September 16, 2015

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Circulation & Resource Sharing


Lesley ZavediukJoe DeVillez

Key: IHLS  Library

Lesley Zavediuk: Hi Everyone and Welcome to SHARE Chat!

Joe DeVillez: Good afternoon everyone!

Lesley Zavediuk: What questions do you all have for Joe & I or for each other?

Lesley Zavediuk: We'll be sending out a reminder tomorrow, but will any of you be attending our first Circulation Forum on Friday the 25th? We plan to have these once a month in a different part of the state to share ideas, learn new things, and talk about all things circ!

Candace Hancock - FREP: I am registered to attend:)

Joe DeVillez: The circulation forums will be held around our 3 hub locations so if Edwardsville is too far of a drive then maybe the Du Quoin area or Champaign area might be better for you to attend

Lesley Zavediuk: We'll see you there Candace! And all of you can feel free to send us topics that you would like to discuss at these meetings as you think of them.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: is there an agenda

Lesley Zavediuk: We're working on one April and we'll probably have it out early next week.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: ok. i won't be able to make this one but look forward to going to them.

Joe DeVillez: We are also up for suggestions about what to discuss so if you have noticed something related to Circulation that you would like more information on please email us

Cary: Hi -- I'm hearing about the Circulation forum. did I miss a previous email?

Lesley Zavediuk: We've been discussing it here and there for a little bit and it's been in L2 and in the SHARE newsletter . I'll be sending out an email tomorrow as well with more details.

Ryan - MTNp: is this different than the Share day in October?

Cary: Thank you :)

Lesley Zavediuk: Hi Ryan! Yes. The SHARE Circ forums will be a chance to meet once a month to share ideas, talk about issues, and meet face to face. IHLS Member Day in October will cover a variety of topics and is more like a one day conference workshop.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: And also not to be confused with the SHARE Circualtion & Resource Sharing Committee. This is geared toward Circ staff.

Shawn- Elwood Township: Does anyone know who I would contact about help in finding the numbers I need for the ILL Survey?

Kelly-Lebanon Library: I can't attend on the 25th but will plan on attending a future event.

Carol: Hopefully all the meetings will not be on Friday since it is my day off.

Joe DeVillez: We hope to vary the day of the week we hold it on.

Lesley Zavediuk: And we'll be talking about which days work best for most people at the first three meetings so everyone can have a chance to attend.

GECS - Virginia: In the past, there were instructions send out by IHLS. Maybe they are listed on our report options list. I haven't looked yet.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: Something that may be helpful is what kind of reports everyone runs for end of month or just helpful.

Lesley Zavediuk: Shawn - I did find this info on the IHLS website - it explains some of the Polaris reports that can be used to answer those questions.

GECS - Virginia: This is the document I remember using last year. It is really helpful!

GECS - Virginia: when are the curculatio forums for the other offices?

Joe DeVillez: I think the Du Quoin area will be in October hopefully and then Champaign in November, but that could change

GECS - Virginia: Thanks.

Lesley Zavediuk: I've just talked to some of my fabulous colleagues about the ILL Survey as well and we will be sending out some updated information over the next few weeks.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: How have people been dealing with items that have a status of transferred or in-transit for a long time?

Jim Stuller Tri-Township: We run a list monthly and look on our shelves for incoming items. If it is something we sent, we call the library we sent it to.

Shawn- Elwood Township: Thank you for your answers (it became busy here)

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: I run a monthly report to find items that have had these statuses for over a month and usually they are on the shelf just not checked in properly. Occasionally they aren't so I call the library they were in route to or from and most of the time we can find the item. I have a small handful of items that I can't find after all of my trouble shooting and am wondering how to deal with them.

Mary @ Hayner: I run a report for items with this status longer than 30 day. I usually check our shelves for the item(s) first just in case we received them and they were accidentally shelved. Then I call the owning library or the library who had them last.

Ryan - MTNp: We also call the other libraries. We just did ours and 90% were either on our shelf or on their shelf.

Shawn- Elwood Township: That would be helpful April. What kind of reports to run. Right now (still new director IMHO) I play the reports by ear.

Brenda.Gilpatrick: I'd like to schedule a circ training here. I have a new employee and I think I have some people who want to attend from area libraries. Whom should I contact? I'm in Red Bud.

Shawn- Elwood Township: Thank you Lesley, I will hold off on completing the ILL Survey. I was just hoping to get it knocked off the "to do list"

Joe DeVillez: Red Bud is closest to me so I can do the training. Let me know of a date and I will put it on L2 and we will go from there

Brenda.Gilpatrick: I'll email you and we can set a date. Thanks

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: my staff and i run the unclaimed list everyday, so we don't keep other libraries items too long. our items at other libraries has been helpful. we found several libraies keep our items on their shelves for over a month.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Ryan - have you thought about what you're going to do with the records of the 10% that weren't found?

Ryan - MTNp: Yes. If they are our items and they have been in transit flux for more than 3 months, they get moved to missing, and deleted 6 months later if not found. IF they belong to another library, we do as they wish. If they wish to bill us, we pay (while complaining when we get the bill). If they choose to do nothing, then we leave it at that.

Amanda Endicott @ Edwardsville Public Library: Thanks! I thought I had tried to change the circ status to missing and was unsuccesful. I'll go back and try again!

Ryan - MTNp: you normally have to check them in first

Ryan - MTNp: Some libraries bill the system so then you would want it to stay in-transit

Ryan - MTNp: Talk about what the Diamond repersents for Adelina and where you have already seen this in her character?\

Ryan - MTNp: Sorry, wrong thing. I am multi tasking.

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: do other libraries bill others for lost items? if so how long before you bill them?

Ryan - MTNp: I do not. I do not believe that libraries have full control over their patrons. We bill the patron, and send them to collections if need be.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We don't bill other libraries either.

Candace Hancock - FREP: April: our circulation options set our patrons' records and we print our overdues and lost reports every week. Isn't it the responsibility of the "home" library to notify their patrons?

April Jensen Lincoln Public Library: It is. However there is a library that one of their patrons has had our book for almost a year. they have only sent 1 overdue. We can't bill their patron directly.

Lesley Zavediuk: It looks like we are nearing the end of the hour. Any other questions for the good of the order?

Ryan - MTNp: It is the HOme libraries responsibility to notify their patrons, but I am not going to have better luck getting money or materials out of their patrons then they did. They can not help it that some of their patrons are dead beats.

Lesley Zavediuk: Thanks for a great discussion! We'll see you all again next month. Have a fabulous afternoon!

Linda Richter Trenton public: Thanks

IHLS SHARE: Have a great afternoon everyone and don't forget to sign up on L2 for the Circulation forum at Edwardsville on the 25th if you would like to attend