May 3, 2017

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit


Key: IHLS  Library


Chris Dawdy Whew! Ellen and I made it back just in time! We've been out and about, visiting the new library director at East St. Louis Public Library, Millicent Cason.

Chris Dawdy What's happening out there in wet central and southern Illinois?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: More rain today, but not a lot...yet.

Sandy.West - Rend Lake College: Rend Lake College will be hosting their first ever "fun"raiser event on 6/1/17. We hope to generate excitement to start an advisotry/friends group. If you interested in joining the fun, check out

Teresa (Paris PL): Paris just installed 6 new public computers and new printers that will be accessible from patron devices (still working the bugs out of that, though).

Chris Dawdy How exciting, Teresa!

Gary, Worden PLD: I noticed that the new per capita requirements have been posted.

Lynn Schmit: Where?

Chris Dawdy Try here --

Lynn Schmit: Great! Thank you.

Susan Carr: We just had a staff development day, where the police and fire departments gave talks. The police fired a blank from a gun from different parts of the library when we were wll in the meeting room downstairs. I had no idea that it sounded like that, with a distinct echo.

Susan Carr: I'm glad we all now know, and received training on evacuating the building. hiding or needing to fight.

Gary, Worden PLD: One of the per capita requirements wants staff and trustees to complete an online course on library safety. Does anyone know of a good course to take?

Ellen Popit: We used safety videos at the system that were very helpful.

Annette 2: That is good to know and have a heads up on the online course on library safety. Great idea too.

Annette 2: Are we able to order the videos from the system?

Ellen Popit: They weren't videos that the system created, they were videos that our safety team found for us. But, we're happy to share.

Teresa (Paris PL): The per capita requirements specifically say an online education opportunity. Would videos count?

Ellen Popit: Gary, does the requirement say onlnie specifically?

Annette 2: I would appreicate that. Thank you.

Lynn Schmit: Still haven't found the requirements. The link is for the application, which is not available.

Gary, Worden PLD: It says "free online education opportunity."

Teresa (Paris PL): Lynn, go down farther on that page - I almost missed it, too

Chris Houchens: Lynn, it is under Supporting Resources

Lynn Schmit: Aha! Thank you.

Ellen Popit: I think we can all look around for those "fee online education opportunities" and share what we find with each other.

Gary, Worden PLD: The requirements suggest using the Illinois State Library, ALA, PLA, ILA and other state libraries for online courses.

Ellen Popit: Also, if we contacted local police or state polic groups, they might have some good suggestions. The Carbondale Office had trainers from U of I and they were great. We good contact them and see if they have any suggestions.

Annette 2: We are looking into displaying signage for our library basement to be used as a storm shelter since we have a park next to us. Does anyone else have this?

Annette 2: Do have special policies in place for this?

Ellen Popit: What types of policies are you thinking of?

Annette 2: for the basement to be used for a storm shelter. Maybe it isn't necessary.

Ellen Popit: I can't imagine tht you'd need to.

Annette 2: I just wondered if any other library has signage for their basement to be used for this.

Annette 2: Okay.

Ellen Popit: Hope that all of your buildings are safe from water isssues?

Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public: So glad we got a new roof last summer!

Caseyville-chris 2: Caseyville had a plant sale last rainiy Saturday. It was quite a success, but a lot of hard work. Proceeds will benefit Summer Reading

Ellen Popit: BTW, it looks like the Public Library Association (PLA) has a webinar on Violence Prevention in the Library ( )

Rachel Kocis- Sherman Public Library District: Thanks for that Ellen!

Melvin Public Library: Annette 2--whatever today's equivalent of the civil defense dept. use to put signs on buildings (like schools) designating them as storm shelters, is this what you had in mind?

Annette 2: I spoke with someone from Dick Durbin's office yesterday and it looks like IMLS funding will be okay for 2017. It will be officially voted on next week from what I am told. I hope they are right.

Chris Dawdy That's really good to hear, Annette!

Teresa (Paris PL): We were listed as a storm shelter for several years until the then-police chief told me that the designation required that someone come open the library during tornado watches, etc when we were closed. I pulled the library off the city's list.

Chris Dawdy We do like our delivery, right? And that's what IIMLS funds for IHLS.

Chris Dawdy And RAILS

Annette 2: I wanted to be sure our library would only be used in the event of a tornado and not for a cooling shelter or a heating shelter. If power is out in the area we of course could not be used for those purposes.

Darlene Barlow at Yes, I love getting delivery an extra day now if I have stuff to come as the patrons are very impressed with how fast they are getting materials now! Good Job!

Annette 2: Thank you Teresa.. that was the concern I had.

Annette 2: I will check with our PD to make sure.

Teresa (Paris PL): We are back toward the end of the delivery route instead of the beginning. It's so nice to actually see the drivers again.

Lynn Schmit: At our staff meeting this morning we agreed to do Delivery On the Go (DOG). It saves IHLS delivery staff time and moves materials along faster. It's easy to do. I wish every library would.

Ellen Popit: @Annette. Re: funding. We're good through September. The ongooing concern is for the upcoming federal fiscal year which starts in October, 2017.

Gary, Worden PLD: How do we fill out reports when they ask us how often we receive delivery? Although officially the Worden Library is required to get delivery twice a week, in actual fact we receive it five days a week.

Annette 2: Okay. The young man I spoke to did mention about revisiting it again in September. Thanks Ellen.

Ellen Popit: Gary, we can check with Susan Palmer and get back to you.

Darlene Barlow at Ellen, I will be the same as Gary with listing days of delivery as I get deliveary MWF but have been getting it on Tuesdays alot lately too!

Ellen Popit: We can let the group know and Chris is checking with the Edwaardsville Delivery staff now.

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: thanks Gary for letting me know about the Per Cap Essay questions- something to slowly start working on before the deadline -- It is due in March right?

Johnnie Halstead Rick Warren Library: I personally was skeptical of the everyday delivery at first BUT love it now. Our patrons are loving it too, they get things so much quicker. I also like the DOG's too but they are often too small for the book I have to put in them. Only complaint on that.

Ellen Popit: Per Capita due dates are different for all libraries. YOUR due date is 60 days after the close of your fiscal year.

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: I have to start working on the Iplar soon-- any one see any changes with that? I have not had a chance to look at this years' form.

Chris Dawdy I checked with Linda in Delivery regarding the number of days you receive delivery, and Ellen and I think it would be appropriate to say you ALL get "functional 5 day a week delivery."

Ellen Popit: Per Capita will be due January 15th, 2018. It is your IPLAR that's due 60 days after the close of your fiscal year. Sorry for not reading all the words, Julie!

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: Ellen- I thought the deadline you gave only applied to the Iplar.. I could have sworn that last year, the Per Cap was due in March.. too many reports and deadlines to have to keep track of.

Ellen Popit: Here's the language on the ISL website: Applications for either the Public Library Per Capita Grant or Equalization Grant programs must be submitted via email to on or before January 15

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: LOL thanks Ellen for clarifying, I appreciate the information. I always start working on those per cap questions early so I do not forget and wait till the last minute.

Ellen Popit: The certifcation is due at the end of March. You're right too many dates to remember.

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: Great, thanks so much!

Celeste - Urbana Free: i learn so much during these meetings!

Caseyville-chris 2: Just a note: Diary of A Wimpy Kid Series now comes in Large Print. I purchased them and am promoting them as Parent/Grandparent Reading day---Mini Book Club for them. Reading & Communication

Chris Dawdy What a good idea, Chris!

Ellen Popit: Onley Public Library just did a Sunday afternoon for kids and their "grand" adults. Had more than 200 people!

Darlene Barlow at A new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie comes out on June 16

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: Per cap deadline is Jan 15--just to be clear

Ellen Popit: Correct, Julie!

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: :)

Ellen Popit: And don't worry about forgetting-----you will be nagged!

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: I am so glad I have friends in library land to keep me informed

Darlene Barlow at Ellen, what is the certification thing due in March?

Ellen Popit: The online certification that you do with the ILLINET Interlibrary Loan Traffic Survey.

Ellen Popit: You're all good on that. No problems.

Chris Dawdy Looks like it's 2! Any last minute thoughts or questions?

Darlene Barlow at OK, I remember it now. Just checking!

Julie Jarman Staunton PL: Thanks Everyone!

Celeste - Urbana Free: have a great month, everyone!

janeth: Thanks for all of the good information everyone

Darlene Barlow at Thanks for all the useful deadline info!

Johnnie Halstead Rick Warren Library: Thank You for having these chats!!

Shawn- Elwood Township: Thank you for the date reminders! Have a great, yet wet, week!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Thanks so much always learn alot!

Darlene Barlow at I really like the chats!