September 7, 2016

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Directors' Chat


Chris Dawdy •  Ellen Popit •  Troy Brown


Key: IHLS  Library


Chris Dawdy: Before we start our discussion, I thought it might be useful to point out that if you register for this event in L2, you will receive CE hours for your participation. That might be useful to you for next year's IPLAR!

Ellen Popit: You'll be hearing that a lot from Chris and I over the next few months!

Chris Dawdy: We would be happy to register you after the fact, but we don't always know who you are, based on how you sign in for this meeting.

Chris Dawdy: Oh, yeah! You will!!

Ellen Popit: How goes it for everyone. Is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss?

Chris Dawdy: So, what would all of you like to talk about today?

Lynn Schmit: Yes, please register me and I won't forget again. : )

Chris Dawdy: Will do, Lynn.

sharon heavilin: register me too-From Moyer District Library-Gibson City

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: Centralia was awarded a Project Next Generation grant again this year. Just found out yesterday. :)

Chris Dawdy: Good for you, Diana! What are you going to do with it?

Ellen Popit: Based on what the roster looks like currently, you're doing a great job!

Ellen Popit: Good, Diana! How many years is that for Centralia?

Lynn Schmit: IHLS has been having a lot of server issues lately. I am concernded about the safety of our confidential information. Are we subject to an information breach from these server issues?

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: requirements this year included doing a video for the IL veterans History Project and we are also inlcuding the Quilts of Valor program.

Ellen Popit: Nice.

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: 12th or 13th year? We missed out on the very first year and been a part of the progrm ever since.

Ellen Popit: Lynn, I've asked Troy to sign in and address your question.

Chris Dawdy: Lynn, Brandon tells me we don't need to concerned about security with the recent server issues.

Lynn Schmit: Thank you, but can Brandon tell us why not to be concerned? How are we protected?

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: Signed up for Wowbrary. Used the IHLS 25% discount! Newsletters just started. Patron feedback is positive.

Troy Brown: Lynn, The issues with the servers have been how quickly the servers can read and write the information to the hard drives. We haven't experienced any hardware failure or security breaches at all. We have implemented more reliable code into Polaris that is more efficient and helps everyone running Polaris around the world. But rest assured that your data is safe and has always been safe. :)

Kay Burrous South Macon: I have been on vacation - is the interlibrary loan and reciprocal borrowing survey on the computer yet?

Troy Brown: The database server is actually very secure. There are only a handful of servers that can talk directly to it. No one on the internet can talk or access the database directly.

Ellen Popit: Kay, do you mean the survey itself or the annual documentation that has to go on our website?

sharon heavilin: Diana what is Wowbrary?

Troy Brown: Lynn, does that answer your question?

Lynn Schmit: Thank you Troy. That is a relief, and I appreciate the explanation.

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: non-profit online resource that showcases our new materials each week in a enewslettter. Also has widget for website. Gets it's info from Polaris.

Kay Burrous South Macon: The annual documentation. When I turned in IPLAR it wasn't on yet..

Ellen Popit: We're clearing up information from a couple of libraries, but it should be up within the next week.

sharon heavilin: Thanks Diana--how much does it cost? how do you sign up?

Chris Dawdy: Sharon -- check this out!

sharon heavilin: ok thanks

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: Jeff Levinsky is my coctact for Wowbrary. Cost is based on your population and then we get a 25% discount for IHLS membership.

sharon heavilin: thank you

Lynn Schmit: Has anybody heard if there is a Per Capita grant application out for 2017?

Elaine - MTL: FY 2017 application is not available at this time according to the ISL website

Ellen Popit: And, the due date will again be January 15, 2017.

Lynn Schmit: Thank you Elaine.

Ellen Popit: ISLAC is tomorrow and maybe we'll hear a "launch date" for the application.

Elaine - MTL: It looks like these are part of the requirements Standards Chapter Review — Library staff will review and report on progress in meeting Chapter 6, “Access,” of ServingOur Public 3.0: Standards for Illinois Public Libraries, 2014.Educational Programs and Training Opportunities for Patrons — Describe current or potential collaborative efforts thathave benefited or will benefit local library patrons and patrons in neighboring communities.Technology — Library board and staff will report on the impact the EDGE Assessment has had on the library, including atleast one example of how the library has used or plans to use the information gleaned from the assessment.Trustees — The library board will describe the library’s ability to meet the needs of the community as a provider of educationalprograms and training opportunities, will describe the library’s ability to integrate new technologies and will identify atleast one activity that fosters increased resource sharing.Printed by authority of the State

Elaine - MTL: you're welcome, Lynn

Elaine - MTL: Are we able to start working on the requirements, or do they need to be dated between specific dates?

Ellen Popit: Elaine, I don't see why you couldn't begin working on them at any point.

Elaine - MTL: I thought at one point things had to be dated after a certain date and before the deadline - of course, you all know I'm old as dirt, so that may have been from waaaay back in the day. lol

Elaine - MTL: Do any of you hold staff meetings? If so, how often?

Ellen Popit: Elaine, I'll check. I just called Jeanne Urbanek at ISL, but was only able to leave a message.

Christi - Glen Carbon: Once a month staff meetings, the next one's tonight

Elaine - MTL: Thanks, Ellen that's fine.

Lynn Schmit: We do. Monthly

Elaine - MTL: Do you include your entire staff? How do you structure them?

Susan - Sparta Public Library: We do a monthly staff meeting. Usually the Wednesday after our board meeting on Monday.

Elaine - MTL: Or, do you include"key" personnel? and how do you define "key" personnel

Lynn Schmit: We hold ours on the first Wednesday of the month at 8:15 a.m. That way everybody knows we must finish by 9:00 opening time and we speed along.

Lynn Schmit: Everybody attends except the shelvers.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: I encourage the entire staff (we have 6 part-time employees) to come as it's the only time all the staff can discuss problems, ideas, etc. We have them at 5 pm as the library closes at that time on Wednesdays. They last for no longer than 1 hr.

Elaine - MTL: Do you have a set agenda? Do you include training in the staff meeting?

Don Pippin, Philo: We hold montly staff meetings within a week after the board meeting. We only have 3 regular staff and 1 pt staff, so the 3 of us get together in the afternoon (we are closed between 12 and 3 M-F).

Elaine - MTL: Susan, and all - Attendance is not mandatory, only encouraged?

Lynn Schmit: I have 12 part-time staff. Everybody knows that this is their time to speak, so they are prepared to discuss. We go around the table, usually beginning with my comments. Everybody talks and we have great discussions that often lead to little changes that make their lives easier.

Don Pippin, Philo: No set agenda and no training. We discuss the board decisions and how we need to implement them. I use it as a time to communicate any changes I am contemplating and get their input. It is also a time for them to communicate with me about issues that have come up or future programming. Like I said there are only 3 of us and since we are all part time we don't see each other daily.

Susan - Sparta Public Library: We don't have a set agenda. I have a list of what I've learned from the board meeting and other areas that need discussion. All staff have a chance to also bring up topics. Attendance is not mandatory, but expected unless they have something twhere they absolutely cannot make it.

Elaine - MTL: Are the staff meetings part of their 'regular' hours, or in addition to regularly scheduled hours?

Lynn Schmit: Attendance is mandatory unless you have a very good excuse.

Don Pippin, Philo: We communicate a lot by notes, texts and email, so this is at least one time a month that we all get to see each other with face to face time.

Chris Dawdy: Do you all know about this event, coming up in October? Phil Lenzini has graciously offered his time for a Library Law Day at the Case Halstead Library. I believe participation is limited to 60 people, but there are only 7 signed up so far.

Ellen Popit: ..and I'll just add to Chris's info that board members are welcome to attend, as well.

Lynn Schmit: Staff clock in when they arrive and clock out when they leave. They must be paid for the time.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Is there some place you can search a library and find out what hub they are in?

Elaine - MTL: Thank you all for you input. I appreciate it.

Ellen Popit: Kathy, for delivery purposes?

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: yes

Chris Dawdy: Try here, Kathy.

Chris Dawdy: It's a new part of the new and improved SHARE website.

Don Pippin, Philo: Just heard about the Lenzini presetation yesterday. Unfortunately it is the same day as ILA Annual Conference in Chicago, so I am not sure which I will be attending.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Thanks Chris

Don Pippin, Philo: @Elaine, Our three regular staff or on contracts, not hourly and it is part of the contract to meet regularly.

Celeste - Urbana Free: I think the ILA annual conference ends on the 20th, so we could still attend the Library Law Day.

Ellen Popit: That's right, Celeste!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Is there a list somewhere that outlines all the things we are now required to post on our website. I know some are based on whether we have a full-time web person or just a full time staff doing the website.

Celeste - Urbana Free: although that would be a heck of a lot of driving...

Ellen Popit: ILA ends Thursday and the Phil event is on Friday.

Don Pippin, Philo: Thanks, I misread the dates. And yes it could involve a lot of traveling.

Celeste - Urbana Free: If you are interesed in learning more about bed bugs & what to do if/when you have them in your library, please consider attending the ILA session On Wednesday from 9-10. Title will be something like "Take the Bite out of Bed Bugs". :-)

Don Pippin, Philo: @Celeste, are you presenting....:)

Ellen Popit: Esther, I don't know the answer to that, but it's a good topic to explore.

Elaine - MTL: Web site postings might be a good Members Matter topic

Celeste - Urbana Free: indeed I am - Plus the fantastic Anthony Auston from the Palatine Public Library District, Rose Gilman of the Chicago Ridge Public Library and Sue Hagberg, owner of the Canine Inspection & Detection Services

Ellen Popit: I know what a tough time Chicago Ridge had!

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Ellen--I know that there have been some changes in the past couple of years, but now that I'm not on PPC anymore, I have trouble keeping up with that info.

Celeste - Urbana Free: yes, but they are in great shape now & willing to share what they learned.

Ellen Popit: I'll see what I can dig up, Esther. OR it would be a great topic for Phil to discuss.

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: Esther, I know we have to post our board agenda and have to have an email address for trustees on the homepage. If there is a complete list I'd like to have it too.

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: Yes, I've done those, but we had a question about why our budget wasn't posted and I don't remember if that is a requirement or not.

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: I would love to hve a copy of things needing to be on website also if there is one.

Celeste - Urbana Free: FOIA requires that all public bodies post info

Lynn Schmit: Celeste, you beat me to it.

Celeste - Urbana Free: :-)

Esther Curry--C.E. Brehm Memorial PLD: We're looking for those things that are required to be posted on the Library's website--not just what we need to provide for a FOIA request.

Ellen Popit: One nice thing about registering for L2 for these meetings is that we can easily send you follow-up information!

Celeste - Urbana Free: see p2

Chris Dawdy: Well, we're at the end of the hour. Any last minute thoughts from anyone?

Don Pippin, Philo: Have a great day, y'all.

Twilla Coon: Thanks for sharing

Ellen Popit: Have a lovely week!

Celeste - Urbana Free: The statute is here

Elaine - MTL: Thanks everyone. Have a great day

Susan Mullen - Herrin: :)

Celeste - Urbana Free: Sec. 4. Each public body shall prominently display at each of its administrative or regional offices, make available for inspection and copying, and send through the mail if requested, each of the following:

Diana Donahoo - Centralia: Thanks Celeste

Lynn Schmit: Try the OMA training.

Linda.Richter: Interesting info as usual good links

Celeste - Urbana Free: can you register me in L2, too?

Chris Dawdy: yes

Celeste - Urbana Free: thx!

Kay Burrous South Macon: Thanks.

Janet Cler - Tolono Public Library: I would appreciate it if you could also register me

Chris Dawdy: Will do.

Jacqueline Allen-Melvin PL: Please register me too, thanks!

Kathy Goleman - Divernon Township Library: Thanks