May 25, 2016

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Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials and Record Sets


Edie ElliottNick Bennyhoff

Key: IHLS  Library

Edie Elliott: Welcome to SHARE Chat! This session will be from 1 - 2 PM. The hosts will be Edie Elliott and Nick Bennyhoff, IHLS-Edwardsville. This session will be chat only--no audio. To post a chat, type your question or comment in the box at the bottom of your screen and hit Enter. You can change the size of the text you see on your screen by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of the Chat screen (to the left of the word Attendees), and clicking Text size. This will affect only what you see--it won’t change the size for anyone else. Thanks for attending today’s session!

Edie Elliott: The focus of today’s chat is cataloging, barcoding, serials and record sets. For SHARE catalogers, attendance at the entire session qualifies for 1 hour of cataloging CE credit. Please sign in with your full name and library so we can make sure you get credit. You won’t need to submit a web form.

Edie Elliott: Good afternoon, all!

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: Hello everyone. Isn't it a beautiful day??? so far

Edie Elliott: A little rain on and off here, but yes, beautiful!

Dena Porter--MRNP: Not so beautiful down in Marion, it has been raining pretty much all morning : ( I am so ready for summer!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We've had rain & thunder all morning.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: Hello Edie: In March you sent an email regarding an online basic course in cataloging, I was not able to take that course. Do you know of any other web courses or classes that I may take for basic MARC cataloging?

Dena Porter--MRNP: Rita-are you referring to the course from ALA?

Edie Elliott: Rita, I don't know of any others offhand. You might look at WebJunction and see if there's anything there.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: I think it was ALCTS webcourse through ALA.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: Thanks!

Dena Porter--MRNP: Sorry, yes it is ALCTS. They are offering again, we are schedule for the July class.

Edie Elliott: Kaskaskia College was offering a cataloging class, but I don't know if it was online or in person. Another place to look might be the College of DuPage.

Edie Elliott: Thanks for the info on the ALCTS course, Dena!

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: Dena, Thank you for the information.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: The Kaskaskia College course is online. They have a new Library Technical Assistant Degree: (one of my staff is one of the programs first students.

Edie Elliott: Thanks for the info, Esther!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I believe they have a certificate program and an Associates Degree program. I know there are a lot of small libraries that can't afford someone with an MLS and this is a nice way for some to get some basic library training.

Edie Elliott: Shelley Stone is teaching a class on Dewey Decimal Classification in June. I don't know about anyone else, but that's something I can always use a refresher on!

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: Will Shelley's class be online?

Edie Elliott: No, Shelley's classes will be in person.

Edie Elliott: Are there any other cataloging questions? Barcoding? Serials? Record sets?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I don't have a question, but I want to say that I use Record sets for everything!! I think that they are a great tool that many don't know about. Using scoping you can get some very detailed information.

Edie Elliott: Yes, record sets can be very useful!

Edie Elliott: Esther, what are some of the things you use record sets for?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile Regional Library District: Record sets are nice. Simply reports is pretty nice too. I often bring the record set into Simply Reports to get fields of information like last circ date, YTD, etc... for item records for our librarians.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I use record sets for aquisitions, weeding, displays, and new books (and using bulk change to take items off "New")--just for a start.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I like doing the record sets in Polaris and then using them in Simply Reports--depending on what I'm doing with the info

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: I use record sets to take items off of the new shelf -(we don't allow these items to circulate outside of our patrons. Does anyone know of a one-step way to reinstate holds outside our library. The way I found takes 2 steps.

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: We are big fans of record sets. We have sets for our holiday books as well as lists of books that pre-k teachers have requested and that we have purchased. When someone comes in and asks for all of our books on apples, it is a pretty easy task to just find the "apple" record set and print it for them. We have ones for dirt, worms and pumpkins too.

Edie Elliott: Angela, how are you making the change now?

Dena Porter--MRNP: to reinstate holds from outside your library, when you do the bulk change just make sure HOLDABLE is checked, and and select PICK UP AT THIS BRANCH. but you leave the check box to the right empty.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: I check the holdable box and the box to the right of it. Then I uncheck the holdable box. This will make the item completely unholdable and uncheck any of the boxes under hold. Then I go back and check the holdable box in a second set. That is the only way I have been able to get an entire record set to uncheck the allow only local holds box. Until I started doing it in 2 steps I would find items that were still marked (I hope this is understandable)

Dena Porter--MRNP: But if there is a different way, I would love to hear about it.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: I have gotten paranoid about making bulk changes when I recently found mistakes in the items we had been using it on for the last year or so. I think I have found the source of many of them but this hold thing had me stumped.

Edie Elliott: Angela, I'd have to play around with it a little. Does anyone have any other suggestions for Angela? We have a few more minutes.

Dena Porter--MRNP: I follow the instructions on page 22-23 from the "Polaris Cataloging Handouts" I don't know the date it is from, but it is probably buried on the SHARE site somewhere.

Dena Porter--MRNP: click on the link for cataloging training. It is in that document.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile Regional Library District: Thanks for the link.

Edie Elliott: Here's the link to the document:

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: Speaking of being buried in SHARE, would it be possible to have easily seen links to draft documents listed in an easily seen spot on the home page?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile Regional Library District: Even better.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: One of the problems I found with ours was that staff that wasn't entirely familiar with what codes we use were putting in ones that "looked' right. If they are not the codes Polaris recognizes as yours, errors occur.

Edie Elliott: Angela, which draft documents do you mean?

Edie Elliott: Sorry, I meant Anita

Edie Elliott: Angela, I’m not sure which codes you mean

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: The draft document on the best practices vote from earlier this week. Wanted to review it with staff and went around and around trying to find it. Would be so much easier if the link was just listed in the "Links" group.

Edie Elliott: Anita, is that the document for the SHARE membership vote after the semi-annual meeting?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: You can find them under the tab for the committee

Dena Porter--MRNP: when we are pulling up a record set to make a bulk change, we always do the Control-shift-A to make sure they are all seen, I don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: That's it. It came up earlier this week because not enough members had voted.

Edie Elliott: Thanks, Anita. I'll pass on the suggestion.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: There are more choices on the lists of usable codes when you change something (like shelf location or collection). I have found if you pick one you library doesn't use it can introduce errors in the changed list. Sometimes I have found that some Items on the list were changed and others were not.

Joyce @ Glen Carbon Library: Yes, always do the Control-shift-A to make sure all the records in the record set are seen before making changes.

Edie Elliott: So for example, in the Collection field of the item record itself, you only see the list of what your library uses, but if you go to change the Collection field in the bulk change function, you get the entire list of Collections?

Joyce @ Glen Carbon Library: Yes, you see the entire list of shelf locations, etc.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: Yes, the lists are huge for some of them

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: Well the list isn't just what we use, but not nearly the number of options in bulk change

Edie Elliott: That's good to know--I didn't realize that's what you see in the bulk change function. I will pass that along, but I'm not sure there's a way to limit that in the bulk change, since that function isn't tied to a particular library.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: you just have to really pay attention and make sure you pick the right one. I found a report of errors and found all sorts of problems that needed to be fixed. Some of them were very odd.

Edie Elliott: Angela, if you need help with any of the odd ones, let me know.

Edie Elliott: We've run over time, but it's been a good discussion. We'll close the session now--thanks for your participation and the great info and suggestions for the good of the group!

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thank you.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: Thanks for all of the info everyone!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile Regional Library District: Thank you.

Flora Pub Angela Garrett: thanks

Anita & Dawn Sherman PLD: Thank You!

Michelle Richerson - Eldorado Memorial Library: Thanks! Good day everyone!

Anita Walters & Dawn Rutschke Sherman Public: It was a good chat. Thanks

Mary Kleinschmidt/Petersburg Public Library: Thanks.