use A-K (no space).

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:14) A few of these will have "Volume 1, A-K" on the item.

Joan Bauer: (13:16) Dena - for the time we are keeping the GMDs

Joan Bauer: (13:17) Lauren - chatting with Edie. She likes your v. 1/A-K

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:17) Great. Thanks.

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:18) What about something with a volume number and a range of years? Volume 1 and 1920-1930, volume 2 and 1931-1940, etc.?

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:19) More and more we are getting blu-ray/DVD combos, are we just missing the icon for that or is there one?

Joan Bauer: (13:20) Lauren - we're thinking v. 1/1920-1930, does that work?

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:20) Yes, that will work!

Joan Bauer: (13:21) Dena - if it is a Blu-ray/DVD combo - Blu-Ray is the predominate and that should be icon. 250 should say Blu-Ray/DVD combo.

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:22) great, thanks!

Tara Gould -- HPLD: (13:31) Adding to what Lauren asked...

Tara Gould -- HPLD: (13:31) what about Volume and edition? Should I leave the edition out b/c it's in the 250?

Joan Bauer: (13:32) Tara - I would just do v., unless you can make a justification for the edition. Struggling to think of an example

Tara Gould -- HPLD: (13:33) Control #758933?

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:35) In a RDA record- if the date in the 300 has brackets around it, do we take those brackets out if we are able to verify the date when we have the item in hand?

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:35) I really hate dates with RDA!!!!

Joan Bauer: (13:37) Dena - date in 300? or pages in 300?

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:37) date

Joan Bauer: (13:39) Tara - I like your V. 1, 36TH ED. My question is if the v. more important or edition?

Nick Bennyhoff: (13:40) I would think that if the item has a publication date, then yes, but if it's only the copyright date on the item, then the brackets should stay

Tara Gould -- HPLD: (13:42) All of those lowercase, right?

Joan Bauer: (13:44) Tara - Chatting with Edie, she likes your and yes, lower case, though Polaris doesn't care upper or lower.

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:47) Tara and I were just talking and we think this is a special instance in her example because it's a college handbook (serial) where your patron will probably want the newest edition information first, and then the volume second.

Dena Porter (MRNP): (13:48) sorry, I just realized i typed 300, that should have been 264.

Joan Bauer: (13:48) Lauren - that makes sense to me. Do we want it as edition or year, though?

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:49) In my opinion,. year would be preferable.

Joan Bauer: (13:49) Dena - thank you -- thought I had missed something

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:49) Patrons would probably respond better to a year than an edition with no frame of reference.

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:50) So in that case, we could take out the edition and replace with the year of publication on the piece.

Joan Bauer: (13:52) Lauren - so year, v. 1 then?

Joan Bauer: (13:52) 2011, v. 1, for example?

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:52) I like that.

Joan Bauer: (13:53) okay - we'll do that

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:55) Thanks for the help.

Joan Bauer: (13:58) Lauren - so Edie is talking this out and we think that v. 1, 2011 would be more consistent with what we have -- one can read the whole volume field in the PAC

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:58) That makes sense to me.

Joan Bauer: (13:59) Okay - she will be adding those examples. Thanks for the questions

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner PLD: (13:59) I'll let you know if we find more along the way!

Joan Bauer: (14:00) Yes, that will help us. If there is nothing else - thank you and have a Happy Easter

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: (14:00) Thanks

Shelly Smith- Forsyth Public: (14:00) Thanks!

Kay Burrous South Macon 2: (14:01) Thank you.