November 25, 2015

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Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials and Record Sets


Shelley StoneNick Bennyhoff

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Shelley Stone: Welcome to Share Chat! This session will be from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. The hosts will be Nick Bennyhoff, IHLS-Edwardsville, and Shelley Stone, IHLS-DuQuoin. This session will be chat only--no audio or webcam. To post a chat, type your question or comment in the box at the bottom of your screen and hit Enter. You can change the size of the text you see on your screen by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of the Chat screen (to the left of the word Attendees), and clicking Text size. This will affect only what you see--it won't change the size for anyone else. Thanks for attending today's session!

Shelley Stone: The focus of today’s chat is cataloging, barcoding, serials and record sets. For SHARE catalogers, attendance at the entire session qualifies for 1 hour of cataloging CE credit. Please sign in with your full name and library so we can make sure you get credit. You won’t need to submit a web form.

Shelley Stone: Hello!

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Hi everyone. Wondered how many libraries would be open this afternoon. We are closing at 5.

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: Centralia Regional Library closes at 4.

Laura Garcia-Hodgkins Public Library: Hello! we are open till 8pm

Dena Porter-MRNP: We are closing at 5pm as well.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: We are open regular till 7

Shelley Stone: You may have noticed that I added a few training sessions on L2 today. December 14th is Searching and Matching/Barcoding in Marion and Reports and Serials is on December 16th in Marion. Let me know if you need other training, or the same classes in other locations.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: Is there any plans for RDA training?

Nick Bennyhoff: Connie/Kathleen - we are incorporating RDA into all of our cataloging training now, so it won't be separate classes, at least not that I'm aware of

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: ok, thank you.

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: I just finished reading "RDA made simple"...if that book made RDA simple, I'm in big was mostly theory, very little direction application so I was in over my head!

Shelley Stone: Exactly what I was going to say-- Edie and I are working on adapting the classes we already have to include RDA

Nick Bennyhoff: ah - Terri, don't worry too much about the theory - for practical application day-to-day, RDA really isn't that much different from what you do already

Shelley Stone: Terri, I haven't read that one.

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: I was hoping that would be true...I just want to know how to code the fields, use them correctly and use the appropriate punctuation, etc...

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: I don't recommend it, Shelley!

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: Is having the local authors/genealogy cataloged free of charge going to be affected by the budget issue?

Shelley Stone: You may want to sign up for our Book Cataloging class again when it is in your area, Terri

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: Okay...Shelley...I will work that in the new year.

Nick Bennyhoff: Connie/Kathleen - the local history/local author/genealogy cataloging is supported by a separate grant, which for now is still in place

Shelley Stone: Terri, yes, maybe we can use your beautiful new conference room

Nick Bennyhoff: I haven't heard anything about that changing, but of course, with the state budget the way it's hard to say what will happen as things go along

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: That would be perfect, is a lovely room!

Shelley Stone: Connie/Kathleen, if you have items to send in for the Cataloging Maintenance Center, I think they would be happy to do them anytime now.

Shelley Stone: I don't think they are backed up right now

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: I sent 4 local author books for original cataloging less than a month ago and I already have them all back.

Laura Garcia-Hodgkins Public Library: Question... is there going to be a WorkFlows Basic Cataloging Workshop @ least closer to Naperville? Rushville is too far

Jan - Breese P.L.: Breese signed up to be a barcoding buddy a while back, and haven't heard anything, is that still a go?

Nick Bennyhoff: Jan, yes, the library I've assigned to you isn't ready to send you items yet, but that will be coming.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: We are a buddy to Golconda. It took a while to receive anything & make connections, but we get books regularly now to do for them.

Nick Bennyhoff: They will need to have their barcoding training and get started barcoding, but they will get there.

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: What is involved in a Work Flows Basic Cataloging Workshop?

Nick Bennyhoff: And thank you to all the libraries that have volunteered, your help is much appreciated.

Shelley Stone: Laura, is that something offered in RAILS?

Nick Bennyhoff: In L2, the only location I see scheduled for Workflows Basic other than Rushville is in East Peoria, which probably won't help you if you're in Naperville

Laura Garcia-Hodgkins Public Library: it is, it’s just that they been doing them too far from where located

Laura Garcia-Hodgkins Public Library: might have to call rails to see if there doing one closer to us

Shelley Stone: Laura, that would be a good idea. We do not offer it, sorry.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I wouldn't mind a small, generalized RDA training session being incorporated into our regular training sessions. That is, a review of some of the fields or RDA practices for different formats.

Shelley Stone: Julia, that sounds like a good idea for our Tuesday sessions. However, we won't be having one in December.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Thanks, any review helps me. Even, reading the Marc Report statements of explanation help alot.

Nick Bennyhoff: I did provide a list of some RDA resources at a recent training session.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: We would like to have the same type of session Julia is talking about. Especially since no one here at Carmi is a full-time cataloger.

Shelley Stone: Yes, I love MARC Report!

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: Now, with RDA elements in records, MARC Report is essential for me.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I agree with you Terri.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: What are Parent or child item records?

Shelley Stone: If any of you are the person that checks in new magazines at your library, please make sure to modify the dates and numbering when necessary. Also, if you notice an incorrect pattern, please report those on the Help Desk so that corrections can be made. I usually don't know about them until someone reports the problem.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: I have someone on my late afternoon/evening staff that I would like to encourage to become a barcoder. Because of her work schedule, it is difficult to get away for training sessions. Are there online options available?

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Would attending the SImply Reports sessions count towards cataloging CE? I'm assuming Serials does.

Shelley Stone: Amanda, yes they both count as cataloging CE

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Thanks, Shelly.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: *Shelley.

Shelley Stone: :)

Shelley Stone: Anita, barcoding training can be done in your library by existing staff, but Searching and Matching is the one we require all barcoders to take from IHLS staff. I don't think we have an online option for that yet, but we would be happy to schedule it some evening if we can get atleast 3 people in your area.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: Julia Ellis asked a question about parent and child item records. We're curious about that, too.

Shelley Stone: Julia, I don't think we have used child item records yet in Polaris. It is when you have multiple parts that you would like to have linked.

Dena Porter-MRNP: Shelley- I am still needing to take the sound recording and videorecording classes. Any plans for those in the near future?

Shelley Stone: Dena, Edie and I are still working on those. I don't think we will have them ready until 2016.

Dena Porter-MRNP: Thanks! I will keep checking in L2.

Shelley Stone: Julia and Connie, I will check to see if Joan has done any research on using the parent and child item records.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: I was curious, if they might be used in acquistions to link an item record that was attached to one record when making a purchase order and it turns out the item needed to go to another Bib. record.

Shelley Stone: Julia, I don't think that is what they are used for. It is more like having a kit with a book and puppet and a CD and you have them all barcoded separately and then have to check out each item separately instead of the entire kit together. As for the acquisitions question, I am not an expert on that topic. However, I can check with Joan to find the best solution to your problem.

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: Thank you. We hadn't heard of that.

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Julia maybe you could change the bib control number in the item record to transfer item to another bib record.

Shelley Stone: Gwen, thanks, I know you use acquisitions. I was wondering if the bib control number could just be changed like any other item you want to transfer to a different bib record, but I didn't know whether all of the acquisitions data would move with it.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: That is what we do, Gwen. I guess I was hoping to find a way to retain the trail that links the Bib. record with all purchase orders that used that record. The item itself retains the links to the purchase order. Thank you.

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Sorry we don't use that part of acquisitions, I forgot that it doesn't transfer.

Shelley Stone: I will check with Joan. She is the acquisitions expert!

Connie Kisner / Kathleen Rister Carmi Public Library: Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Happy Thanksgiving to all

Shelley Stone: Happy Thanksgiving all!

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Shelley, I will check and see if anyone in my area has someone interested in taking he Searching and Matching classes. I have a snazzy new meeting room that I would offer for the class.

Jan - Breese P.L.: Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Rita Lewis Centralia Regional Library: thank you for the great chat and Happy Thanksgiving

Shelley Stone: Great, Anita, just let me know.

Anita Walters Sherman Public: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be careful shopping.

Kay Burrous South Macon: Happy holidays!!!!!!