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"Bad libraries build collections,
good libraries build services,
great libraries build communities."
- R. David Lankes

As of the Polaris 6.2 upgrade, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome are the only browsers that are supported for use with LEAP. 

Some libraries have reported that receipts printed from Polaris are being printed out of alignment. 

The most common issue is the library name being centered instead of starting from the left margin, causing text below that to wrap around. 

For some libraries, installing the latest ScrewDrivers update resolves the issue. 

For those that still have the issue despite running ScrewDrivers version 6.8.0, we are currently investigating additional causes and will post an update as soon as we have more information.

Screenshot Simply Reports

If you would like to get a report of how much your library has saved patrons YTD, you can run a report via Simply Reports, Patron Report. Limit to your library and then save as an excel report. You can then total the amount. Above is an example of what you might include on the output.

When selecting the notification method for patrons in Polaris, you may sometimes come across cases where the patron is not sure who their cell phone provider is. In cases where the patron uses a prepaid phone or a no-contract phone company, you can use the lookup site to find out who the provider is.

As of September 1, 2018, Microsoft will deprecate the Remote Desktop Version 8 app and will require users to use version 10. 

We have updated the macOS instructions to reflect the new version. 

Click here if you need to configure Polaris to use version 10:

We now have a fix for the weird problems Polaris has with the latest version of Windows 10 (black boxes, parts of windows showing, right-clicking problems, etc.). 

If you have Windows 10 Version 1803 (update released April 30, 2018), you will need to install the following Windows Update:  

For 64-bit versions of Windows 10 (which most people have these days):

For those unfamiliar with the site, illshareit.com helps patrons find nearby SHARE libraries. 

Previously the site only allowed searching by zip code, which didn't always give the best results. The site now allows patrons to search by their home address, town, or zip code and uses Google Places to provide location auto complete which all help to provide patrons with more accurate results. 

Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) received a generous Walmart State Giving grant to assist bringing 21st century technology to small rural libraries in central and southern Illinois. Libraries were selected to participate in this program based on their membership in IHLS, population, and the amount of their income from property taxes and grants.

Assisting patrons with eResources can be tricky. Don’t forget, there are many online resources that can help.  Check out the websites below when a technical issue has you stumped.

A new video has been added to the SHARE Training website! 

The 10 Commandments of Circulation course is required for current and future library staff.

Accessing the course is easy! Click on the course link above and log in using your Polaris username and password.  Once you’ve entered Moodle, self-enroll in the course and you’ll be able to view the video at any time. You’ll also find other courses including a Cloud Library Demo, Recorded Cataloger’s Training Sessions, and Basic Circulation.