October 5, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit


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Chris Dawdy: Hello out there in Library Land! How is everyone today?

Dawn Rutschke @ Sherman PLD: Good Afternoon!

Ellen Popit: What wouuld we like to talk about for the good of the order? Anything exciting going on?

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: Centralia is working on our first Project Next Generation session for this year. Starts next week.

Ellen Popit: Well, conference time is coming up. Will we see any of you at ILA?

Christine Gerrish - Glen Carbon: I'll be taking the train up, a bit concerned about getting to the conference from Union Station

Ellen Popit: Does the convention center website have any good directions for you?

Christine Gerrish - Glen Carbon: There's the metra, but I'm thinking of trying uber for the first time. Don't really want to walk much with my baggage.

Ellen Popit: Go for it!

Elaine - MTL: Has anyone prepared a new expense reimbursement policy?

Ellen Popit: Elaine, that's on the list of questions for Phil, when he comes to Carlyle on the 21st.

Elaine - MTL: Great Thanks. I can't be there on the 21st. Will that information be posted anywhere?

Ellen Popit: I'll have to check with him about that, but as I understand it the handout will be electronic, so with his permission, we can easily share.

Elaine - MTL: That would be super! thanks

Teresa (Paris): I would appreciate the handout, too. I can't travel that far so I won't be there either.

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: According to an email from Pat Boze a couple of weeks ago, "We’ve had several inquiries regarding the ”Local Government Travel Expense Control Act” (PA 099-0604). This act takes effect January 1, 2017. Phil Lenzini is working on a model policy for this act. As soon as it is available, it will be published in The Administrative Ready Reference Guide and an announcement will be made in ISL E-News."

Ellen Popit: Here's the link to the Administrative Ready Reference Guide. If you haven't used it, it's a terrific resource!

Ellen Popit: Any fun fall programming going on or community festivals in which your libraries are participating?

Elaine - MTL: Waterloo has a Pumpkinfest this Saturday, the 8th. The library is providing a kids game for the event. We've participated in it for the last several years. It's great fun!

Chris Dawdy: have you all heard about Zoom?

Teresa (Paris): Our Friends group sponsored "Mrs. Lincoln's Salon" in conjunction with the county's work toward joining the Looking for Lincoln project and our Honeybee Festival. Program was fantastic!

Ellen Popit: Theresa is that a program you brought it or was it created locally?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Mt Vernon just had their Fall Festival last weekend. Great crouds, even though the weater was not cooperative. The Library had a booth with prizes and story times though out both days. And we are doing Books for Treats on Halloween.

Ellen Popit: Are you giving books away, Esther?

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Yes, we get them through Scholastic's FACE program

Ellen Popit: Fun!

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: We are having Carl Strutz, a paranormal explorer at the library in Centralia on October 20

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: This is our 4th or 5th year doing it. The kids love it!

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: Sparta library is hosting "Chalk It Up on the Parking Lot" on Oct. 28th. Middle school and high school students as well as anyone in the community who's interested are invited to create a work of art. We'll be furnishing chalk pastels and other supplies.

Teresa (Paris): We brought it in. Debra Ann Miller portrays Mrs. Lincoln, alone in the White House in 1865. Her website.

Chris Dawdy: Since the conversation has slowed down a bit, I'll ask again! Have any of you tried Zoom yet? It's an electronic meeting platform that we have been experimenting with for committee meetings.

Andrea Black @ Armstrong Twp. High: I've been thinking about offering treats to students that dress up like a character from a book.

Andrea Black @ Armstrong Twp. High: (for Halloween)

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: I have for SHARE and IHLS meetings.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I like Zoom!!

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: I have a meeting on Zoom tomorrow. Will be my first time using this platform.

Ellen Popit: It's very simple, Diana! If I can do it......

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: I went to the site for a minute today. One question-will I need a microphone to use it. My work computer doesn't have a hook up for one so I will need to bring my laptop.

Ellen Popit: I believe you do need a microphone, Diana.

Chris Dawdy: It's helpful to have a microphone, but there is also a chat box. Did you know you could use a smartphone or tablet to participate in a Zoom meeting?

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: Thanks Ellen. Didn't know that Chris. I'll just use my iPad. At least I thought of it today rather than right before the meeting. :)

Chris Dawdy: A little more about Zoom, and then I'll tell you why I brought it up! Conducting a meeting using Zoom is very much like having a face-to-face meeting. Anyone with a microphone and camera (or phone or tablet) can participate, and we look like the Brady Bunch, with our faces all in rows.

Chris Dawdy: So, my question is--for these Directors' Chats--do you like the current format, or would you like to try Zoom next month? We can record a Zoom meeting and post it on the website, but it will be like watching a video, and not like reading a transcript. Your thoughts?

Sandy West - Rend Lake College: Zoom for more interaction, gets my vote. Is there a max. on number of participants?

Chris Dawdy: If we use the SHARE room, there is a 100 user limit, so that won't be a problem.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: I like being able to read the transcript. I go back to meetings to get info and wouldn't want to have to watch the entire video. I can also do other things while chatting.

Ellen Popit: Esther, I don't think that this meeting via Zoom would preclude multitasking.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: True, but if I get called away or interupted, I can always go back and read what I missed.

Pam - West Frankfort Public: I don't have a camera or microphone on this computer. Could I still attend?

Chris Dawdy: Pam, do you have a smartphone or tablet?

Peggy MVE: I also like reading the transcript for the reasons Esther mentioned.

Rachel Kocis: Does anyone know if SPLMI will happen in 2017? I see OTFL is scheduled for 2017, but no SPLMI info on the State Library website.

Teresa (Paris): I personally like the chat better. If I come in late or have to step out, I can back up the chat to see what I've missed

Linda Richter: I to am in Esthers court. Many times I am called to the desk during our chat sessions due to only one here. I always catch up when I return to the computer.

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: I'm with Esther. I like being able to read the transcript. I'd need to shut my office door in order to listen and/or take part and in my library that wouldn't work well. I also like to multi-task and would feel conspicuous doing that on camera.

GECS- Virginia: I like chat for the same reasons others have mentioned.

Pam - West Frankfort Public: My phone drops the wireless connection when I am in my office so I would be using my data to attend using my phone.

Chris Dawdy: Sounds like we need to keep doing CHAT the way we are, and we're okay with that!

Gary Naglich, Worden PLD: I feel that the current format works better for small libraries that have only one person working at a time, such as mine.

chris-caseyville: Caseyville, too

Roxanna Behnke Albion Public Library: I have the same question as Rachel, about SPLMI happeningin 2017. I had heard it wasn't happening but I don't remember where I heard it.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: I kind of like that chat also

Andrea Black @ Armstrong Twp. High: nth-ing the preference for chat, being the only librarian.

Ellen Popit: Re: SPLMI, it's my understanding that the State Library has not yet made a decision regarding 2017.

Roxanna Behnke Albion Public Library: thanks Ellen

Ellen Popit: Who has a long weekend coming up for Columbus Day?

Elaine - MTL: I have a Board meeting on Columbus Day. No long weekend off for me. Maybe a long work weekend LOL

Rachel Kocis: Thanks Ellen.

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: we're open Columbus Day

Ellen Popit: We're open, as well, Elaine.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We're open on Columbus Day too.

Pam - West Frankfort Public: We are open Columbus Day.

Roxanna Behnke Albion Public Library: We are always closed on Mondays but they moved the board meeting to Tuesday because the treasurer won't come to meetings on holidays.

GECS- Virginia: UI is in session on Columbus Day, so I'll be open.

Elaine - MTL: I do get to babysit my new grandbaby on Friday, so that makes any extra work worthwhile. :-)

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: We are closed on Columbus Day

Susan Colbert - Sparta Public Library: We're open on Columbus Day.

Johnnie Halstead ( Rick Warren Library): RWL is open on Columbus Day, BUT my assistant is going to work it!

Vanda Elkhart Library: We are closed

Peggy MVE: Maryville is open on Columbus Day.

Diane - Breese P.L.: We are colsed.

Diane - Breese P.L.: We are Closed.

Kay Burrous South Macon: We are open.

Twilla Coon: We are closed

Rachel Kocis: We are open.

Gary Naglich, Worden PLD: We're open on Columbus Day.

Christine Gerrish - Glen Carbon: We're open

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: I'm going to do a quick commercial for Think Outside The Barn. We're are planning for the 2017 Farm Progress Show during which we will give away thousands of books to the agribusiness and rural communities. We are asking libraries to consider designating at least $100 from their programming or outreach budget to sponsor this project on behalf of all Illinois libraries. These contributions will be used for booth rent and provide passes for our volunteers.

Ellen Popit: Think Outside the Barn has been such a successful outreach!

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: Thank you, Ellen. Because of the support we received from Illinois Libraries for the 2015 Show, we were able to literally give away a ton of books and speak with over 1,700 people about the importance of library services.

Christina Hayes- Hartford Public Library: We are closed.

Brenda Gilpatrick Red Bud Public: We are closed.

Ellen Popit: a ton of books is a LOT!!!!!!

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: If anyone would like more information, I will be happy to email it to you.

Ellen Popit: And if you have time to volunteer for the program, I hear it's a once in a lifetime experience!

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: We always need volunteers to help work the booth too. If you like talking with people about libraries, you will LOVE this experience. The conversations with people from around the world always makes me remember why I do what I do.

Roxanna Behnke Albion Public Library: I would like more info

Diana Donahoo_Centralia: Lacey, please send me more info

Kay Burrous South Macon: Are you going to send out letters like you did last time?

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: I've actually already sent emails twice, but can do it again. If you've helped in the past, you will probably be getting a call from a commitee member :-)

Chris Dawdy: Well, it looks like our hour is up, and I see people are starting to leave the meeting, so we'll see you next month--same place, same time, and on the first Wednesday!

Lacey - Barclay Public Library: Thanks everyone!

Ellen Popit: Good-bye!

Christina Hayes- Hartford Public Library: Thanks!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: thanks

Johnnie Halstead ( Rick Warren Library): Thank You

Elaine - MTL: Thanks! Have a great October, Everyone!