October 28, 2015

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Cataloging, Barcoding, Serials and Record Sets


Edie ElliottShelley Stone

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Edie Elliott: Welcome to SHARE Chat! This session will be from 1 - 2 PM. The hosts will be Edie Elliott, IHLS-Edwardsville, and Shelley Stone, IHLS-DuQuoin. This session will be chat only--no audio or webcam. To post a chat, type your question or comment in the box at the bottom of your screen and hit Enter. You can change the size of the text you see on your screen by clicking the dropdown menu at the top right of the Chat screen (to the left of the word Attendees), and clicking Text size. This will affect only what you see--it won’t change the size for anyone else. Thanks for attending today’s session!

Edie Elliott: The focus of today’s chat is cataloging, barcoding, serials and record sets. For SHARE catalogers, attendance at the entire session qualifies for 1 hour of cataloging CE credit. Please sign in with your full name and library so we can make sure you get credit. You won’t need to submit a web form.

Edie Elliott: Good afternoon!

LynnArmstrong/Blackburn College: Is there any update on the CreateSpace cataloging format?

Edie Elliott: Lynn, we're still talking about that among our staff.

LynnArmstrong/Blackburn College: Okay. I love to give people something to get them thinking!

Edie Elliott: The question about CreateSpace is whether to record them as the publisher in self-published works.

Edie Elliott: In some records, CreateSpace is in the 260/264 as the publisher, and in some records the author is listed as the publisher.

J: We are getting more and more of these.

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Is there a reason not have them as the publisher?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: OCLC records usually have them as publisher.

Edie Elliott: Lynn had gotten some communication from CreateSpace that said they don't consider themselves as the pobllisher, but depending on how they appear on the item, catalogers might see them that way, espeically if they don't know if's a self-published work

Shelley Stone: There are many records when the author is listed as the publisher.

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Is this an issue that could just be cataloger's judgement?

Shelley Stone: In one of the last emails from staff I think we were considering putting the author in as the publisher and adding CreateSpace as the manufacturer.

Edie Elliott: I think catalogers judgement is probably why some records have them as the publisher and some don't. One of those cases where you make your best guess based on the item in hand

Shelley Stone: I agree, Edie. Some items actually say CreateSpace and some don't also.

LynnArmstrong/Blackburn College: The correspondence I read said After checking with my supervisor, we have determined that your choice of listing CreateSpace is like referencing us as the publisher, which we do not allow since we are a self-publishing platform. However, should you wish to include "Printed by CreateSpace" please feel free to do so. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Edie Elliott: So possibly a good solution is to do as Shelley posted earlier and put the author as the publisher and CreateSpace as the manufacturer, since we can have multiple 264s for different functions. What does everyone think of that idea?

LynnArmstrong/Blackburn College: It would make the CreateSpace people happy and should cover all the bases.

Edie Elliott: I don't know if the same thing would apply to all self-publishing platforms

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: How should we handle items that are cataloged in AACR2 with just the 260?

Shelley Stone: Gwen, multiple subfield a's and b's can be entered in a 260.

Edie Elliott: There is a subfield f in the 260 for manufacturer, but I don't know that I've ever seen that in a record.

Shelley Stone: Oh, I forgot about that. I have used it before.

Edie Elliott: I suppose we could also do like OCLC and make them hybrid records--AACR with some RDA elements

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Ew.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: :)

Edie Elliott: Well said, Amanda!

Shelley Stone: :)

Edie Elliott: Eventually I don't think there will be any completely AACR records left in OCLC

Shelley Stone: I guess we will have to get used to RDA whether we want to or not. :)

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner: Once we make a decision, are we going to need to go back and adjust old records? I know that I've used CreateSpace as a publisher before.

Edie Elliott: Lauren, I don't think we'll require people to go back and change existing records--it will just be going forward

Gwen Bumpers--Edwardsville Public Library: Yeah!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Sounds alright. This should be mentioned at the regular training session.

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner: Phew :)

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Thank goodness!

Edie Elliott: We will go over it in a catalogers trainig session

Shelley Stone: I suppose we all have used CreateSpace as the publisher once or twice. It would be very difficult to go back and make changes to existing records because we would have to have the items in hand to determine what should be bracketed and not in brackets.

Edie Elliott: Speaking of the catalogers training session, at the last one we mentioned that OCLC will start stripping gmds out of records in March 2016. We need some input from the cataloging and circulation perspective on whether we should continue using them in Polaris records

Edie Elliott: Any thoughts?

Elena Crowell-Belleville Public: I believe we should.

Dena Porter--MRNP: We have spoken to the Circulation staff at Marion Carnegie, they like the gmd's and want them to stay.

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner: I'm all for keeping them. I think they're really helpful.

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: Everyone here thinks we should keep using them.

Edie Elliott: Joyce, by everyone do you mean both cataloging and circ?

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: Keep them. Patrons are use to them and we neeed to remain as patron friendly as possible.

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: yes

Denise Putz - Tri-Township Public: Can we have a show of hands?

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: I'm the only cataloger since Susan retired...but she wanted to keep them also :)

Terri Rogers--Centralia Regional Library: They are helpful to both library staff and patrons. I say keep them.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: I vote keep GMDs they're way too useful/helpful.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: keep them.

Anita Walters, Dawn Rutschke at Sherman Public: Keep them.

Vickie Stiles: They are helpful in the catalog for our patrons, since we are such a big consortium.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm: I think that they help the patrons too. They can tell at a glace what material type an item is.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Gwen wants to remind us all how much work it will be to put them back in the records. I still say it is worth it.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Also, that is what macros are for.

Edie Elliott: Gwen is right, it will mean adding the gmd back in to AACR/hybrid records, not just to the RDA records like we do now

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: I think it's worth it to add them to the records as we bring them in. Very useful...

Edie Elliott: Is there anyone who thinks we don't need the gmd anymore?

Nick Bennyhoff: other than me? I'm not sure my opinion counts in this :)

Edie Elliott: Just so you know, I brought this up at an OCLC forum that some of us went to a couple of weeks ago, and there were other libraries who thought the gmds should stay in. So we're not alone!

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Keep them

Dena Porter--MRNP: when you work circulation, gmd's are a huge time saver for staff.

Vickie Stiles: I sensed a "but", Nick. Do you have anything more?

Lauren Erwin @ Hayner: We already have to add them to a lot of OCLC records before we export, so it's not going to be any more work.

Joyce Bringenberg @ Glen Carbon: Yes, our circ staff would not be happy to lose them!

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Agreed

Nick Bennyhoff: The "but' would be that I don't work with patrons...so, I don't have first-hand knowledge on how useful it is for them...

Nick Bennyhoff: while I don't tend to rely on GMDs when I search the PAC, I also know I'm not a typical PAC user

Robert Brady: Additional thought on items manufactured by CreateSpace. If “CreateSpace” doesn’t appear on the item, but is identified as “manufacturer” from its listing on Amazon.com “Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 12, 2014)” will it be necessary to include on the bibliographic record a manufacturer’s statement for “CreateSpace”?

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Keep them.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: Whatever is the shortest path from patron to item is the best

Vickie Stiles: I missed the last cataloger's training session (and will take the recorded session later). What is the justification for OCLC stripping GMD's?

Edie Elliott: Vickie, OCLC's justification is that they're not used in RDA records--the 33X fields are taking their place

Edie Elliott: Robert, to answer your question, if CreateSpace is not on the item, my feeling would be not to put them in the record. Others might have a different opinion on that

Edie Elliott: We have about five minutes left. Last call for comments/questions!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: PAC doesn't display GMD does it?

Edie Elliott: Yes, the gmd displays in the PAC

Edie Elliott: It's time to end the session. Thanks for the good discussion, everyone! Have a good afternoon!

Julia Ellis, Six Mile RLD: Good bye.

Kay.Burrous: Thanks!

Linda Richter Trenton public: Thank You

Anita Walters, Dawn Rutschke at Sherman Public: Thank you for another good session. Especially interest in the CreateSpace debate.

Elena Crowell-Belleville Public: Thanks

Mary Mathews- Belleville Public Library: Thank you!

Audrey VanVoorhis at Effingham Public Library: Thanks!

Yvonne Williams West Sangamon Public Library: Thank you!

LynnArmstrong/Blackburn College: Thank you!

Becky Troxell: I am not hearing anything. Is it just me?

christrina hayes: Thank you.