November 2, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit

Key: IHLS  Library

Chris Dawdy: Good afternoon!

Shawn-Elwood Township: Hello :D

Ellen Popit: Hi, Shawn!

Diana Donahoo-Centralia RLD: Hello everyone

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Hello Everyone!

Darlene Barlow: Hello, Everyone!

Dawn Rutschke @ Sherman PLD: Good Afternoon!

Ellen Popit: As we jump into November, is there anything you have questions about or topics you'd like to discuss?

Chris Dawdy: At this point, it looks like we have mostly SHARE libraries participating, so I've got a question for all of you SHARE members!

Chris Dawdy: What are your thoughts about reciprocal patrons borrowing eBooks from the Cloud Library collection? These reciprocal borrowers are from libraries that do not belong to SHARE.

Chris Dawdy: Maybe I should retract the question!! I didn't intend to stop any discussion!!

Kim-Onarga: As long as the home library pays their share of their fee, I don't see why not.

Kim-Onarga: If their home library pays the fee for the Cloud I don't see why not.

Kim-Onarga: If their home library pays the fee I don't see why ot.

Kim-Onarga: Oops it is raining here and our internet is sloooooooow.

Darlene Barlow: What is the fee for the Cloud Library Collection and is it one time a year?

Stephen Cochran: I'm a SHARE library participant, and pay the Cloud Library fee, but am not a "purchasing" library - that is to say, I don't spend Groff Library funds for e-book acquisitions. I think that means that all my ebook using customers are reciprocal borrowers, right?

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin: Would allowing reciprocal borrowers access the database potentially violate our user agreement?

Janet Cler - Tolono: I don't think so - I would like to see that option used as a motivation to join Share.

Janet Cler - Tolono: *As in I don't think it is a good idea

Chris Dawdy: Stephen, if you pay Cloud fees, you are spending Groff library funds for eBooks. You're just letting Lesley Zavediuk spend your share of the money on extra copies, more books, etc. She's being your collection development specialist!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We have talked int the past about doing a secondary cloud for the IHLS member libraries that participate in eRead IL. IS that still an option? Or are you talking about libraries that don't participate in anything?

Chris Dawdy: Darlene, the Cloud Library fee is paid one time per year, unless your library purchases additional books beyond what you are required to spend. Lesley will send you a quote for participating.

Chris Dawdy: Esther, we have talked about starting a second cloud, but that's all it's been--talk--since we haven't gotten any of the grants that I wrote for that purpose. Grants from Wal-Mart, or IMSA.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Are we talking about libraries that don't pay for any ebook access? Or ones that are on the B&T platform?

Chris Dawdy: Kristina, I don't think it would violate our user agreement with Bibliotecha, who now owns the Cloud Library. I think it's more of a "fairness" concern, in my mind.

Stephen Cochran: Chris, nevertheless, on my monthly stats, all ebooks my customers "check out" show up as being from other libraries...

Chris Dawdy: Esther, it's primarily patrons from libraries that are not automated, at all, and do not have access to ebooks except as a reciprocal borrower.

Chris Dawdy: Stephen, I'm really curious about that! If it's ok, and you're availalbe, I'll call you after the chat is over.

Ellen Popit: Are you all familiar with the Government Expense Report Policy that all Illinois Libraries will be expected to adopt in the next several months? You can read more about it here.

Rachel Kocis: Does participation in eRead IL go hand in hand with Cloud Library membership?

Chris Dawdy: Kind of, Rachel. When eReadIllinois started, the SHARE member libraries opted to use the (then) 3MCloud platform, while RAILS opted to use Baker & Taylor's Access 360. RAILS also allowed IHLS non-SHARE members to join Axis 360, and there are still some libraries in our half of the state that participate in that program.

Teresa - Paris: I just finished a draft for our next board meeting. In our case it's kind of silly. Our annual CE/travel budget is $100. Not too many ways you can waste that.

Rachel Kocis: I see. Thanks Chris.

Chris Dawdy: But not all libraries opted to participate in eREadIllinois.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Ellen, I thought that the Governement Expense Report Policy was for library's whose local government was not under home rule. Am I wrong. Our community is under home rule.

Ellen Popit: Susan, you're correct. Home Rule agencies are exempt. Phil Lenzini shared a sample draft policy that can be viewed in L2 under the documents from his law day on October 21st.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: Thanks, Ellen!

Ellen Popit: Actually, Mr. Lenzini shared some other documents that can be viewed at here.

Ellen Popit: Mark your calendars and stir up some excitement! The legislative meet-ups are coming your way. There will be a breakfast on February 24th at the Sunset Hills Country Club and a luncheon that same day at the Holiday Inn in Mt. Verson. It's a great way to meet with lawmakers and tell them what library service means to their constituents! Watch for more in our newsletters. Note: If you can get board memebers to attend, even better!!!!!

Shawn-Elwood Township: Is the chat haunted? mine was flipping everywhere lol

Chris Dawdy: Sorry! Hit the wrong button, and things went a little crazy!

Diana Donahoo-Centralia RLD: The law Day was great. Thank you to Case-Halstead & IHLS; and of course, Phil Lenzini!

Shawn-Elwood Township: I am going through the Polaris Enhancement voting survey. There are a lot that seems to be the same thing. Is this intentional? Also, there was one that I read, there is a workaround on it.

Chris Dawdy: That one is Traci's project, Shawn, and I haven't had a moment to look at it. However, if it's like the last few years, yes! Sometimes there is just a minute change that makes several of the enhancements look the same.

Rachel Kocis: The new FSLA law going into place Dec 1st is going to change how our salaried staff keep track of hours. Before, we never kept track of salaried employee's hours, now we will.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Polatis enhancements are submitted by all the libraries/lib rary systems that use Polaris. Polaris then selects enhancement options that they think can be done and sends that out for all Polaris users to vote on.

Shawn-Elwood Township: Thanks, Chris. You are right on the minute change. Some are worded different, but to me sound the same. To someone behind the scenes that one word might be the deciding factor.

Kristina Benson-Du Quoin: Rachel, I've been worried about the same thing.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Rachel--we have always kept track (for full-time staff) and given comp time if over 40 hours. We have to revisit that now.

Shawn-Elwood Township: Were there any other juicy knowledge that Phil Lenzini passed along? I wasn't able to attend :(

Ellen Popit: I think he did a good job of answering questions that had been submitted beforehand. He also dealt with the FAX/TAX issue

Teresa - Paris: If you haven't seen it, this is a good overview of the new FSLA law for local government.

Shawn-Elwood Township: Was his visit recorded?

Ellen Popit: No, it wasn't Shawn.

Teresa - Paris: I understand that he said that we don't have to be concerned about the tax issue in faxing. Did he say anything about why some libraries had that issue?

Ellen Popit: That is what he said, Teresa. I don't know that any libraries have that issue. Does anyone who was there have a better memory than me?

Darlene Barlow: Thanks for the helpful websites to go to as I was unable to attend Phil's talk so will check into this all on my own later.

janeth: He said that once the paperwork has been filed for paying sales tax on Faxes, they have to file every year. He said if your library hasn't filed-DON'T DO IT. We are flying under the radar and the govorment will not bother with it.

Ellen Popit: Thanks!

janeth: Fax tax is not mentioned in the law ruling

Ellen Popit: Any quick questions or updates before we run out of time?

Chris Dawdy: Have a great afternoon!

Ellen Popit: We'll see you on December 7th!